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Walkthrough Scars Above - game guide

 A detailed guide to completing story missions, solving puzzles, fighting bosses, and finding weapon upgrades

After the introductory video, look around the cabin, move along the marker, and talk to Mike in his laboratory. Go into the room opposite and take out the high-voltage device from the box - the SLD-26 welding machine. Use the workbench on the right and craft a rail module. Return to the laboratory and interact with the table opposite the entrance. Place two pieces on the table. Find the charging module on the left, a little further, and install it in the slot on the right, next to the laptop. Take the toy from the laptop and interact with it. Use the WASD keys to adjust the amplitude and frequency of the waves. Interact with the two parts you placed on the table earlier (welder and rail module). Then install the charged power supply that you inserted into the slot next to the laptop. Finally, apply the tablet on the left side. Click on E.

After picking up the weapon, go down the elevator and shoot the three blue elements on the indicated reactor. After a while, shoot the core, then climb back up and leave the weapon in the case. Run to the bridge and sit in the chair. Watch the video.

After the crash, move the only way using acceleration and jumps. When you approach the mysterious object in the field, interact with it and wait. You don't have to go anywhere.

Chapter 1

Turn around to see a yellow pylon. When interacting with him, you will restore health and some of the ammunition, but at the same time revive enemies. Examine the crates ahead, remove the debris, and find the SCAR backpack and electric cutter. Cut through the vine ahead and kill the first enemy, the Arachnid Leaper. Be sure to scan it. Turn into the pond on the left and find the plant. Scan Celestial Flesia and collect Galvanic Extract - used as ammo for energy weapons. Cut the vine and take Mike's diary from the box. Here, find a red container with the same VERA weapon.

When you go back, you will be attacked by a scorpio arachnid. Be sure to dodge. Since you are in the water, firing an energy weapon will increase the damage. Return to the gate from above and shoot the three blue dots. Go further, kill two scorpios, and find the Cube of Knowledge on the right side. Such cubes give skill points to unlock new skills.

Be careful, because a little further you will be attacked by a kamikaze arachnid. Shoot him to make him explode and kill ordinary jumpers. Never get close! Go down below and up the ledges on the left to the Cube of Knowledge. Move on and activate the pylon. Examine the dense organic tissue blocking the path. You can climb to the left to find a cube of knowledge under a tree. Go right along the cables from the Hermes, squeeze through the opening, and inspect the cocoons. A little further you will find a red plant with a combustible extract. Go further and inspect Robinson's hideout. Most likely, at this point, you will be able to spend your first skill point. Interact with the tablet on the right to get Robinson's diary 1.

Create a thermal gun and head back to the pylon and the blocked path. Most likely, you will be attacked by a scorpio. Use VERA as fire is not as effective against this enemy. But the thermal gun is suitable for destroying cocoons, from which a scorpio can otherwise jump out. Back at the pylon, activate it, and fire your new weapon at the orange dots. Approach the locked gate ahead and pick up the Cube of Knowledge. First, turn right, destroy the vine, and climb higher to find two cubes of knowledge and a combustible extract at once.

Return to the gate and run to the left, through the swamp. Keep to the left and cut through the vine to find a cave with a cube of knowledge. On the way to the goal you will find a cabinet with a resistance stimulator. By holding down the TAB key, you can select a consumable item, which can later be activated by pressing the F key. Clear the clearing in front of the obstacle with orange knots. There are two cubes of knowledge in the middle and on the right. Keep moving. Turn left first to find a vine, behind which there are resources and Tamara's diary 1. When you see the monolith, look for a cube of knowledge behind the rock on the left. Next, you need to search the location and collect four pieces of data: examine the backpack, the handprint on the stone to the left, the reservoir with carnivorous worms to the left, the boot to the right. Stand in the specified location and scan.

Upon completion, go to the right, examine the monolith and look for cryocapsules to the left of it. Go to the right of the monolith and fire the VERA at the blue dots to create a shortcut. You can return to the pylon and save. Return and go right. Make your way under the branches to enter the arena with a new enemy - the Exo-Alluvial. Use the Thermal Gun and aim at the orange spot on the monster's chest. Shoot when he gets up on both hind legs.

