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Sons of the Forest: How to fish easily and fish zones

 Want to learn to fish at Sons of the Forest? We explain the available methods of doing this and show you all the locations on the island where you will find fish.

As the survival game that it is, in Sons of the Forest one of the many things we can do to satisfy our character's hunger is to go fishing. Fish are a very good source of nutrition, but of course, getting hold of them has certain requirements. If you don't know what to do to fish, don't worry, in this entry of our guide, we bring you the most complete fishing tutorial so you can learn how to get fish very easily.

All fishing areas (Location)

Before going into the matter, the first thing you need to know to be able to fish in Sons of the Forest is the areas of the map where the fish appear, since you will not find this type of fauna in all places on the island.

As you can see, most of the areas are located in the western and northwestern parts of the island. Obviously, the fish can be found either in freshwater rivers or on a couple of beaches. You will always find the same type of fish in these areas, so do not hesitate to visit them when you want to get them for your inventory.

How to fish easily?

When it comes to going fishing in Sons of the Forest by yourself, you have a couple of different methods available to you. You can choose to fish with a spear or fish with a fish trap. Any method is valid and here below we explain them in more detail:

Fishing with a crafted spear

Fishing with a crafted spear

If you want to fish manually and the old-fashioned way you can do it by creating a crafted spear in your inventory. This simple weapon is created with two sticks and sticky tape (both resources are very easy to obtain).

  • Once the spear is created, equip it in your hands.
  • Go to an area with fish and aim at one of them.
  • Wait for the fish to pass within your reach and use the left click to stick the spear.
  • If you do it in time, the fish will be skewered on your spear and you can pick it up for your inventory.
This is the simplest method of fishing, but also the most forcing as it can take you a while to get fish depending on your skill with the spear and your patience.

Fishing with a fish trap

The alternative option for catching fish yourself is to create a fish trap. This will allow you to passively get fish, let's say. To create the fish trap, do the following:

  • Open your manual.
  • Press the X key to change the build mode.
  • In the pre-made structures, look for the fish trap in its section.
  • Select the fish trap and you will see its silhouette in front of you.
  • Now place the fish trap you want to create in the fishing area where the fish will pass through.
  • Once the trap is placed, you have to finish crafting it by placing 25 sticks in it.
Finally, with the fish trap already created and completely finished, the only thing left to do is wait. Dedicate yourself to other things and come back later to check the trap, you should find a fish inside it to collect it.

Command Kelvin to fish for you

If fishing is not your thing and you prefer to save yourself the hard work that we have explained above, you will always have the option of using your partner Kelvin to get a few fish. And, in case you didn't know, you can send Kelvin fishing so you don't have to.

Command Kelvin to fish for you

How do you do this? As follows:

  • When you are near a fish area, approach Kelvin to interact with him.
  • In the notepad you can ask Kelvin to find fish for you.
  • Command him to bring you fish or release them here .
  • Then Kelvin will get to work.
It is worth mentioning that this option is not always available, and sometimes when you open the notepad the command to ask Kelvin to fish may not appear. Try in different places and times and, if the option comes your way, take advantage of the occasion. The truth is that this is a very comfortable way to get fish and it is also the fastest method.