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THE 10 GREATEST MOMENTS OF THE DIABLO SERIES || Everyone remembers that!

 The Diablo 4 beta phase is in full swing and in early June the latest installment in the prestigious action role-playing game series will finally be released. But before you jump into the fight against Lilith, let's take a look back in time. Because in over 25 years of series history, there were a few moments that were permanently burned into the collective memory of the players. Whether it's epic story moments, fat bosses, or bigger excitement - here you will find the most memorable events in Diablo history!

10th place: Tyrael's sacrifice for humanity (Diablo 3)

The former archangel of justice made the ultimate sacrifice. When the demons Belial and Azmodan threatened humanity, the forces of heaven refused their help. This went against Tyrael's beliefs, so he took a drastic measure: he ripped off his own wings and thus gave up his existence as an angel in order to save the mortals of Sanctuary from doom. The start of the second act of Diablo 3 couldn't be staged much more impressively. Especially since the game informs you in such a subtle way that a fallen archangel is now accompanying you.

9th place: Duriel the hated boss (Diablo 2)

The veterans among you are sure to get chills down their spines. The "Lord of Pain" marks the end of Act 2 and demands everything from you again. Even if Andariel's twin brother is extremely large, he is by no means sluggish and attacks extremely quickly. In addition, he distributes fat damage values ​​with each landed hit. The small battle arena offers little space to dodge, only a city portal remains as a last resort. Many potions and, ideally, distracting minions are indispensable as basic equipment for victory.

8th place: The hunt for coveted loot

We all want them: the legendary gear. But there are some loot pieces that really only get hold of the very stubborn. All of you who had close contact with the blacksmith Griswold in the first Diablo will definitely remember the King's Sword of Haste. Only with the right combination of player level and a lot of luck does he offer the powerful item for sale. The unique Ring of Jordan from Diablo 2, on the other hand, appears randomly in the world - especially summoners appreciate it because of its appropriate skill bonuses.

8th place: The hunt for coveted loot

7th place: Destruction of Tristram (Diablo 2)

We can't say how many hours we spent in the city in the first Diablo. It was all the harder for every veteran when the demons overran Tristram in Diablo 2 and reduced it to rubble. As players, however, we were largely powerless and only traveled to the city to rescue Deckard Cain. We left the place with the sad knowledge that nothing will ever be the same again. Diablo 3 gives an impression of this: Here we stay mostly in New Tristram, the old refuge is now in ruins. The theme still moves us to tears.

6th place: The first run in hardcore mode

Let's face it, Diablo isn't very demanding on normal difficulty. If you screw up the level, you will start to sweat a lot more. If that's still not enough, increase the thrill even more by turning on hardcore mode. Permadeath is active here, which means if your character dies, it's forever. We all certainly remember the moment when a little inattentiveness sent our hero, who had been cherished and cared for hours, into the eternal hunting grounds.

6th place: The first run in hardcore mode

5th place: Legendary quotes

Any hardcore game series fan can surely pull off some quotes even if you wake them up at three in the morning. Without a doubt, Diablo offers heaps of statements and sayings that will burn into your memory. Especially the one-line punchlines often achieved cult status. Just think of the butcher who enthusiastically exclaims "Ah... Fresh meat!" grunts, and you enter his lair. On the other hand, Charsi's pithy saying is more on the comic side when you address the blacksmith as a barbarian: "You're a barbarian, huh?" Ultimately, the most well-known statement of the whole series comes from Deckard Cain: "Stay a while and listen..."

4th place: Any CGI cutscene

No matter how mixed Blizzard's games are sometimes on the gameplay side, the Anaheim studio has been delivering on one point since day 1: the cutscenes. Even if you probably laugh about the CGI of the first part today, it knocked the players off their chairs at the time. To this day, they transport key parts of the story, such as Tyrael's descent to Sanctuary. Pure goosebumps! If the first cinematics from Diablo 4 even begin to indicate a direction, nothing less than a new benchmark for cinematic cutscenes awaits us in June. Even the opening video exceeds all expectations when the beta first starts.

3rd place: Deckard Cain's death (Diablo 3)

The old man is an inseparable part of the Diablo series and has accompanied brave adventurers since the first part. In the second part, we even travel to Tristram to save him from the demonic hordes. The bell clapped all the louder when Blizzard took a drastic step in Diablo 3: let Deckard Cain die. The witch Maghda and her dark circle torture him to death. But the gentleman uses the last of his strength to put Tyrael's broken sword back together. With this we not only avenge him, it also helps to save the entire world. That's what we call a befitting exit, which nevertheless pierces deep into the heart!

2nd place: First contact with the Butcher (Diablo)

Dungeons tend to be pretty much the same in the action role-playing series. Especially in the first part, you walk through the same gray corridors, beat-up monsters, and open gates, behind which even more standard content awaits you. In the butcher quest, on the other hand, the boss's bizarre domicile is hidden behind a door. Villagers skewered, body parts on meat hooks, and he grunted greedily, "Ah... Fresh meat!" sent a massive shiver down our spines at the time. From today's perspective, the scene has admittedly suffered a bit, but believe us: in 1996, it shocked the players in droves.

Place of Honor: Diablo Immortal: Announcement at Blizzcon 2018

Just thinking about Blizzcon 2018 makes us laugh out loud again. The community was downright traumatized on November 2, 2018. One actually expected the reveal of Diablo 4. And indeed, an epic CGI trailer gave hope for a moment, but then the great disappointment followed: Diablo Immortal, which appears for smartphones. Loud boos were the result and two of the most memorable statements in Blizzard's company history: On the one hand, the Red Shirt Guy asked whether it was a belated April Fool's joke. Plus proof that game designer Wyatt Cheng can only deal with criticism to a limited extent: Blizzard is not planning a PC version at this time, and the developer simply replied to the disappointed reactions: "Do you guys not have phones?" Damage limitation works differently.

1st place: Secret cow level (Diablo 2)

This Easter Egg is not only one of the most well-known secrets within the Diablo series. Every video gamer should have heard of this well-hidden section. You need the Tome of the City Portal and Wirret's Leg. Getting both items is not quite trivial. You also have to unlock the Horadric Cube and defeat the final boss Baal. If you then mix the objects, a secret portal will open. On the Moo Moo Farm, the name says it all, you'll face off against hell bulls and the cow king. An unforgettable section that rightly enjoys legendary status.