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Walkthrough Contraband Police - game guide

 How to complete all story missions, features of search and inspection of documents, cargo, search for contraband

Walkthrough Contraband Police - game guide

At the beginning of the game, wait until you arrive at the Karikatka border post, then look at the door and press the E key to get out of the car. Jump over the barrier and listen to Commissioner Andreev.

Section 1. Training

Day 1

Go to the office on the right side and take the information dossier from the table. Open it by pressing the TAB key and select a job description. Scroll through to learn about the principles of checking people, existing states, and two types of collectibles - KGP documents and Oberankov's money. There is also a map here - click on it to learn about several locations in the Karikatki area:

  • Border post
  • Motel Karat
  • Ruins
  • labor camp
  • Sawmill
  • Vlad's tools
  • Hotel "Under the drunken bear"
  • Cemetery
  • Police Department
Here you can always see the current date and time. Lower the lever to start the car with the first driver. Take his documents and compare the data by clicking on the indicated positions. You'll learn about automatic checks and acceptance, which gradually decrease and then you have to check documents manually. Open the report. I’m not sure if it will be the same for you, but I didn’t have any problems with the first driver, so I don’t need to put anything in the report.

If you find errors in the following drivers, be sure to indicate them in the report and prohibit them from entering the country. By pressing the F1 key, you can see the results of the last screening. After checking all the drivers, go to bed (there will be a newspaper in the post office that you can study).

Day 2

Approach the information board and study two notes that give clues about potential intruders. Start the first car, ask the driver to get out, then turn on the flashlight by pressing the F key. Press the F key again to turn on the ultraviolet light. Walk around the car and look in the back seat to see the "snakes" sign. Go to the table and take the knife. Go back to the car and cut the upholstery by cutting right down the middle of the seat (lengthwise). Get the cocaine, look under the hood, and find another one. Arrest the criminal, close the bars, and look into the warehouse. Move the collected contraband and return outside. Ask officer Maksimov to remove the car. Take other tools from the table - pitchfork, ax, and crowbar.

Day 3

Move the prisoners to the police car by simply interacting with them. Then take all the contraband from the warehouse and go to the car. Open the trunk, interact with the tablet, and put contraband in the car. Get behind the wheel. The ignition key is located to the left of the steering wheel. You can press the V key to switch to a third-person view. This will make driving easier. Reach the labor camp using the map and talk to the commander. After handing over the prisoners, go to the store and buy any weapon (for example, a gun). After that, visit the police station. When you find the chief, go past him between the boxes, and at the very end, look for the first KGP document (1/14). Hand over the contraband and return to the border post. Open the outdoor toilet near your van and collect the second KGP document (2/14).

Day 4

Start another car. Take the documents and examine the tablet. Take the tablet from the table for the inventory of the cargo. Walk to the back of the car and lower the metal barrier. Climb inside and press the C key to get the tablet. Hold LMB and aim at all the cargo inside the car. The described cargo will be highlighted in green. In any case, the cargo will not match the description provided by the driver. Specify it in the report. Check the rest of the checkpoints and refuse entry.

Check out the next car. Information about the citizenship of a potential smuggler hangs on the bulletin board. Use the tablet and pull out all the cargo from the car by pressing the E key. When you do this, use the ultraviolet flashlight and find the contraband - bags, boxes, or barrels with a "snake" image. Break bags with a knife, break boxes with a crowbar and break barrels with an axe. Collect all contraband to earn more and then arrest the driver. Ask to drive the car. Check a couple more cars, then go to bed.

Day 5

On this day, you will independently, without prompting, check the cars. To return the cargo to the car, you need to contact the guard Maximov. When trying to inspect the second car, the driver will break through the barrier and try to escape. Chase him, guided by the marker. When the car stops, arrest the driver and return to the post to receive the main mission.

Loss of radio communication

Get in the car and go to the sawmill. Watch the cut scene, then just wait - in any case, you should "die".

Section 2 False Help

Day 6

Training completed. If the cash balance goes negative, you will be fired. Don't forget about it! From now on, residents of the Erkrei Kingdom cannot be allowed in. Don't forget to indicate the reason for the "Rules of Entry" in the report! The first driver should not be allowed into the country for this reason. The second driver is a 53-year-old man. There is information on the notice board that it will be a smuggler. Ask to leave and look for the "snake" icon on the seats. Cut the plating, confiscate the contraband, and imprison the smuggler. The third driver is another citizen of the Erkrei Kingdom. Deny entry for this reason.

