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Sons of the Forest: How to protect yourself from cold and damp in winter

 Winter in Sons of the Forest can be very harsh if you don't know how to resist the low temperatures and stay dry. Here we explain how to protect yourself from inclement weather.

The harshest season without a doubt at Sons of the Forest is winter. With its arrival, the weather becomes highly dangerous, the entire island is covered in snow, the lakes are frozen, the cannibals are much more aggressive, food is scarce... And last but not least, your character will have to face the extreme cold and humid environment.

Keeping these two factors at bay can be vital to surviving at this stage. If your character is cold or wet you will see that his vitality or resistance bar suffers havoc. Therefore, you probably end up wondering how you can protect yourself from the cold and wet weather. Luckily, there are some things you can do for this and we are going to explain them to you in this entry of our guide in detail.

How to protect yourself from the cold?

When you are cold in Sons of the Forest you will know it by the indicator that appears in the lower-left corner of the screen, as well as because your character will start to shiver. The way to warm up in the game is by keeping your character warm and having fire nearby.

Put on your winter jacket

The winter jacket is the warmest clothing in the entire game, so you should equip yourself with it during winter to protect yourself from the cold. 

You will find the winter jacket in an abandoned camp in that area in the southwest of the map, inside a tent. Equipping the winter jacket does not completely prevent you from being cold, since if you are wet you will still have it, but it is a good start to protect yourself from the weather.

Use torches to warm yourself

As we have already mentioned, the winter cold is very harsh. Therefore, in order not to be cold, you can also use torches or sources of fire. Of course, standing near a bonfire is helpful, or crawling into some underground bunker, but if you need to explore while it's cold then you should craft a torch.

His recipe is very simple:

  • It is enough to combine a stick and a cloth.
  • Then equip the torch in your right hand.
  • Open the inventory and equip the lighter in the left hand.
  • Then hold down the L key to burn the cloth of the stick and the torch starts to burn.
Use torches to warm yourself

How to keep your character dry

In winter, due to the cold, your character can also suffer from the wet state, which will cause drops of water to be seen on the screen and, consequently, your clothes will be soaked with water and this will make you cold. This is a problem, and can only be fixed by drying your character.

As you can already imagine, to dry your character you have to have the heat of the fire nearby. One way to dry yourself is to stand near a bonfire or a torch (we've already explained how to create it above), but preferably do it in a closed place such as your shelter or an underground base.

Alternatively, in the survival manual of the game that you get at the beginning, you can also consult the recipe to create a "standing bonfire", which is a standing torch that also serves to heat the environment around it.

  • The standing bonfire is first created by placing a stick in the ground in a vertical orientation.
  • Point the stick in your hands at the ground and right-click to stick it into the ground.
  • Then take a piece of cloth in your hands and roll it around the end of the stick.
  • Now equip yourself with a burning torch in your hands and set the stick you created on fire.
How to keep your character dry

This will spawn the standing bonfire to warm up the room.

Build a rack to dry your food

Another problem that winter causes is the fact that animals are scarce and therefore it is highly recommended to build a drying rack. In this type of shelf, food can be stored better than in your inventory to eat it when you need it most during the winter (but keep an eye on it and don't let it rot).

Use your survival manual to be able to build this shelf.

  • Open the manual and hold the X key to change the build mode.
  • Go to the "Storage" section to find the drying rack recipe.
  • Select the drying rack and place it somewhere on your base.
  • Use 13 sticks to finish building the drying rack.
Build a rack to dry your food

You can now interact with the hooks on the shelf to open the food section of your inventory and hang a different piece of food (for example fish or meat) on each hook. You can even put legs or arms of cannibals. Anything to keep hunger at bay. Although, if you ask us, you better have stocks of canned food for when winter comes and open them with your can opener.