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All locked doors in The Last of Us: Part 1

 How to find 13 locked doors

The Last of Us: Part 1 is an action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game tells the story of Ellie and Joel as they make their way through a dangerous world infested with a fungal disease that turns people into zombie-like creatures.

Despite the fact that the game will have a lot of battles and action, the developers managed to literally stuff it with a dozen varieties of collectible items. One of these types of collectibles are locked doors. All of them are useful in that they often lead to rooms with useful resources and other collectibles. There are a total of 13 locked doors in the game. Once you've found them all, you'll earn the "Bugcat" achievement.

How to find 13 locked doors

None of the doors listed below can be completely skipped. You can always use the chapter select function to return to the right place and open previously missed doors. According to the English name of this type of collectible (Shiv Door), it is clear that each will need sharpening to unlock. That is why, during the passage of the game, try to make sure that there is at least one extra sharpening in the backpack. Better yet, two! The use of sharpening to unlock a locked door will lead to instant breaking of the lock and breakage of the sharpening itself, therefore it is advisable to use them as sparingly as possible.



The first locked door can be found inside the Goldstone Building in the third chapter. After a cutscene in which Joel is attacked, you will find yourself in a collapsed hallway after being rescued by Tess. Instead of going forward, enter the room on the right side. On the other side of the room are two Special Cola vending machines. Go through the doorway on the left side of the automata and use the enchant on the door ahead.


The second locked door can be found after Joel separates from Tess and Ellie. After the video, you will find yourself under the rubble. Turn around and make your way through the white door into the hallway. The area is filled with clickers, so move slowly until you reach an open doorway on the left side of the large stone head (statue). This will happen after two sets of white doors in the corridor. When entering this place, look for a locked door on your right, next to a water cooler.


Bill's town


The third locked door can be found just before you enter the city itself by helping Ellie with the gate. Approach the red brick building with the fire escape on the left side. It is located next to the gate through which Ellie made her way (not without your help). Instead of entering the building, jump off the ledge next to it and look for the locked door on the left-hand side. Once you push Ellie through the gate, you won't be able to come back here and open the door, so it's important to do that first.

The fourth locked door can be found not far from the third, the previous one. After Ellie opens the gate to Bill's town, go down the main street to the trailer. Look for a music store next to it. Turn into the alley on the left and go forward (there is a stretch and a clicker here). Turn right and look for a locked door on the right side, near the red barrel.


Complete loneliness

The fifth door can be found after you eliminate all the thugs outside the Kingston bookstore. Enter the bookstore and go up to the top floor using the stairs on the right side. At the top, immediately go to the right and move to the toilet in the far right corner of the area. The locked door is next to River's Café (literally the next door after entering the diner).

The sixth locked door can be found right after the cutscene of Joel and Ellie hiding behind a yellow cab as the hunters walk across the water. To the left of Joel, there is a white door with a red "cross". And hack it!

Complete loneliness

financial district

The seventh locked door can be found a little further in the same chapter. In the end, after another collision, when Ellie will cover Joel with a rifle, you will find yourself at a crossroads. On the right side is a food warehouse. The building will be located between two large reservoirs. Make your way inside and go through the doorway next to the blood stain on the wall. After entering the next room, there will be a locked door in front of you.

Get out of town

The eighth locked door can be found after you meet Henry and he helps the group out of the apartment up the stairs. After going down the first flight of stairs, instead of following Henry and going down, go to the white door opposite the stairs. Hack her!

Tommy Dam

hydroelectric power plant

The ninth locked door can be found at the beginning of the chapter. Climb up the metal stairs next to the waterfall. It leads directly to the dam. The locked door is on the right side after you get to the top. This is one of the easiest doors that is almost impossible to miss.

hydroelectric power plant


Science Center

The tenth locked door can be found shortly after you climb through the hole in the wall. Exit the auditorium and follow the corridor until you pass a spotlight. Go through the open door and follow the rest of the doors until you reach the door at the end of the corridor. This is room 205, located on the right-hand side. The locked door itself is a little harder to find, as they look similar to each other, and it's easy to get lost here.

lake resort

resort house

The eleventh locked door can be found after you gain control of Joel. Move past the gas station with thugs lighting fires. Try to avoid them - if they notice, they will attack with the whole crowd. There is a motel across the street from the station. Go to the last open doorway on the right side of the motel and enter the room. There is a broken window to the right of the chest of drawers. Climb through it and turn left into the alley next to the building. You will see a wooden shed with the next door.

resort house

Car park

underground tunnel

The twelfth locked door can be found after Ellie opens the gate for Joel (after being attacked by the nutcracker). In the far right corner of the room, there is a small room with a workbench. After you buy the needed upgrades, go through the doorway near the workbench and go up the stairs. The locked door is located on the right-hand side.

Laboratory of Cicadas


The thirteenth and last locked door in the game can be found after you barricade the door and climb the stairs to escape the soldiers. As soon as you go out to the stairwell, look for the door opposite, behind the reception desk (room 605). There are also other collectibles hidden in this room. If you've followed our guide, you'll get the "Bugbear" achievement right now.