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All side missions in DREDGE


All side missions in DREDGE

How to start and complete all optional tasks in the game

During the passage of the DREDGE storyline, you will come across a dozen optional tasks, which are marked in blue in the journal. Below we will explain how to find, launch and complete each task in the game. In addition, in this guide, we will touch on some secrets, including the activation of four altars and the search for a treasure map in Star Bay.

Side quest "Fish to Order"

For the first side quest, visit the fishmonger. He will inform you that there is a special order for you. This will begin the “Fish to Order” quest, which will consist of several stages. To start, you must catch 1 flounder and 1 eel. The fact is that we are talking about shallow-water fish. So keep fishing for coastal, cod, and blue mackerel. Also at night, after 18:00 you can catch squid. Sell ​​until you can buy one of the two rods designed for catching shallow water fish from the Shipmaster. When comparing rods, pay attention not only to the type of fish that you can catch with the help of gear but also to the speed of fishing.

During daylight hours, if you have a fishing rod for shallow-water fish, swim forward from the pier. After leaving the Bolshaya Salt Bay, look for a place to catch flounder on the right side, and eel on the left. All this is close. Once you've caught at least one fish each (but try to fill the cargo hold every time to earn money), return to the fishmonger in Big Salt and hand over one copy. As a reward, the merchant will give you about $50.

The next step in the Fish to Order quest is to catch two Squid and one Black Grouper. Both creatures appear in the sea only at night. Wait until dark or dusk and after 18:00 sail out of the bay. Squid live in the same place as the blue mackerel when leaving the bay. Look for black groupers on the right side after leaving Bolshaya Salt Bay. I repeat you need to catch them only at night! After doing this, return it to the merchant, and you will receive a reward of about $100. In any case, he will pay more than you would receive by selling sea creatures directly.

Continue to complete the side quest "Fish to Order". At the third stage, you will receive a crab trap, which you can immediately repair at the Shipmaster by clicking on the appropriate button under the sections of the store. Then move away from the pier, hold down the E key, and select the crab trap in the equipment wheel. A hint will appear in the lower left corner about how deep you are now and how many crabs are there. There are a lot of crabs everywhere in Big Salt, so drop the trap next to the pier by clicking on the right mouse button. Return to the city and sleep. Or go fishing for regular fish. When air bubbles and splashes of water appear around the traps, this will indicate that a crab is sitting inside. You need to catch one common crab and one fiddler crab. Check traps periodically. By the way, you do not have to carry all the crabs or fish at once.

To continue this assignment, advance through the storyline. As soon as you catch the first mutated fish and show it to the merchant, return it to the man, and he will turn to you with one last request. He needs any mutated fish. Continue fishing in the area until you catch a fish, squid, or a mutated crab. When you do, return it to the merchant. He will pay for the captured creature and give 2 components for improvements. After that, the merchant's shop will be closed for a couple of days. Order completed.

Altar in Soli

If you swim around the set of islands near Great Salt, then you can find an altar with a bowl near the northern island. Five cods must be placed here, after which you will be rewarded with a "Squishy Spindle". This tackle occupies 2 cells, allows you to catch both coastal and shallow-water fish, and increases fishing speed by 5%.

Side mission "Courier Service"

To start this quest, you need to talk to the mayor of Big Salt after completing the first few mini-objectives (fishing, and getting to know the rest of the island). As soon as a green exclamation mark appears in the lower left corner when visiting Great Salt, click on the mayor icon. He will hand over a small bundle to be delivered to Malaya Sol. Swim in a straight line from Bolshaya Salt Bay to get to Malaya, located in the east. When you find yourself in Malaya Salt, Docker will immediately come to you.

He will take the package, reward you with $25 and the book "Sparse Fishing". Open the inventory on TAB, go to the cabin, and click on the title of the book to start reading it. The book is read-only when you are traveling by boat or fishing. It takes about 50-60 hours of in-game time. Books are not read during sleep. Read this book to receive a bonus: a 10% chance to not reduce fish stocks when fishing with a rod.

Side quest "Resting Place"

Chat with the Builder in Big Salt after you get the dredge and the Collector questline starts. She will ask you to deliver two bundles of firewood and two pieces of scrap metal to Steel Cape north of Big Salt. It is not necessary to bother looking for them. Just sail north to Cape Steel. There is a wreck a little further from the pier and you can fish for treasure, scrap metal, and planks. Do this, swim up to the cape, and lay out two boards and two pieces of scrap metal. Then return to Big Salt and chat with the Builder. Agree to deliver the woman to the island, and place her in your "inventory".