Turn right and move up the hill. Destroy another one of the same creature. This time, shoot the orange growths near him to cause an explosion and deal significant damage to the enemy. Soon you will go down. Examine the beetles that freeze the water. Get to the pylon at the very end and examine the huge beetle. Examine his jaw. Then scan the head. You will see different organs. Examine the brain, the gland just below, and the organ at the very bottom, in the tail. Then study the neural lines to the right of the brain.

After creating the cryo-cannon, move through the pond, freezing the water and killing enemies. Scan the pipes and the device near them. In the same place where you met the first major enemy, the Alpha boss will attack you. In principle, he acts in a similar way but often covers a vulnerable point with his hand. You should let him get as close as possible, accumulate a charge of the Thermal Cannon in advance, and as soon as the enemy tries to attack you, shoot at the orange place and roll back. And so on until you win. If the enemy hits the ground with both hands (he does this three times), dodge to the side and do not try to attack him. Upon victory, you will unlock a new skill that allows you to use a shield.

Go back and cross the pond to get to the place where the marker points. On the right, there is a ledge that leads to a cave with a cube of knowledge. Activate another pylon and pay attention to the huge gate. Don't open them now! The path to the left-up leads to a dead end with a pond, an enemy, and a cube of knowledge. Go back and go the other way. A battle with two Exo-Alluvials awaits you. Use the Cryo Cannon to freeze wet enemies, including those big guys. After the victory, go up to the waterfall and inspect the control panel. Two more items are missing.

Go right. Do not rush to crawl under the branch ahead. Instead, go to the right side and turn left. This path leads to a dead end with a cube of knowledge. Return and kill all enemies, including one Exo-Alluvial. On the right, there will be drones and a stand that contains the first of the two lost parts. Return to the branch and make your way under it. You can save at the pylon if you wish, but remember that all enemies will respawn. After descending into the pond, go to the right and pick up the cube of knowledge. Then go to the left and fight the omnivorous colossus. Use VERA to stun the enemy, go around him from behind and shoot the blue growths on his back (with the same electric weapon).

When you collect both parts, return to the place where you fought with two big men (at the waterfall) and install them on the control panel. Scan it. Untangle the lines to connect the stones at the top to the batteries inside the panel. The screenshot below shows the correct placement of these stones and symbols.

Enter the cave, run away from the storm, and look around. The container on the left will contain an upgrade for the cryogun. Destroy the big man and burn the orange growths in the adit on the left. When the fire goes out, go there, take the cube of knowledge, Robinson's diary 2, and other resources. Continue moving and leave the cave. Climb up and use the pylon on the left. Next to him lies Robinson's third diary.

How to defeat the Alluvial King

Robinson has turned into a monster. Use the Thermal Gun and shoot off the orange growths on the paws. Once all the growths are destroyed, a huge electric bag will fall out of the monster's mouth. Shoot him with VERA to deal significant damage. When the king spit bile into the water, use the Cryo Cannon to create safe islands and defend against carnivorous worms. Use somersaults as often as possible to avoid hits with a massive paw. Repeat actions until victory.

Chapter 2

After the battle with Robinson, scan the beast to get a new resource. Follow the nearest passage to leave the battlefield. Go down the slope to get to the ghost. Head west to find a container with an electric battery. Keep following the beasts until you find a rise. When you get closer, a cut scene will start.

From the monolith, go down and enter the cave. Inside it will be a pylon. Destroy the enemy: freeze the beast and shoot electricity in the chest. Below there will be another enemy group. After clearing the region, go forward until you find a nest. Immediately use the Thermal Cannon to burn the eggs before they hatch into monsters. Go to the quest marker that points to a passage to another part of the cave. Interact with the alien mechanism and create a label. Make your way through the gap ahead and get out.

On the plain, you will encounter three Rippers. Use the Cryo Cannon to freeze enemies and then finish them off with VERA. Move towards the ruins and watch the cut-scene with the ghost. Move towards the target to get to the crash site. Destroy nearby enemies. After clearing the area, fire the VERA at the cable the container is hanging from, and it will fall down. Climb onto it and find the VERA weapon upgrade crate. Keep walking towards the marker and find a body of water. Before you go downstairs, destroy the eggs with a shot from the Thermal Cannon. Move below and kill all opponents. Follow through the grass and leave this area.

