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A guide for beginners on Big Ambitions - how to make money quickly, how to hire employees, which business is the most profitable


A guide for beginners on Big Ambitions

Big Ambitions is a role-playing game in which you have to build your own business empire. You can open a small business or invest money in real estate and investment funds. Today we will talk about the most effective methods of making money and describe some secrets for beginners.

Start a campaign and follow Uncle Fred's advice

At first, it can be quite difficult for Big Ambitions players to understand all the game mechanics. Uncle Fred's quests are educational - this is the main plot of the game, where your honorable relative will give you small quests. At the initial stage of the game, we advise you to follow his instructions, as there is an opportunity to get excellent bonuses in the form of a car or business connections, as well as many useful tips.

In the later stages, on the contrary, we recommend turning off Uncle Fred's advice. From the moment your business starts making good profits, you are free to do whatever you want. You can also start the game in Freemode and try your hand with a small starting capital.

How to buy a car or van

If you started the passage of the story campaign, then at the start Uncle Fred will provide the main character with a car. You will be able to move around the city faster, deliver goods on time and earn good money. Trunk space, however, will be limited, so if you're saving $6,000, we recommend buying a van first. This will make it easier for you to transport various goods around the city.

You can buy a car or van at any car dealership. To do this, open the global map and select "Car Dealership" in the menu on the right.

The cost of a standard van is $6,000. If you want to buy a pickup truck, you will have to save up seven times more.

Park right

This is a fairly simple tip for all players. Each incorrect parking will cost you $125. At the start of the game, this can significantly affect your financial condition, so be sure to park your car in strictly designated places. Usually, this is a median strip on the road that separates the track from the parking lot.

Please note that some parking spaces are chargeable. But it's better to pay $8 at a time than $125.

Follow the demand

An important role in the conduct of business is demand. In the Market Insider assistant, you can track which products are in short supply for which area and, most importantly, how many competitors you will have. The fewer competitors you have in a particular area for a particular product, the higher the added value will be. Let's take a look at a few good ones:

  • GARMENT DISTRICT - "Cheap gifts" and "Donuts" will have a value-added index of 1.5 points, which means the possibility of increasing the price of goods by 50% for these positions;
  • HELL'S KITCHEN - there are no shops with "Expensive Jewelry" and "Cheap Flowers" in this area;
  • MURRAY HILL - "Cheap Jewellery" and any variety of "Food Services" will be profitable;
  • MIDTOWN - In the city center, you will be able to sell Expensive Clothes, Expensive Jewelry, as well as Classic Clothes well.

Use the delivery of goods

Sooner or later, your enterprise will begin to bring tangible profits, while you do not have to constantly bring the goods yourself. To save time and unload a little, you can use the delivery service.

The next time you need to purchase a certain item from wholesale stores, try to order delivery directly to your store. When making the delivery, it is important not to confuse the object if you have several of them, otherwise, you will have to transport the goods to the right place on your own.

How to automate the process of goods delivery

Automating the process of delivering goods is a rather long and expensive process. You should make sure that the profit of all businesses per day is at least a few thousand dollars. Otherwise, you will lose large amounts of money every day, which can lead to your bankruptcy.

If you still decide to establish logistics, then first rent a small warehouse. Typically, these buildings are located on the outskirts of the city.

Then buy at least one pallet rack and place it indoors. Now it remains only to rent an office space and open the head office of your enterprise in it. Here we also install several tables, chairs and computers for staff.

We are hiring a purchasing agent and a logistics manager. We place them at the workplace and set a work schedule.

Then we go to the docks and draw up a contract for the import of goods with the manager. This will not only reduce your time for self-purchase of goods but also save on its cost.

In the office menu, select a logistics manager and set the necessary parameters - where to send the goods delivered to the warehouse and in what quantity. You can select two items to send at the same time.

Do not forget to purchase a van and park it in the warehouse (for the first time you can leave your own transport there), and also hire a courier driver.

Where to earn money in free mode

If you decide to skip Uncle Fred's tutorial and start free roam with little starting capital, you'll be disappointed because the banks won't give you any credit to start your first business.

To earn money, it is enough just to get a job in a local supermarket. You won’t earn much in this way, but if you are starting from scratch or climbed into a debt hole, this is the best way to accumulate start-up capital.

Why employees are dissatisfied with their jobs and quit

In the Big Ambitions game, you may encounter a problem where employees will send you letters of discontent and then quit altogether. There are no specific complaints in the letters, but each subordinate has his own requirements that must be considered if you wish to continue cooperation with this person.

To do this, just go to the "Employees" menu and track the satisfaction of the subordinate. After that, click on it to open the employee menu.

In our case, the worker requires part-time employment (from 10 to 30 hours per week). If you do not meet his requirements, then after a while you will receive a warning message from this employee. If you continue to ignore it within five working days, the employee will quit.

How to avoid it? Try to adjust the schedule of the worker so that it meets his requirements. You may even have to hire a replacement employee or replace the employee yourself.

