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Final Fantasy XIV: Unlock Mounts – How to get your first Chocobo

 In Final Fantasy XIV, you can ride your own chocobo after a few levels. We explain to you what you have to do for it.

Final Fantasy XIV: Unlock Mounts – How to get your first Chocobo

At the beginning of the MMORPG, you are on foot and you will quickly find that the paths are quite long without a mount. Meanwhile, other players fly and ride past you on various mounts.

From the beginning of FFXIV you follow a main quest line, the main scenario, which leads you through different areas. Riding unlock is tied to it. So during the story, you get your first mount - a chocobo. The yellow bird has appeared in every part of the series since Final Fantasy II and cannot be missing in Final Fantasy XIV.

This is how you start the Chocobo quest

To get your first mount, you must complete a quest called My Own Chocobo.

There are a few requirements to get this. First, you have to reach level 20, which happens within the main story anyway, since the quests give you plenty of experience.

When you have also reached level 20 in the main scenario, there is a point where you can choose between 3 quests and thus join a state company:

  • “In the Service of the Brotherhood” for Gridania
  • “In the Service of the Maelstrom” for Limsa Lominsa
  • “In the service of the Legion” for Ul'dah

If you have joined one of the three societies, another quest follows. This will give you 200 state thalers, which you will need later.

What are state dollars? This is a currency used by state companies. You get them by completing FATES, and then you can exchange them for gear and other items around town.

Now you can accept the Chocobo quest. To do this, go to the company's base in the relevant city.

Obtain a Chocobo license

What do I do with the state coins? You must now exchange the state coins you have received for a Chocobo license. Go to the supply officer of the respective city. You exchange the state thalers with him. Here are the coordinates for the officer in each city:

  • Limsa Lominsa – Obere Decks (x:13/Y:12.6) 
  • Neu-Gridania – (X: 9.8 / Y: 12.6) 
  • Ul'dah - Nald Cloister (X: 8.4 / Y: 9.2)

Finally, for 200 munny you get the Chocobo License of the Maelstrom, Brotherhood or Legion - depending on the selected society. This has no effect on your mount.

Next, you can go to a chocobo stable and exchange the license for your bird. Since it's your first mount, you can even choose a name yourself. This is no longer possible with later mounts.

Summon your mount

In addition to your newly acquired mount, you will receive a chocobo whistle. Select it in inventory and click "Use" - This will teach you to summon your mount.

You will then receive the "mount/dismiss" command with a chocobo head icon. This will summon your mount and send it away. It is best to drag the command into your action bar.

In the mount directory you will then see your chocobo and any other mounts that you receive.