Swim back to the Cape of Steel, dock and the task will be completed. As a reward, you will receive 2 components for improvements. Return to the Builder a little later, when a house appears on Steel Cape. The woman will give you the Engineer's Handbook. Open the inventory on TAB, go to the cabin, and click on the title of the book to start reading it. The book is read-only when you are traveling by boat or fishing. It takes about 50-60 hours of in-game time. Books are not read during sleep. Read this book to get a bonus: equipment that consumes durability loses it 10% slower.

Side quest "Lost"

After completing the previous assignment, do not leave Steel Cape. Instead, swim to the center of this cluster of islands and look for a camp on the shore with an SOS sign made of wooden planks. Swim closer and chat with the man. It doesn’t matter what you answer him - the main thing is that at the very end, you agree to help. Swim to Malaya Sol, the man will land on the shore, and you will complete the task. As a reward, you will receive a glove ring, which, according to the description, will bring good luck to the captain who possesses it. I don't know if it gives something or not, but the item can be sold to the Little Salt merchant. Or you can leave it in your inventory.

Side quest "Lost in the Ocean"

When you have a dredge, go to Malaya Sol. A new character will appear here, the Grieving Father. Talk to the man. He will talk about the sunken son and some valuable buckles that you must find. A marker will appear on the map. Swim around Malaya Salt and find the wrecked ship. Certain debris will be marked with a golden glow. Use the dredge to get the buckle. Return to Little Salt and hand over the item to the Grieving Father. The task will end and you will receive 1 upgrade component as a reward.

Side quest "The Blue Figure"

Swim east from Basalt Island, to the right on the map, and on the nearest island you will find a stranger in blue clothes. Talk to him to start the quest. To complete it, you will have to feed the Blue figure with three different types of mackerel.

You have caught blue mackerel before, and it is near this island. This is the standard fish for Salts. After you give the blue mackerel, the blue figure will ask for the tiger one. It should be sought in the coastal waters of Storm Rocks. Swim there, catch at least one Tiger Mackerel, and give it to the Blue Figure. As for the serpentine mackerel, you need to visit the coastal waters of the Devil's Backbone. This is the last location you will get to in the story, but you need to catch the fish as soon as possible, otherwise, the stranger will die of hunger. For example, you can swim to the Road Dealer at Devil's Backbone and then move west from it. Somewhere in these waters, away from the rocks themselves, a shoal of serpentine mackerel will swim. As soon as you bring the last fish, provided that the stranger survived, you will be rewarded with the book Bargaining. Benefits for profitable deals. Open the inventory on TAB, go to the cabin, and click on the title of the book to start reading it. The book is read-only when you are traveling by boat or fishing. It takes about 50-60 hours of in-game time. Books are not read during sleep. Read this book to receive a bonus: Increases sales prices by 5% and decreases purchase prices by 5%. If the stranger dies, the task will still be completed, but you will not receive a book with a bonus.

Side quest "Shy Messenger"

To the west of the Cape of Steel, there are islands, among which there is a ship. Talk to the owner of the ship, and pick up the package to activate the quest. All that is required of you is to deliver the package to Malaya Sol. Also from the quest giver from the ship, you will receive the book “Overcome Everything. Strength of body and mind. Open the inventory on TAB, go to the cabin, and click on the title of the book to start reading it. The book is read-only when you are traveling by boat or fishing. It takes about 50-60 hours of in-game time. Books are not read during sleep. Read this book to get a bonus: +15% Panic Resistance.

Side quest "Census of rarities"

Speak to the Traveling Trader anywhere. For example, at Storm Rocks, where you will probably meet this NPC for the first time. The woman will ask you to find the habitats of four rare fish. If you haven't figured it out yet, all these fish, one at a time, are scattered across the four main regions of the world, with the exception of the Salts. To fish in the Storm Rocks, you will need deep-sea equipment. You will receive deep and abyssal equipment later in the story of the game when you complete 3/4 of the main task in Star Bay. Therefore, please be patient and take your time!

