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The best places to build a base in Sons of the Forest - how to make a gate and lock the door


The best places to build a base in Sons of the Forest - how to make a gate and lock the door

To save progress in Sons of the Forest, it is not necessary to build a large and fortified shelter - a single piece of tarp and one stick will suffice. But at the same time, there is a good construction mechanic in the game, which allows you to build a real house and enclose it with a fence. In this guide, we will tell you how to build a house and a gate, how to lock a door and tell you the best places to build a base in the game.

How to build a house

Players can use ready-made drawings of houses, or build a house on their own to their taste. To install the drawings, use the guide that you get at the very beginning of the game. It can be opened with the "B" key or through the inventory.

If you decide to build a house yourself, you can again use the guide. In crafting mode, all available floor, wall, roof, and door construction schemes are described here.

How to build a tree house

The tree house can only be built according to the drawing from the guidebook. To do this, open the diary and select a finished building, or a platform for the building.

Get the required number of logs, and also install a rope that you can use to climb up. Just do not ask Kelvin to participate in the construction process - there were many cases when the satellite cut down the tree on which the building was erected.

How to build a fence (palisade)

You have the right to build a fence from ordinary logs. To do this, first install them close to each other in random order. Then pick up an ax and aim at the top of the log. It is necessary to catch the moment when the cone will be displayed as a red dotted line.

Hit the log with the ax once. So you get a picket fence.

How to build a door and gate

How to build a door

To build an ordinary door, you will need seven solid logs and three boards. Two boards are made from one log. Set the logs lying on top of each other, then pick up the ax in your hands. Hover over any central log to make a dotted red line appear. Press LMB.

Repeat the action with all logs except the bottom and top. You should get the same as shown in the screenshot.

How to build a door

Now take two logs and cut them in half lengthwise. To do this, take an ax and move the cursor over the center of the wood so that a red dotted line appears.

Take the resulting boards and go to the doorway so that a white dotted arrow appears. Click LMB and place the boards.

How to build a gate

To build a gate, you need to collect five or six logs and place them exactly in a row, as shown in the screenshot below.

How to build a gate

Take a solid piece of wood and walk up to a level fence of at least five boards. At this point, a white dotted line should appear. Click LMB to place the log.

Thus, the gate will be reinforced on both sides, and it will become more difficult for enemies to destroy it.

How to build a gate

If desired, you can install several gates. In this case, the enemies are unlikely to break in through the main entrance, most likely the camp will be attacked elsewhere.

How to lock a door

Unlike heavy gates, almost all enemies can open a regular door if it is not locked with a latch. To protect your hero from the inside, just pick up a stick and go to the door. When a white dotted arrow appears, click LMB. The hero will install a primitive latch, which, if necessary, can be locked with the action key.

How to lock a door

How to lock a door

The best places to build a base in summer

By the phrase "the best place" we mean the safest location in which you will be protected from the natives and various monsters. The game is designed so that once every few days, enemies will appear on the threshold of your shelter in any case. It can be both cannibals and mutants. After completing the storyline, a two-headed monster will also drop in on you, which does not care about the fence from the palisade and other obstacles.

The best places to build a base in summer

In the summer, you can hide from all enemies only in a single place - on a small island in the middle of the lake in front of the waterfall. This body of water is located in the northwest of the map.

The best places to build a base in summer

Of course, the easiest way to build a base on this island is in winter. It is not easy to build a building here in the summer, but there is an effective way.

The best places to build a base in summer

There are several trees on the same island. We recommend leaving at least one in order to build a tree house. So you can use the base in the winter when the lake freezes and the cannibals can get to you.

We get to the island and clear it from small trees and bushes. We decided to build two treehouses, so we left both large trees that have been growing here since the very beginning of the game.

Now it remains to chop wood and move it here. But how to do that? In fact, everything is simple. We get to any coast, cut trees, and throw firewood as far as possible towards the island. Soon they will be nailed to it, and you can easily pick up logs and use them for construction.

If the logs are not floating towards the island, you will have to push them by jumping into the water. It is desirable to have fins at the same time since the movement in the water will be increased significantly.

If you don't have a diving suit yet, use the standard mechanics of grabbing logs right in the water. So you will not be able to capture the log, but it will come closer to you. In this way, you can also move the boards on the water.

This will take some time, but in the summer in such a camp you can feel completely safe. Appearing cannibals and monsters will simply wave at you from the shore, but they will not be able to get to the island. Even if they try, they will die in the water (we checked).

When the house is ready, all that remains is to wait for winter to build a picket fence. If you wish, you can do this in the summer, but in this case, you will have to spend much more time moving the logs through the water.

The best places to build a base in winter

For wintering, a place near any waterfall is suitable. Since the main bodies of water freeze in winter, this will allow players not to be left without fresh water.

Be sure to build a tree house and enclose your camp with a picket fence. This will allow for some time to hold back the raiders who will try to get inside. Even if you cannot fight back, at any time you can climb into the tree house and wait for a while.

We also recommend building an observation tower. Among other things, it can be used as a defensive fortification and conduct aimed fire at enemies from it.