Follow the marker to get to Hermes. Once inside, go to the last room at the end of the corridor, on the left-hand side, but be careful - the enemy is waiting for you inside. Use dodge to avoid damage and kill the target. Search the room for a SCAR jacket and an access card. Go to Mike's lab to use the access card on the safe and get an upgrade for VERA. Go to the storage room where you created this weapon at the beginning of the game and find the crate. Apply an access card to it to find a photo with the date 06/20/10. In the corridor, find the keyboard and enter this code. Interact with Mike's body - something is wrong with his organs. Use the nearest electronic panel to examine the scan result. Examine the computer and microscope to complete the study. Leave the Hermes.

Chapter 3

Follow the quest marker to find the pylon. Keep walking towards the goal until you find a closed door. Watch the cut scene, return to the pylon, and find the descent down. Climb up the slope and destroy the enemies to find the crate on the ice layer. Shoot the incendiary weapons at the ice to make the box fall towards you. Once the ice is restored, climb up the crate and cross to the other side. Use ice to knock down enemies and finish them off in one hit. Move towards the goal, not forgetting to warm up. Destroy the enemies and sneak past the rocks. Open the door ahead by pulling the two locks. The third lock is hidden to the right of the door, behind the rocks. Go through the door to view a new cutscene. Go back and find the slope. Climb up it to meet the colossus.

Freeze the beast and burn the growths on its back. Continue climbing to find a new pylon. Keep going up until the collapse happens. Go back and find a new passage near the pylon. Follow there and eliminate all enemies. Go down and pay attention to the mystical circle. This is another puzzle! There is a slope in front of the circle: go down it and move east until you find an ice barrier. Use the weapon to go further. There is an artifact behind the altar. Pick it up and return to the circle. Activate the circle by placing the artifact on the nearest altar. Move the large platform into the water and stop the circle. Freeze the large platform and reactivate the circle so it expands along with the other platform. Level the platforms and create a bridge.

Climb this bridge and interact with the control panel to create a shortcut. Go up and find two closed doors. Use the artifact on the door on the left side. Once inside, you will encounter an icy Alluvial. Use the Thermal Cannon to destroy his defenses and then fire the VERA at the heart. Examine the device on the left to get one of the most powerful weapons in the game - the Gravity Trap.

Continue up the mountain on the right side and destroy Alluvial. Move forward to find the laser barrier. Use the gravity trap to block the lasers and move on. Pick up another artifact and return to the two doors outside. Destroy the enemies. Don't forget to use the gravity trap. Pull the artifact out of the door and place the two artifacts on the other door. Deal with the opponents behind the door and get to the cave. Outside the cave, use the ice to knock down the enemy and finish them off in one hit. Follow below and find the pylon.

How to destroy a Model

You are waiting for a battle with the next boss. To defeat the robot, wait until it is on the ice. When this happens, shoot him with the gravity trap to slow him down. Take out the thermal pad and melt the ice under his paws. If three paws of the monster go underwater, it will be temporarily frozen. Shoot at the weak spot on the head and finish off the enemy. Don't forget to warm up from time to time. When the Model hides in the cave, follow the boss. In the cave, use the Cryo Cannon to destroy the flying enemies. Continue climbing, defeating the colossus with the help of stalactites. Walk between the rocks to be outside. Run up without being distracted by other enemies. Once in the abyss, use the gravity trap to defeat all enemies. Follow the target, up the slope and soon you will reach the laser wall and the pylon. The way forward is blocked. Turn around to find to the left and below the slope. This path leads through the storm. Warm up first so you don't get cold on the way to your destination. Destroy the ice alluvial and find the cave. Exit the cave under the rocks and go to the arena to fight the Model again.

Use the same technique as in the previous fight. The model will rise above the arena. Shoot the castles under the boss to blow it up. When he falls to the ground, shoot at the enemy. Repeat tactics until the final victory.

