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Dead Island 2 side quests walkthrough - how to unlock and what rewards you can get


Dead Island 2 side quests walkthrough - how to unlock and what rewards you can get

There are many additional activities in Dead Island 2, including side quests. Some will be available from the start of the passage, and to open others you will need to advance through the story. In this guide, we will explain how to start and complete all the side quests in the game, as well as describe the rewards available.

How to track available tasks

Additional quests in Dead Island 2 open gradually, so you can easily miss some of them. To find available tasks, it is enough to look at the map of regions from time to time (section "El-Hey").

Side quests are marked with a blue marker. You just have to get to the desired area and track their location.

Killer party. How to Restore Power to the Curtis House

Area: Bel Air.

This is the first side mission that can be completed in Dead Island 2. Once you exit through the back door of the new friends' house, follow the path ahead and deal with two groups of zombies. At the gate on the right, you will hear the voice of a man from the intercom. Answer him to start the quest.

When the gate opens, watch the scene with the dying girl and go to the courtyard of the mansion. Kill another group of ghouls and talk to Curtis.

He will ask you to fix the electricity in order to turn on the lift. Go down the stairs and open the door. You can power the house with a canister of water. It is enough to pour water on the floor. The canister is in the courtyard, next to the metal archway.

Go back and enter the house. Activate the elevator, then kill the infected that appear. When Curtis comes down, talk to him in his office.


  • Experience (1000);
  • Golf club;
  • Keys to Curtis' house.

#Clickbait. How to kick a zombie off a roof

  • Area: Bel Air.

The task will become available after visiting the Galperin Hotel. Return to the Goat Pen and look for a blogger named Amanda, who is waiting for you on the roof of the penthouse.

To complete the task, you will have to complete several tasks for Amanda. Turn on the music on the remote control and get ready to repel zombie attacks.

Kick the zombies off the roof

This task is performed in several ways. The easiest is to wait until the ghouls get close enough to the hero, then jump down from the roof. Several brain eaters will fly after you and go to the overall standings of zombies thrown off the roof.

Hit the limbs

Pretty simple assignment. Try to aim for arms or legs when attacking ghouls. To speed up the process, you have the right to hit the limbs of already destroyed enemies.

Burn zombies to death

If you do not have a weapon with the Burning modification, then use the bonfires scattered on the roof. Just lure the zombies closer and wait for them to burn.


  • Experience (1500).

The return of Rex. How to get to Farouk's house

  • Area: Beverly Hills.

This task will become available after completing the story quest "The Chosen One". Return to the rocker's house and talk to him. He will ask you to visit the neighboring penthouse to find the records he needs.

The main entrance will be locked, but you don't need the keys. Go around the back of the building and find the generator. Insert the battery here and wait for the barrel to explode and unblock your path.

In total, there are three records to be collected, each of which is located on a separate floor. Deal with two cops and take the recording on the first floor.

Climb to the second floor, break the boxes on the left, and turn off the generator. plate on the opposite side.

The last entry is on the balcony of the third floor, where a crowd of zombies is waiting for you.


  • Experience (2000);
  • Prepper card "No pity";
  • Electric rod saw.

Ruinous Caustic X

  • Location: Monarch Studio, Galperin Hotel.

This task can be obtained during the passage of the story quest "Michael Anders and the Holy Grail". After defeating the boss, you will hear a distress signal on the radio. If you answer, the quest will be considered active.

Return to the hotel and run to the banquet hall where the boss fight took place. Talk to Rav, who is waiting on the balcony.

The guy will ask you to find the documentation in the parking lot, next to the ambulance. When you get to the place, get ready to fight the crusher. The necessary records are on the container under the fence on the right. First, you have to get rid of the acid spilled on the floor.

Give the document to Rav and turn on the music in the banquet hall to distract the ghouls. After dealing with two dozen enemies, run to the pool and try to drop 14 zombies into acid.


  • Experience (2500);
  • Rare modification of the liquidator (melee);
  • Alkaline bomb.

Ballad of Ricky Rex. How to find the key to Ricky's kitchen

  • Area: Beverly Hills.

This quest will become available after completing the Red Mist main quest. Return to Beverly Hills and interact with the rocker again. He will issue a second additional task.

This time you need to visit a house on a hill in the northwestern part of the region to find a musical instrument. The passage to the second floor is blocked, so you have to lure the infected with the key and kill him.

Climb the stairs and find the passage to the room with the guitar. To do this, go along the balcony on the left side.

Next to the musical instrument, you will also find a locked box. The key to it can be obtained after completing this quest. Just go back to the pool and wait for the crusher to appear.


  • Experience (2000);
  • Wolf god and whiskey.

Benefits of civilization. How to find whiskey, wine, and cigars

  • Area: Bel Air.
When the quest becomes available, return to Emma's mansion and speak with Curtis. He will ask you to inspect two penthouses in the same area and get a drink.

How to Find Expensive Whiskey at Colt Swanson's House

Follow the first mansion that you explored at the beginning of the game. If you are attentive, you will have noticed that the entrance to one of the rooms has been blocked. It is located on the second floor in the western part of the building.

When you get here, defeat the crusher and disable the two traps in the room. Pick up the note on the table next to the safe.

Go down to the first floor, where you could pick up a katana, and kill the infected Cindy. Go back, open the safe, and take the booze.

How to Find Vintage Wine in the Goat Pen

The wine is in the wine cellar on the lower floor of the penthouse. Here, the hero will be waiting for a screamer with a large number of other ghouls. Get rid of her and turn off the alarm, otherwise, you risk getting involved in a protracted battle.

The desired bottle of wine lies at the bottom of the central shelf.

How to get into the master bedroom and find the box of cigars

Curtis' last assignment will be to find a box of cigars in the master bedroom. Earlier we already wrote how you can get here.

Once inside, go to the computer desk. To the right of him, a door will open, from where two ghouls will jump out. Kill them and take the cigars.


  • Experience (3000);
  • Excellent rifle "Peggy".

Dead silence. How to find a weapon crate

  • Area: Venice Beach.
Go to the bar and chat with Trent. The guy will ask you to inspect the police station nearby and get weapons.

Get to the marker and enter the building. The door is magnetically locked - destroy the two shields nearby to enter.

In the control room, pick up the key card and the key to the camera 02. Walk forward and turn right from the weapon storage. At the reception window, take another key.

Open the vault with them and pick up a green box on the floor. Give the crate to Trent to complete the quest.


  • Experience (3000);
  • Money (500).