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Walkthrough The Last of Us: Part 1 - game guide

 A detailed guide to completing all story missions in The Last of Us

The Last of Us Part 1 is a completely redesigned original game, the main changes of which are mainly related to visual and audio effects and only superficial gameplay moments.

Walkthrough The Last of Us: Part 1 - game guide



During the opening cutscene, you will be introduced to the main character Joel and his daughter Sarah. Once you get control, wake up in Sarah's bedroom. The situation is out of control! You can look at the mirror and try to interact with the phone. Opposite the bed is a greeting card that you can read. However, it does not apply to collectibles. The Last of Us has a lot of interactive objects like the ones listed above, so always look around and interact with things. After walking down the corridor, you can open the bathroom door and read the newspaper next to the sink. It talks about the investigation of a series of strange murders.

Return to the hallway to see the half-open door to Joel's bedroom where the light comes from. Go there and watch the news release, after which you will hear/see an explosion. Go down the stairs. A mobile phone is ringing in the kitchen - take it. There will be a note on the refrigerator to your right that you can read. On the left side, look for an office with a glass door ajar. Go inside and watch the cut scene.

While in the car, you will not be able to drive the vehicle, but you will have full control over Sarah. You can look through the rear and side windows. In the end, you will collide with another car, and the screen will turn off.

You are in control of Joel again. Press the indicated key to get out of the broken car. Run down the hill towards the gas station, but after the explosion turns right towards the theater. Tommy will advise you to go into the alley on the left side. Follow his recommendations. Joel will be ambushed by the infected. Press the indicated key and run along another lane. Move through the destroyed wall and watch a long cutscene.

To be continued