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Dead Island 2 co-op guide - how to play with friends and is it possible to go through the story in co-op mode


Dead Island 2 co-op guide - how to play with friends and is it possible to go through the story in co-op mode

Dead Island 2 is very different from other zombie games with its bright visuals and playful atmosphere. Such a project is much more interesting to go through with friends, but many may have questions about the co-op because it is not available from the very beginning of the game. In this guide, we will detail everything you need to know about Dead Island 2 multiplayer.

How to play co-op?

Co-op play will only unlock after completing the tutorial, which covers three story missions: Cursed Flight, Desperately Searching for Emma, ​​and Battle of Bel Air.

At the right moment, you will see a large message on the screen, signaling that the mode is unlocked. At the beginning of Call the Cavalry, which is the fourth story mission, you need to complete a series of actions, after which you need to leave Emma's house. Once this happens, you can start having fun in co-op.

How to set up co-op mode in Dead Island 2?

To set up the co-op, open the menu and find "Online" in the options. Here you can select one of the modes:

  • One player - your session is not available to other users;
  • Open - allows any player to join your session;
  • By invitation only - you can add only certain people to the session;
  • Friends only - any of your friends will be able to join you.

If you don't want to open a co-op, you can quickly join someone else's session.

It is important that the game takes into account your progress in the story and will not allow you to connect to those players who have gone further. The same applies to those who connect to your session. For example, if you start the sixth mission, and a friend is only on the fourth, you will be able to connect to him, but not vice versa.

How many players can participate in a co-op game?

Dead Island 2 supports co-op for up to three players at a time, which can be an unpleasant surprise for all fans of a four-player co-op. Also, you can still go through the whole game together without any problems.

Can two people play on the same screen?

Like most other multiplayer modes, Dead Island 2's co-op doesn't have the ability to split the same screen between two. Co-op requires two devices and two copies of the game.

Is there crossplay?

Dead Island 2 has cross-platforming, but only between consoles. Connecting PC players to a team will not work, and vice versa. But you can easily team up with the owners of the previous generation of consoles - PlayStation 4 or Xbox One (S). An important nuance: in order to start a joint game, and not join someone else's, you must have a current generation console, that is, a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, or at least a PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X.

Are there PvP modes in co-op?

Dead Island 2 currently does not have any competitive PvP modes. Gamers can complete quests together and kill zombies, but not each other.