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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find all 25 toy aliens - Game Guide

 In the quest "Collect Them All: Little Green Men" for Buzz Lightyear you should find 25 toy aliens. scattered throughout the Disney Dreamlight Valley biomes. At this point, we help with the mission and show you all the localities.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find all 25 toy aliens - Game Guide

Collect them all: Little Green Men!

Buzz Lightyear's quest "Collect Them All: Little Green Men!" belongs to the "Lion King" update in DDV. Buzz's new mission also appears directly in your task menu. So talk to him.

Buzz wants you to be on the lookout for toy aliens scattered throughout the village's biomes. However, he does warn you that you're only likely to find a few alien toys a day.


This quest is time-gated. This means that you cannot find all toy aliens at once, but have to look for them over several days. Every day a few new toy aliens will spawn in your world for you to collect.

The aliens are all lying around on the ground and glitter conspicuously so that you should spot them easily.

Locations of all 25 toy aliens

Apparently, you can only find 9 of the 25 toy aliens on the first day and more will spawn every day. On the following map, we have marked the localities of all 25 toy aliens that we were able to discover. If they are not in the marked places, you have either already collected them or you have to wait a few more days before they appear there.

You can find three toy aliens per biome except for the peaceful meadow where there are four toys.

Quest completion and reward

Once you've collected all 25 toy aliens, you can bring them to Buzz, who will give you a reward pack in return. However, there aren't any really great rewards, since the package only contains resources such as wood and iron ingots.