Why customers are unhappy and constantly complain

Whatever business you open, some customers will always be dissatisfied. The popularity and profitability of your enterprise directly depend on their satisfaction. Here are some top tips for improving your business overall:

  • Complaints about the lack of uniforms. Open the "Employees" menu and select a uniform style;
  • Complaints about the lack of music. Go to the IKA Bohag store and purchase a music speaker, as well as a separate counter for it (you can also place it on the floor if you wish);
  • Bad interior. Get to the enterprise and select "Design". Make sure you spend at least $5,000 on floors and walls;
  • Lack of tables and chairs. This claim only applies to coffee shops and fast-food restaurants. Just purchase tables and chairs for your establishment.

Which business to buy first

At the beginning of the game, Uncle Fred will give you some money for the first costs of starting your own business but do not rush to buy everything exactly according to his advice. To complete the quest, he asks the player to purchase a property of at least 75 sq.m with an A1 layout, but you will also have the opportunity to buy more serious real estate. We advise you to rent a room of 225 sq.m with a C2 layout, which in the future will bring you much more income when expanding, and will also allow you to focus on one specific object.

To find out what kind of business to start at the start, just use the Market Insider assistant. In the list on the right, click on the "Demand" filter and track the item.

How to hire employees

To hire workers, you need to visit any recruitment agency at least once. There are such companies in several districts of the city. You can track them, like all other enterprises, on a global map. To do this, open the map filter and in the "Special Buildings" section, look for "Recruitment Agency".

Hire at least one employee, after which the manager's number will appear in the list of your telephone contacts.

Select "Call" to contact the employee and apply for hiring.

Please note: Recruitment agencies are divided into several types. Ordinary ones are looking for workers, others - office workers.

How to sell donuts

Sometimes the demand for donuts is very high. At this point, there will be almost no competition in the market. If you already have a fast food business (for example, you already sell burgers), then all you have to do is purchase an industrial fryer. You can buy it at a large hardware store.

This machine is also used to create french fries - if the demand for donuts suddenly drops, you can quickly switch to selling fried potatoes. Also, don't forget to stop by the wholesale store and buy the donuts yourself.

How to use markup on goods for quick money

The game has 4 different areas for doing business. In each of the individual areas, you have the right to put your markup on the goods, which, accordingly, will increase the daily profit from your business. Approximate rates are as follows:

  • GARMENT DISTRICT - starting district with a surcharge of 30%;
  • HELL'S KITCHEN - markup can vary from 30 to 60%;
  • MURRAY HILL - not very rich area with the possibility of setting a markup of 20%;
  • MIDTOWN is the central and most profitable district of the city, and margins can be set up to 100% safely, however, the cost of your enterprise will be considerable.
You must remember a simple pattern: the higher the possibility of markup in a given area, the higher the cost of renting or buying buildings and businesses.

How to find out what class lives in the area

Market Insider is a very handy internal option for tracking supply and demand. You will be able to see what percentage of the population lives in a particular area. Residents will be divided into 3 categories:

  • "Working class" - live mainly in the GARMENT DISTRICT and MURRAY HILL;
  • "Middle class" - the majority lives in HELL'S KITCHEN;
  • "Top Class" - The largest percentage is in MIDTOWN.
You should immediately understand a few basics of doing business in Big Ambitions. The more elite class lives in the area, the more expensive goods they will be able to purchase. So, for example, cheap gifts will be in little demand in areas where the middle and upper classes live. Workers will not be able to afford to buy luxury cars or expensive equipment.

Where is the best place to locate a business

An important factor will be where exactly your institution is located. This is not about the area, but about the accessibility of buyers to it. For example, a small building (54-75 sq.m., layouts "A1", "A2") at the far end of the district will not bring you as much profit as a room in a building measuring 225 sq.m., with a layout "C1", "C2", located at a major intersection.

Consider a few good options:

  • 30 House on 5th Avenue in the GARMENT DISTRICT area - there is a Cafe (225 sq.m "C2");
  • 15 House on 4th Avenue in GARMENT DISTRICT - Coffee house (225 sq.m. "C2");
  • 16 House on 4th Avenue in GARMENT DISTRICT - Household appliances store (225 sq.m. "C1");

These are just a few of the possible options. First of all, pay attention to the Market Insider assistant, as with its help you can quickly learn how to properly spend your finances on acquiring various businesses, which, in turn, will lead to an increase in daily income.

Where to fix and refuel the car

As in life, as you move your car uses fuel. There are several operating gas stations in the city, where you can also repair a car in case of an accident. Note that with a low vehicle integrity indicator, its repair will cost you a round sum, so you should avoid accidents in the early stages of the game.

How to quickly find a gas station:

  • Open the map by pressing the "M" key ;
  • On the right side of the screen, lower the window and find "Refill" ;
  • Set the slider to the "ON" position ;
  • Follow the marker to the gas station.
To refuel vehicles, you need to call on the green marker next to the gas stations. Here you can fill the tank on the spot or buy a few gallons to go. In a small garage you can fix your car - just park inside.

Is it possible to become bankrupt?

As such, there is no “losing” in Big Ambitions. You can write a business plan wrong or go broke trying to keep afloat several unprofitable enterprises at once. In this case, the daily expenses will exceed the income, and the amount with a negative number will appear on your account.

If you manage to get into a debt hole, it will be very difficult to get out of it. Even if you sell all the purchased equipment and goods, you will be able to return half of the amount spent on business development at a time. Just try to avoid such situations.