The fourth driver is denied entry due to citizenship and photo. Fifth - because of citizenship and name. After that, you can spend time turning in contraband, criminals, or buying something in Vlad's store. When you're ready, go to bed. By the way, from now on there will be bandits on the roads, so be careful. It is unlikely that right now you are ready to resist them!

Day 7

Deny the first driver entry on the basis of citizenship, cargo description, and name (instead of a name there may be an expiration date). Skip the second driver, since Erkrey citizenship is not a ban. Entry should be denied only to those citizens of Erkrey who are carrying cargo and/or luggage. Somewhere around this point, you will get a promotion. The title of "Captain" will allow you to call Vlad's mobile shop for $200, but it will be available only until the end of the working day (in the police garage). The third car will most likely belong to the smuggler mentioned on the bulletin board (minus one mirror). I had a truck, and the contraband was hidden in the seats. Arrest the criminal. The contraband was also in the chicken, air filter, battery, and left rear tire.

When you start inspecting the fourth car, the border post will be attacked by Oberankov's gang. The next person can be allowed to enter the country.

Day 8

The first driver can be skipped, he does not violate anything. I had one problem with the second driver - a mistake in the name. There were even more violations with the third driver - citizenship with cargo, name, and validity of the document. Continue with standard procedures. Nothing special will happen on this day.

Traitor's hideout

At night, an important phone call will be heard. Get in the car and drive to Vlad's store before the timer expires. Stay away and wait. Chase Gavrilov's car, then follow the man through the forest, keeping your distance and hiding behind rocks (he will turn and look back twice). Enter the building and listen to Gavrilov. Decide how to deal with him - arrest (choose Government) or let him go (choose "Bloody Fist"). We have taken the path of the Government.

Day 9

Go to bed. Go about your normal business. The second car in a row is a smuggler with license plate 98GT (the front number is likely to be broken). The drugs in my case were hidden in the left front tire, glove box, passenger seat headrest, front left mudguard, front right mudguard, left rear tire, and behind the passenger seat. Finish checking the rest of the machines and go to bed. You will be prompted to complete the mission "Intervention". You need to get to the indicated place and help with its protection from the attacked gang. There is no reason to refuse!

Section 3. Work for everyone

Day 10

There will be new entry rules. There is no need to let teachers, journalists, or artists into the country. Most likely, the first driver will already be one of these specialties. Also, pay attention to the fact that now you need to check the technical condition of the cars. This affects the bonus profit, although the defects of the car are not a reason to refuse entry into the country! On the same day, a smuggler with the specified license plate will appear. Be careful!

Day 11

At the beginning of the day, a smuggler will appear - on a truck without a bumper. Search the car, collect as much contraband as possible and arrest the criminal. Around this time, you can upgrade your rank a second time. Now for $500, you can order a police car. She will park near the garage. Chat with the policeman near her and hand over all the contraband and all the prisoners. You will also unlock a new rifle.

Day 12

Most likely, the second car that day (more precisely, the driver) will try to escape. So go chase. Stay close and the driver will stop sooner or later. And do not forget to turn on the flasher (key H). The rest of the day will be normal. At night, repel the attack of the bandits.

Section 4. General cleaning

Day 13

The rules have changed. Machines with more than three defects cannot be started. If you find four or more, check the "Rules of Entry" box. Don't forget to check the weight. One of the drivers will turn out to be smugglers - a car without one mirror.

Day 14 Murder Mystery

Check one car, after which an important bell will ring. Answer and drive to the specified location. Talk to the sergeant, go around the building, and search the corpse. On the body, you will find a pocket watch with the initials VM. Use the ultraviolet flashlight and follow the trail until you find the murder weapon - a kitchen knife. Go back inside, and talk to the bartender, Sakhaev, Petrovsky, Timur, Morin, and the cleaner in the kitchen. Release Petrovsky and the bartender.

Outside the building, go towards the parking lot and turn to the gazebo on the left side. When the target is updated, interrogate the four suspects inside the cafe and release Morinam and Sakhaev. Go to the kitchen, to the right to the warehouse. In the open locker on the right side is the KGP document (4/14). A little further on the floor lies a letter that will convict Timur of a crime. Return to the man, arrest him, or free him, choosing the side of the government or the Bloody Fist. Go back and complete the car check. One of them will be driven by a smuggler. Perhaps, like me, on a green truck.

Day 15

On this day, one smuggler will appear who may try to escape. You will also have a long, two-minute attack by bandits. On that day, I also got my third promotion. In addition to increasing the reward for searches, it unlocks a sniper rifle in Vlad's shop.