  • Star bay. When you complete most of the story mission in Star Bay, you will receive equipment for catching deep fish, as well as a device that allows you to scare away the monster in the center. From the research base, after activating the equipment, swim towards the center of the bay. Literally, a few meters away you will find a place for catching fish, but the fish itself will not be visible. This is where you will catch the Pelecanoid Large Mouth. No need to take the fish to the merchant. You just need to catch her. Then you can throw it away, sell it, and do whatever you want. Just tell the merchant where you found it.
  • Storm Rocks. After you complete the quests in Star Bay and get the equipment for the deep and deep sea creatures, return to the Storm Rocks, find a bay with a waterfall in the north, and swim through it. Catch the oar king and tell the merchant about it.
  • Shaggy Kosa. When you get to Shaggy Scythe, make sure you bring one explosive with you. After that, swim to square E12 during daylight hours (you can also at night, but why?) and look for a wooden branch blocking the path to a dead end with two fishing points. Blast this thread. In one of the places you will catch a treasure, and in the other, you will catch a giant hydrocynth. Tell the merchant about it.
  • Devil's Backbone. When you get to Devil's Backbone, head counter-clockwise around this place from the merchant's pontoon. After the first ruins, look on the left side for rocks that can be destroyed. They lead to a small gorge with a coelacanth fishing spot. Catch a fish and inform the merchant.

For each fish you will receive 2 components for improvements, that is, a total of 8. There is no general reward for catching all the fish.

Side quest "Expiration date"

While visiting StormCliffs, travel to the shores of Ingfell and speak with the Ingfell Citizens. The woman will ask for an aged conger eel to be brought to her. First, swim to the merchant's pontoon. From it, continue to go around the island in a clockwise direction. Take the second turn to the right. This path between the rocks will lead you to an open area with a waterfall. By the way, a rare fish is hiding behind the waterfall, which is needed for the “Census of Rarities” task, but deep-seated equipment is required to catch it. As for the current quest, you need to wait until dark. If you look at the waterfall, then to the left of it in the dark, right at the entrance to the gorge, you can find a school of conger eels. Catch one of them and return to Ingfell. From myself, I will add that there are actually more sea eels, although their shoals are less common. Anyway, as soon as you catch an eel at night and return to Ingfell, start rewinding time (sleep). Wake up every 5-6 hours and check the condition of the conger eel. As soon as he is "Stale", talk to the local resident to complete the next task. In addition, if you do not stand it enough, you will have to rewind the time a little more, 2-3 hours ahead. You will receive $150 as a reward.

Altar at Storm Rocks

Before we continue, let's activate the Stormrock Altar. To find the altar itself, you need to swim around the Storm Rocks from the merchant and somewhere after the fourth turn to the right, deeper into the location, there will be an altar on the outside. It has crabs on it. You need to catch one Decorator Crab and two Coastal Crabs. Buy traps and place them around the pontoon at a shallow depth so that "A lot" (amount of prey) is written in the lower left corner of the screen. Sleep on the pontoon and check the traps until you have the right amount of crabs. Return to the altar, arrange all the crabs so that they fit (place the decorator crab in the center), and get a reward - the Maw of the Deeps trap.

Side quest "The Golden Figure"

There are several islands between Storm Rocks and Star Bay. On the largest of them in the form of a month or the letter "C", look for the Golden figure. Chat with the character. As with the blue-robed stranger, you need to feed this NPC some fish. The first fish is the red snapper. Look for her next to the island where the character himself is located. There is nothing unusual about capturing a snapper. Give the character a fish and get a new target. Now you need to feed him with a sabertooth. However, such fish are deep, and to catch them, you will need the appropriate equipment. You get it by completing the "Scientific Work" task based on the plot of the game in Star Bay.

Side quest "Wanderer"

There is another side quest in Star Bay. To activate it, swim around this place. In an area where there are several houses, look for a small hut on the outside, where barking comes from. Dock and find the dog. Call the dog, hold out the fish, and pet it. After that, you can pick it up to continue the task. Now you can deliver the dog to the scientist and leave it right there, or refuse and keep the dog for yourself. One way or another, the task will end, and the dog will spit out a valuable item that can be sold to a merchant in Malaya Salt. In principle, leaving the dog to yourself does not make sense.

Altar in Star Bay

There is a small island to the southeast of Star Bay with an altar. Here you need to bring four sharks of different types. The hammerhead shark should be found near Star Bay. One is in square H1, and the other is in D6, northwest of the Old Fort. Another shark should be looked for on the right side near the stones on the way from Big Salt to Malaya. You must have caught it before. There is a ghost shark in square I4 and other places. In general, you can not get hung up and explore the game world while completing the rest of the tasks. A fourth shark can be caught at night in the north of K6. Place them as shown in the screenshot. You will receive a winch from the womb, which increases the speed of fishing by 55% and allows you to catch deep and deep fish.

