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AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH-M50X STS-USB STREAMSET Review || Strong all-rounder for streaming and gaming

 The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x studio headphones have been around for a while and have garnered a fair amount of praise. Now the manufacturer has expanded the application possibilities by giving the headset a microphone, which makes it extremely interesting for gamers and content creators outside of the studio. Especially because there are two variants: one with a USB connection for 229 euros and one with an XLR/6.3 mm jack for 199 euros. We were curious how the former studio headset performs when gaming and whether it can be a viable alternative to gaming headsets.

It's often not easy to find decent headphones or a headset when you're dancing at several weddings. Studio headphones are more suitable for more professional applications, stereo headphones for enjoying music, and gaming headsets, of course, for gaming. But one thing is rarely good for the other if you have higher demands, and gaming headsets in particular rarely cut a good figure outside of their area of ​​application. How nice would it be if you had a jack of all trades that could score in all areas?


Audio-Technica probably thought so too and upgraded the well-known ATH-M50x. The manufacturer's studio headphones are now also available with a folding boom microphone, which makes them interesting for other applications and thus a real all-rounder. The headset is available either with a USB connection for the PC or with an analogue connection for the mixer. Of course, we grabbed the USB version and clamped the headset to the PC. Thanks to the two-meter-long cable, the connection is not a problem. You can also choose between USB-A and USB-C because a corresponding adapter is included - very commendable.

But first, let's look at the physical qualities. The headset, which is moderately light at 330 grams, makes a robust impression thanks to the steel headband and high-quality plastic. Twisting and bending doesn't matter to the good piece, nothing creaks or creaks. The ear cups are rotatable, but can also be folded for space-saving transport. Practical: Audio-Technica has included two different sets of ear cushions - one with a pure synthetic leather cover for better insulation, and one with a mesh lining for better ventilation. Class.


The entire design largely dispenses with gimmicks and is content with a more professional-looking look. The wearing comfort turns out to be good to very good, not least thanks to good padding and rotatable ear cups. Even gaming sessions lasting several hours are no problem, not even for people who wear glasses. Controls are sparse - there is only one knob/switch for mic monitoring. So you can control whether and how loud you perceive yourself through the microphone. The permanently attached microphone has a flip-to-mute mechanism - just flip it up and the thing is off. You control the volume on your PC.

When looking at the inner workings, it quickly becomes clear that the ATH-M50x STS-USB is not just a gaming headset, but is designed for more. The 45 mm large diaphragm drivers cover a frequency range from 15 to 28,000 Hz with an impedance of 38 ohms - 20 to 20,000 Hz is normal for gaming headsets. The membranes are fired by an integrated A/D converter with a sampling rate of up to 24 bit/96 kHz.

The frequency range from 50 to 20,000 Hz is also immediately noticeable in the impeccable condenser microphone with cardioid characteristics. This gives hope for high recording quality and that is exactly the case. It doesn't matter whether it's audio recordings, calls, or voice chats - the microphone does a damn good job and clearly puts almost every gaming headset in its place.


Now the part just has to sound good and it does. The ATH-M50x STS-USB scores with a very balanced, rather warm sound in which no frequency range is really overpowering. Some gamers might miss a little punch in the lows and a little growl in the mids, but that's normal for studio headsets that have to be designed more neutrally. As far as personal taste goes, I prefer this sound significantly more than the bass-heavy rumble of many "real" gaming headsets.

Audio-Technica has worked out the sweet spot between all application areas very well. Music of all genres sounds excellent for this price range and all the details come into their own. For monitoring purposes, the sound is just sober enough to reproduce the facets unadulterated. And in gaming, the headset not only impresses with its balance and excellent speech intelligibility. It also delivers a wide soundstage with good directional perception that doesn't miss any detail, since no frequency range is overdominant, but highs and mids can still assert themselves well against the quite powerful bass.

The entire headset is trimmed for versatility and in this discipline, it does not show any weaknesses. For gamers, the ATH-M50x STS-USB is a real alternative to the top dogs from Beyerdynamic or Epos/Sennheiser and is also in a similar price range. I would even go so far as to say that it subtly wipes the floor with most gaming headsets in a similar price range.


Strong all-rounder for streaming and gaming

Hey there, Audio-Technica did damn well with the ATH-M50x STS-USB and created a headset that quickly crept into my heart. The headset delivers a crystal-clear sound that makes the good piece an excellent all-rounder. Whether as a headset for streaming or video production, for gaming including voice chat, or for enjoying music or films - the ATH-M50x STS-USB is well to very well equipped for all applications.

In addition, there is a flawless microphone, high-quality workmanship, and, all in all, good to very good wearing comfort. Anyone looking for an alternative to top dogs like Beyerdynamic or Epos/Sennheiser can hardly go wrong with the new model from Audio-Technica. All in all, the price of 229 euros is not too high. A beautiful thing that completely wipes the floor with most standard gaming headsets.


  • very good, balanced sound
  • versatile
  • good wearing comfort
  • interchangeable ear pad sets
  • can be used without software
  • high quality


  • not necessarily something for lovers of the thundering bass
  • Microphone not detachable