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All keys in Dead Island 2 - where to find keys for doors, safes, garages and lockers


All keys in Dead Island 2 - where to find keys for doors, safes, garages and lockers

As you progress through the story campaign of Dead Island 2, you will constantly encounter locked doors, safes, and cells. You can get into some houses and rooms without keys, for this, you just need to use your ingenuity: break a window or get rid of a blockage. To open other doors, you will need to find the corresponding key or key card. In this guide, we will describe the location of all useful keys in the game.

Note: We are currently updating the guide. If you notice an inaccuracy or would like to supplement the guide, write about it in the comment form below the article.

All the keys in the Bel Air area

Bel Air is the starting area in Dead Island 2 where you begin your journey. There are many locked doors and safes here. Some will need to be opened in the story, while others - to get valuable items, money, and various loot. Below we have described where to find most of the keys in this region.

Where to find the keys to the house, the garage, and Curtis's safe

Curtis' house is located near the starting mansion, where you will meet the survivors. Passing by it you will hear a male voice from the intercom. If you answer, you will receive an additional task "Killer Party".

How to get the keys to Curtis' house

To do this, it is enough to kill the infected in the courtyard and power the house with a canister of water. When Curtis invites you in through the front door, also get rid of the group of ghouls. Having gone down, the owner of the house will give you the keys to all the rooms.

Where to Find the Keys to Curtis' Garage

Oddly enough, the keys to the garage are in the garage itself. You can see them on the workbench through the bars.

To get inside, go around the building on the left and press the button between the gates. The left door will open, and you just have to kill a few zombies and pick up the key.

Inside, you'll find supplies, a rake, fuel, and water canisters, and the Toughness weapon skill.

Where to find the key to Curtis' safe

This key can be obtained after you progress through the story and get to know the screamers. Until this moment, it is not possible to find the key to Curtis's safe.

Once you meet your first screamer, return to the mansion and look around the courtyard. There are several dry closets on the far right side of the building. Open one of them to make monsters appear. Kill them and inspect the bodies. Next to one of the corpses will lie the key to the safe.

How to find the key card from the "Zagon"

You will get to this mansion according to the main plot. You will need a key card not to get inside, but to get out of the penthouse. Getting into the mansion is very simple, just find the glass roof on the veranda and break it.

Going down, find the streamer. There will be a key card on the table.

Where to Find the Keys to the Goat Pen

To get this key, you need to complete the additional task "Earthly goods" (Creature Comforts). Until this moment, the key in the mansion simply will not appear.

If you have fulfilled the condition, go back and climb to the balcony above the pool. Here you will see a window that you can break and enter the room.

Also break the glass railing to run and jump to the window. Inside, examine the left cabinet next to the bed. After completing the above task, the master key will appear here.

You can also go up to the floor above and jump down to the balcony with two sun loungers.

Breaking the glass will set off the alarm. Disable it as soon as possible. In the same room, you will find the Weighting skill, an audio recording, and some supplies.

Where to find the key to Brock's safe in the Corral

In the streamer room to the left of the bed, you will find a safe. To open it, you need another key. But getting it is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Here is the procedure you need to follow to get the key:

  1. Complete the "Room Service for Major Booker" quest at the Halperin Hotel.
  2. Return to the "Zagon" and follow the gym.
  3. Kill a strong monster here, which will drop the key to Brock's safe.
The safe contains a random rare weapon.

All keys in the area "Hotel "Galperin""

The Halperin Hotel is the second major region you will enter in the story. When you get to the front desk, you will notice locked cells. The keys to them are scattered throughout the hotel.

Cell Key #9

As soon as you get to the hotel, the task will be updated, and you will have to kill a huge crowd of enemies. According to the plot, you can’t get around them, so you have to fight to the last monster. When you're done, examine the table in the center of the room. Here lies the key.

Cell Key #33

Continue following the story until the Major contacts you. Having reached the second floor, find a note between the two elevators and press the call button. This elevator will not take you to the third floor, but you can pick up the key.

Cell Key #14

From the previous place where you called the elevator and found the key, follow the passage on the right and overcome the blockage. Here you will find a chemical bomb and you can put out the fire at the entrance to room 208.

Enter this room and examine the bed on the left. More to the left on the floor are the keys.

Cell Key #49

Climbing up to the third floor, you will quickly come across a locked door. There will be a ventilation grate on the left above the bed - climb into it. The quest marker indicates that you need to move to the right, but we suggest going in the opposite direction. Here you will find the keys.

