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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Team Ninja masocore guide and cheats


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Team Ninja masocore guide and cheats

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available now on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S. The game is included on Xbox Game Pass and is the latest Team Ninja title to put fans to the test with a great display of its "masocore" formula. Of course, you can make it much easier with our tips and tricks.


In this guide, we'll give you ten tips and things you'll want to know before delving into your Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty experience.

There's a lot to swallow and digest at the start of the game, but you can read on for an explanation of the highlights to be better equipped than ever for the major challenges ahead.

Parry and deflect

Why choose between parrying and deflecting enemies' attacks when you can do both? You can deflect strikes while holding the block, which might sound like OP, but get this: If you don't time the deflection right, you'll still block the attack. A great way to completely nullify the damage taken and still remain aggressive, even if you may not have mastered the timing of the deflection yet.

Parry and deflect

Sorcery Spells

You will unlock witchcraft spells quickly enough, real spells to use in battle. We don't recommend a mage build, but spells can help a lot against certain enemies. Learn fire magic early on and you can incinerate enemies by using it multiple times during a fight. Spells are especially effective against certain bosses, giving you a huge advantage in the right situation. If you're fighting a boss and notice that your fire magic fills a third or more of the bar under his health, you should continue using it until he burns out.

Martial arts

Martial Arts are special skills that can be used with certain weapons and can come in very handy in the right situation. But, in moments full of tension, it is better to ignore them. Some animations are particularly long and prevent you from deflecting incoming attacks. Choose the right time to use them carefully.

Divine beasts

Divine Beasts can turn the tide of a battle. While their attacks don't sound all that impressive, making contact with a boss or mini-boss can do massive damage to your health and stun bar, while also giving you a moment to recover. There are several Divine Beasts to collect and use, and there is no doubt that you shouldn't ignore them during tougher battles.

Moral grade

Wo Long tries to simulate a real battle, even if you don't have a legion of troops to support you. He does this by allowing you to demoralize enemy forces, which will make enemies easier to stun and defeat. This mechanic is directly related to how you will perform in a level: defeat many opponents without getting killed and the morale of the enemies will drop. Die many times in a row and the morale of the enemies will rise again. You can bring it back down with our next tip…

Signal Flags

Signal Flags are one of the few things you actually need to find in each level. Flags don't act as checkpoints or bonfires à la Dark Souls, on the contrary, they are simply here to keep the enemy's morale down. These flags literally mark your progress and how deep you've explored the battlefield, and enemies will inevitably feel overwhelmed by your talent in this fundamental.

The Sorcerers

Sorcerers aren't in every level but you'll find them soon enough. They work in a similar way to Signal Flags: knock them down and it will demoralize your enemies. Like Signal Flags, they are often in hard-to-reach locations, so keep an eye out for hidden paths.


Wo Long's double jump allows for great mobility, when the game wants, of course. Ledges, buildings, and walls covered in white plaster – these are all valid places to jump over to find new paths or ambush enemies from new angles. Many Signal Flags or paths leading to them are hidden behind a jump that you may not notice right away.

Upgrade your weapons

You'll meet a blacksmith on your travels, who will eventually settle down at the village you return to between missions. As long as you explore the various levels well, you will find many materials that will come in handy for upgrading your weapons. Once you find a weapon that fits your playstyle, stick with it and upgrade it. Don't worry though - you'll get other upgrade materials pretty easily, so feel free to experiment. Just don't try to boost everything.


If you're struggling to make progress in Wo Long, another thing you can do besides finding Signal Flags is summon reinforcements. At Battle Banners you can summon NPC helpers that you have met in previous missions. You should actually summon them, because – even if they don't do much damage – they are a great distraction for enemies.