Examine the Model to get a new, chemical weapon. Use it to break the barrier and leave the battlefield.

Chapter 4

Get to the base and go inside to use the elevator. Upstairs, use VERA to redirect the energy to the red door. Go through the opened door and get to the altar. Take the artifact from the altar and place it in another, in the nearby elevator. Use the elevator to go down and find the pylon on the other side of the bridge. Go to the end of the platform and find a new altar. Remove the artifact to activate the elevator opposite. Climb on it and cross the bridge to find a new type of enemy - the drone. Use chemical weapons to destroy the enemy as soon as possible, then go to the second elevator.

Once at the top, go down the corridor and destroy the spider drones. As in the previous battle, it will be appropriate to use chemical weapons. Get to the turret and destroy it with a chemical weapon. Once outside, cross the bridge and pick up the artifact. Place it next to the elevator and shoot it up to activate the elevator. Go down and go to the end of the platform to find another artifact next to the elevator. After receiving the artifact, place it on the altar near the bridge to be on the other side. Take the second artifact, repeat the steps, and pull the artifact out of the device near the bridge. Shoot the mechanism from above and start another elevator. Ride it down with two artifacts.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Place both artifacts in the slots near the elevator in the corridor. Climb on it and activate the system controls. Then get to the main installation. Go through the door and follow the ghost. Destroy the drones, go down the elevator, and look for an artifact on the computer. Go into the room along the corridor on the right side to find a ghost. After the cutscene, you will find a broken console. Use the artifact to activate it using the altar below. Return to the console where you need to solve the puzzle. To do this, follow the prompts in the screenshots above and below.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Take the sample and use it on the altar in the corridor to open the door. Use the elevator behind the door to go down. Approach the ghost and listen to the story. Follow the objective to trigger a cutscene that ends the chapter.

Chapter 5

Move through the tunnels, killing enemies, and get to the breach. Go deep into the tunnel to face a new enemy. Use a gravity trap to slow it down and destroy it with a chemical weapon. Keep going under the rocks, behind the objective marker, to make your way through a new gap. Behind it you will encounter two Alluvials. Shoot icicles to destroy enemies in one fell swoop. Follow deep and view the hallucinations. Follow the red lights to reach the closed door. Shoot the castles to create a shortcut to the pylon. Go down the slope and find the pool.

Eliminate all enemies (fortunately you already know how to counter them) and clear the territory. Go through the door. On the other side, a new type of enemy will appear - an exo-mutant. Use the gravity trap to slow him down and shoot the growths with the Thermal Gun. After winning, scan the monster to get a new weapon.

Follow the marker and find a passage under the rocks. In the new adit, you will encounter a mini-boss. Use the gravity trap to slow him down and attack with new weapons. Examine the enemy to get an upgrade for the chemical gun. After that, you need to destroy the growths in the cave in order to open a passage further. Follow the two tentacles and find the first sprout that needs to be destroyed. The second growth is on the slope wall near the door. The last one is next to an organic door that needs to be opened.

Go through this door to enter the body. Go deeper and find the core. Move closer and fire a heat beam. Continue downhill, follow the red lights, and take out the enemies. The deeper you go, the more hallucinations will be. Move forward to get to the pylon. Throw the cannonball, follow the red lights, and find a pylon trap at the end of the tunnel. Get rid of the mutants with the help of a gravity trap and a thermal gun. In case of shortage of ammunition, use chemical weapons. After the fight, go through a new tunnel to trigger another hallucination. After recovering, shoot all the growths to open the door and create a shortcut. Keep walking towards the marker until you encounter a boss.

How to defeat the Neuroparasite

To defeat the Neuroparasite, you will have to use the various weapons available in your arsenal. When the blue weak spot appears, use the VERA rifle, the green one is a chemical weapon, and the red one is thermal. Shoot the tentacles first and then the shifted mouth. Use the light blocks scattered around the perimeter to collect ammo. Dodge melee attacks, and repeat actions until victory. After the fight, inspect the boss to get a new gadget. Climb onto the tongue to get to the other side and shoot the growths to get out.