Cell Key #53

Continue following the marker until you reach room 307. Immediately turn left and open the bathroom door. There will be a bunch of keys in front of the bathroom.

Where to find major's universal keys

This bunch of keys is in the same room where you could pick up the key to locker #53. Just walk up to the body in the middle of the room and look a little to the left.

How to find the key to the safe of the guard "Galperin"

You can find this safe in a small gatehouse in front of the hotel. The door of the building will be locked with a magnetic key, but you can get to the safe through the window.

To get the key, you first need to complete the "Room Service for Major Booker" story mission. If you have already done this, return to the gatehouse and inspect the area. You need to go down to the underground parking lot, where a unique enemy will appear - the same infected guard, after defeating which you can get the key.

It is worth noting that next to him there will also be a boss named Crusher. It is not necessary to kill him, but it will be quite difficult to deal with the guard in his presence. The safe contains a random rare weapon.

All keys in Beverly Hills

In the third large area of ​​Dead Island 2, there are many locked doors and safes for which you have to find the right keys.

Where to find spare keys to Michael's house

Once in Beverly Hills for the first time, you will need to inspect Michael's house and find spare keys. Follow the kitchen and look in the trash can - the key is here.

Where to find the keys to Michael's safe

You can also find a locked safe in Michael's house. The key to it is kept by his student, who randomly appears next to the mansion.

How to find Obi's key

Soon you will reach the rocker's house, who will tell you about Mike's fate. If you look around the pool behind the house, you can find a locked suitcase with Obie's belongings. You can open it by defeating the infected owner of the luggage, but it will only appear when you collect all the necessary audio recordings and notes.

Finding notes is included in the list of search tasks in Dead Island 2. We also talked about them in a separate guide.

First note

Lying right on top of Obi's suitcase in the pool.

Second note

Return to Michael's house and inspect the pool. Monsters always appear here, so be on the alert.

Third note

Examine the sun lounger next to the pool of the rightmost house in the area.

Fourth note

The last audio recording is quite difficult to get, since in the early stages of the passage, deadly ghouls will be waiting here. You can sneak past them and pick up the note by the pool.

How to get the key

When you have all the audio recordings, return to the starting region and follow the Paddock. A new dead man will appear in the pool - the Ob pool cleaner. Kill him and search the body.

How to find the keys to Fruka's house

You will need to get into the penthouse by one of the additional quests. There are no keys to this house, but there is another way to get into it. Go around the back of the building and look for a generator in which you need to place a car battery.

Do this and move to a safe distance. The canister next to the grate will explode and free the passage to the building. On the first floor, there is a safe in a large room, and on the upper levels, you will find supplies and a humanitarian box.

How to find the foreman's key

This key will be needed to open the safe in the unfinished mansion in the north of the location. You will get here when completing the story mission "The Chosen One".

The owner of the key appears randomly in front of the main entrance to this building. Just come back here from time to time to find him, kill him and take the key. It is worth noting that the zombies are much larger and stronger than the others, so upgrade your weapons and stock up on first-aid kits before the outing.

Where to find the key to the control room

The key is needed for the story quest "Legitimate Zombicide". He is in a strong infected, living in the basements of a chemical plant.

To get it, you have to get into the cellars and solve a simple puzzle. First, go down into the channel with water and pick up the valve. Use it to shut off the acid supply.

Now go across the bridge and take the fuse. Insert it into the device next to the door leading to the basements.

Switch off the acid supply and wash it off with water. In the far room on the right, interact with the two valves.

Go back and clear the path on the left. A big guy will be waiting for you in the room, which you need to kill in order to get the key.

All keys at Monarch studio

There are only two keys that players can find in this area. One of them opens the thermal box at the studio security post, and the second one is suitable for a suitcase in the superstar's trailer.

How to find the keys to the thermobox

In search of Michael, you will go to the Monarch film studio. Here you can also find the keys to the thermal box, which are located at the dead guard. Walk through all the pavilions until you get out onto the street from the back of the building (pavilion number 7).

According to the plot, you need to follow to the left, but we recommend turning around and inspecting the lonely standing trailer. Inside you will find a guard who will kindly share the key with you.

Where to find the key to Kelly Jo's suitcase

In the trailer of one of the stars you will find a locked suitcase. As usual, you will have to track down its owner to get the key. However, when you first pass this location, you will not be able to find this zombie. You need to progress through the story and come back here later.

Go to the entrance to the third pavilion and go to the main door. A large crowd of ghouls will appear in front of you, among which will be Kelly Joe. Kill her and take the key.

We will update this guide soon.