Treasure Map in Star Bay

Another secret of Star Bay is associated with a treasure map divided into three parts and scattered across different islands. Open the world map and notice that there are four main islands in Star Bay. On the left and right, along the outer perimeter, look for two pieces of a wrecked ship. Examine them and get two map pieces.

The third part of the map is located on the twin islands northeast of Star Bay.

There will also be a wrecked ship. Once you have all three parts, put them together in your inventory and compare them with the map of the game world to understand which islands are depicted on it. Look for the treasure somewhere in the lower-middle part of square C3. In principle, there is nothing special inside the chest located in the water.

The "Purple Shape" quest

South of Shaggy Scythe there is a large island where you will find another stranger in purple clothes. Chat with him. And again it will have to be fed. Tarpon, the first fish desired by the stranger, should be sought at Shaggy Scythe. This is almost the main fish that you will find there. After that, you need to find the horseshoe crab. It is caught with crab traps. Swim to Shaggy Scythe and buy some traps. Install them at a depth of 5-10 meters so that "Many" is indicated in the lower left corner. Having done this, follow the merchant's pontoon, rest, and check the traps. When you capture the horseshoe crab, deliver it to the Purple figure. It remains to catch the barrel eye. This is a deep fish. I managed to find her in square E1, below Star Bay. After giving the last fish, you will receive the book “Engines. Working on the edge." Open inventory on TAB, go to the cabin, and click on the title of the book to start reading it. The book is read-only when you are traveling by boat or fishing. It takes about 50-60 hours of in-game time. Books are not read during sleep. Read this book to receive a bonus: Engines increase travel speed by 7.5% above the specified speed.

Altar on Shaggy Spit

The last altar in the game, where you need to put the fish, is on Shaggy Scythe, in its western part, in square D13. Catch any mutated fish and put it on the altar to get a Tenon Fishing Rod (+31% fishing speed, ocean, mangrove, and shallow water fish).

Side quest "The Red Figure"

To the west of Devil's Backbone, there is a large group of islands. Swim there and look for a stranger in red clothes on the shore. He asks to be fed. The first fish you should find is the congrio. You need to fish at night with equipment to catch volcanic sea creatures. Swim from the merchant to the northeast and in the square N14 look for an elongated fish. Catch at least one and give it to the character. Next in line is the sailfish. This is a huge fish with a large fin and an equally small nose. She lives in several places at once, and she needs to be caught only during the day. For example, you can find one such fish when moving from square K10 to K11.

Finally, the frilled shark lives predominantly off Devil's Backbone. Find a pontoon with a merchant in this place and swim from it to the southwest. In the O12 square, there will be the shark you need, which is caught at any time of the day. As soon as you bring the last fish to the stranger, you will receive the book Marine Engineering. Open the inventory on TAB, go to the cabin, and click on the title of the book to start reading it. The book is read-only when you are traveling by boat or fishing. It takes about 50-60 hours of in-game time. Books are not read during sleep. Read this book to get a bonus: equipment that consumes durability loses it 15% slower.

Side quest "Stone Tiles"

Swim counter-clockwise around the island where the merchant's pontoon is at Devil's Backbone. In square Q13, one of the ruins has a golden glow. Swim closer and use the dredge to get the stone slab. In total, you need to find three such tiles, and the fourth one is at the merchant in Malaya Salt.

The next stone slab can be found in square P13. Swim to the other side of the pontoon and look for a glowing golden dot in the ruins. You can swim in a circle, but then annoying firefish will notice you. Instead, I recommend using explosives to make a direct path to the tile.

Look for the third stone slab at the intersection of squares N14 and O14. This location will have ruins that can only be accessed with explosives. As always, the fishing spot is marked with a golden glow. Use the dredge to catch the third stone slab.

Swim to Malaya Sol and talk to the merchant. Provided that you have all three stone tiles, he will add his fourth, and collect the ancient tablet. Return to Devil's Backbone with her. Look for a black dot in the northeast. This is a pier. Dock and climb the Ancient Lighthouse. Install the tablet and go inside to complete the quest and get the loot. Among other things, you will find the "Ancient Light" - a light source with a range of 25 meters and a brightness of 3500 Lumens.