Day 16

Nothing special. Will be the last smuggler of this chapter. Most likely on the last machine.

Section 5 Pandemic

Day 17

There will be two smugglers that day. The first will try to hide, and look for the second by the car number.

Day 18

On this day, another smuggler will appear, so be careful (I had a 44-year-old driver).

abandoned motel

At night you will receive a new task. Go to the abandoned Karat Motel, go around the building on the right side, and use the back entrance. Move through the rooms, destroying enemies. In the hall, you will have to go out into the courtyard with a concrete fountain and find an emergency door. After the destruction of all the thugs, talk to the prisoner and decide whether to free him or not (depending on who you play as).

Day 19

On this day, you need to catch the last smuggler of the chapter, and before going to bed, repel another attack of bandits lasting two and a half minutes.

Section 6. Conflict in the South

Day 20

In this chapter, there will be a new ban related to the maximum number of goods transported: food - 6, household appliances - 3, chemicals - 4. On this day, I had one smuggler with citizenship of the United Raleigh.

Day 21

Only one smuggler will appear that day. For me it was a driver in a car without one mirror. Everything else is as usual.


An important phone call comes in. Answer to find out about the kidnapping at the sawmill. Drive to the indicated place, talk to the head of the sawmill inside the large building, and then search the small car opposite. Move to the back seats and find the wallet on the floor. Return to the head of the sawmill and talk about Kozlov. Go behind the sawmill building to find Kozlov. Interrogate him.

Follow the marker to the ruins and clear them of the bandits. After the victory, go to the main building, open the door, and find the KGP document (5/14). Oberankov's note is on the same table. After receiving it, go to the labor camp and talk to the boss. There are two descents into the quarry. Go behind the main shed, under which the head of the labor camp is standing, go down and go all the way to the right. Try interrogating a bald man with a red beard. When he refuses, attack him several times with a knife. As soon as he speaks, drive to the cemetery. Go around the main building and open the double door. After going downstairs, talk to Belov. Decide his fate by choosing the side of the Government or the Red Fist.

Day 22

On this day, I had two smugglers - one at the age of 42, and the other with a car number 5GT. If you wish, you can help repulse the assault of bandits at night.

Day 23

Again, catch one smuggler per day, otherwise, the tasks are no different from the previous days. I had a smuggler on the last, blue truck. Go to bed, and at night beat off the massive assault of the bandits.

Section 7. War

Day 24

The real difficulties will begin. Now fake documents will appear, and you will have to compare the stamps in the passport with those indicated in the job description. On the first day, there will be two smugglers - in a car without one bumper and with a fake passport. On the other hand, only citizens of Al Barak can have fake passports. The rest do not need to check the stamps.

Day 25

On this day, you will meet two more smugglers. One of them will try to escape (for me it was the driver of the car with the license plate containing the letters YWB). The other one will be on a black truck. Before the night there will be an additional mission related to the bandits. You can accept or refuse.

Day 26

On this day there will be 5 cars, and the last one will most likely be driven by a smuggler (sign - 42 years old).


Drive to the indicated place after an important call. In the labor camp, take the ammo and the rifle (if you don't have one) from the table, and then get into the van. I immediately recommend shooting both doors to make it easier to destroy enemy vehicles. When shooting, it is best to aim at the wheels. Don't let the enemies get close. It can happen that when shooting at the hood, the enemy car will catch fire, approach, and explode next to the van. And then - write-gone. At the very end, get out of the car and talk to the rebel. Give him the prisoner or refuse to side with the Government.

Section 8. Terrorist attack in parliament

Day 27

Deny entry to all citizens of Akaristan under the age of 30. But don't forget to watch for other violations. There will only be one smuggler that day. He came to me in the second car, you need to look for the license plate.

Day 28

On this day there were two smugglers - according to the inventory of the cargo and the broken window. Everything else is as usual. At night, the most massive attack of bandits awaits you. I killed about 50+ thugs, and three cars drove into the base at once.

Day 29

That day there was only one smuggler, from the Republic of Kagastam. At night, you can take part in the Intervention mission.

Day 30

Finally, look for the last two smugglers in a red car at the age of 41.


Stock up on ammunition and go to the hotel "Under the drunken bear." Stand in line with allies and start systematically destroying enemies. When they retreat, move to the next line of defense, and so on. Don't rush or you'll fail the mission.

When the allies say that the enemy is inside, make your way into the building, clear it, and open the door inside the closet to see the final cutscene.

Government Ending

These are the cards you will see at the end of the game if you have always chosen the Government.