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We show you the fastest cars in GTA Online in this list. With their top speeds and lap times.

What cars can you find in GTA Online? In the overview, we show you two lists.

  • The fastest cars measured by top speed
  • The fastest cars measured by lap times

List of the 25 fastest cars from GTA Online as of April 2023

The fastest cars by top speed:

Placeautomobiletop speed
1Declasse Vigero ZX (HSW)253.47km/h
2Benefactor Stirling GT (HSW)252.26km/h
3Karin S95 (HSW)250.3km/h
4Bravado Banshee (HSW)246.2 km/h
5Principe Deveste Eight (HSW)150 mph
6Överflöd Entity MT (HSW)242.2km/h
7Grotti Turismo Classic (HSW)242.2km/h
8thGrotti Vigilante (Boost)236.5km/h
9Pegassi Weaponized Ignus (HSW)235.5km/h
10Imponte Arbiter GT (HSW)227.4 km/h
11Coil Cyclone II (HSW)227km/h
12Annis Apocalypse ZR380 (Boost)226.0km/h
13Weeny Issy Rally (HSW)222.5km/h
14Ubermacht Sentinel XS (HSW)221.8km/h
15BF Weevil Custom221.2 km/h
16Declasse Scramjet (Boost)220.5km/h
17Pfister Astron Custom (HSW)220.5km/h
18Ocelot Pariah218.9 km/h
19Grotti Itali RSX217.7 km/h
20Pegassi Toreador217.7 km/h
21Vapid Apocalypse Emperor (Boost)213.6 km/h
22Pfister 811213.24 km/h
23Principe Deveste Eight212.03 km/h
24Lampadati Corsita211.23 km/h
25Överflöd Entity MT211.2 km/h
This is special: Some of these cars are in the list because their rocket propulsion makes them so fast. First and foremost the Vigilante - The Batmobile in GTA Online. The car is really fast, but has lousy handling. It takes some time to get the boosted car under control.

In addition, thanks to the HSW upgrades, there are now some cars that have moved to the top of the top speeds. HSW stands for Hao's Special Works . This means the workshop that you will find at the LS Car Meet. There you can heavily tune your carts with the HSW upgrade.

What you need to know: Experience has shown that the speedometers in GTA Online are not particularly reliable. The numbers in the list correspond to the “real” speed of the cars. It's quite possible that GTA Online will show you different speed values ​​in some cases. But that doesn't change anything in the ranking.

One thing to note is that there are many variables when it comes to top speed in GTA Online. Which may result in different (and higher) top speeds. In addition, however, is the fact that the in-game speedometer and other forms of speed measurement either do not work or are at least inaccurate ( example on YouTube ). So if you compare that to your own observations, you will most likely get wrong results.

YouTuber Broughy explaining how speeds are calculated

Fastest cars by lap time:

Placeautomobilelap time
1Benefactor BR8 (Open Wheel)0:54.788 minutes
2Pegassi Weaponized Ignus (HSW)0:55.589 minutes
3Coil Cyclone II (HSW)0:55.823 minutes
4Progen PR4 (Open Wheel)0:56.424 minutes
5Grotti Vigilante (Boost)0:56.425 minutes
6Declasse DR1 (Open Wheel)0:56.790 minutes
7Ocelot R88 (Open Wheel)0:56.791 minutes
8thPegassi Toreador0:57.601 minutes
9Declasse Scramjet (Boost)0:57.901 minutes
10Progene Emerus0:58.291 minutes
11Principe Deveste Eight (HSW)0:58.359 minutes
12Beneficial Warrior0:58.526 minutes
13Benefactor LM870:58.658 minutes
14Pegassi Weaponized Ignus0:58.758 minutes
15Dewbauchee Vagner0:59.194 minutes
16Annis S80RR0:59.226 minutes
17Truffade Thrax0:59.261 minutes
18RocketVoltic0:59.526 minutes
19Pegassi Torero XO0:58.658 minutes
20Pegassi Ignus0:59.626 minutes
21Grotti Italo GTO0:59.727 minutes
22Annis RE-7B0:59.727 minutes
23Karin S95 (HSW)0:59.925 minutes
24Ocelot XA-210:59.927 minutes
25Överflöd Autarch0:59.977 minutes
Special features of Open Wheel: You can customize the vehicles of the Open Wheel series. This changes the value of the downforce. The lap times of the open-wheel vehicles change according to their downforce. Each then appears three times in the ranking. But that would make our table confusing. Here we briefly show you the lap times of the open-wheel vehicles with different DF (downforce) values.

  • BR8 (Mid DF) 0:54,788
  • BR8 (Max DF) 0:54.988
  • BR8 (Min DF) 0:55,823
  • PR4 (Mid DF) 0:56,424
  • PR4 (Min DF) 0:56,591
  • PR4 (Max DF) 0:58.258
  • DR1 (Mid DF) 0:56,790
  • DR1 (Min TV) 0:58.226
  • DR1 (Max DF) 0:58.559
  • R88 (Mid DF) 0:56,791
  • R88 (Max DF) 0:58.126
  • R88 (Min DF) 0:58,893

How expensive are the fastest cars?

Various sports cars are regularly offered at GTA Online. Here we show you the normal prices of all vehicles listed in the top lists.

Impaler (Arena Version)

Impaler (Arena Version)

  • Costs GTA$331,835 without discount
  • Vendor: On the Arena Vehicles website
Declasse Scramjet

Declasse Scramjet
  • Costs GTA$4,628,400 without discount
  • Vendor: Warstock Cache & Carry


  • Costs GTA$3,830,400 without discount
  • Vendor: Warstock Cache & Carry
Ocelot XA-21

Ocelot XA-21

  • Costs GTA$2,375,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

Dominator (Arena Version)

Dominator (Arena Version)

  • Costs GTA$35,000 without discount
  • Vendor: Arena War website
ZR 380 (Arena version)

ZR 380 (Arena version)

  • Costs GTA$2,138,640 without discount
  • Vendor: Arena War website
ZR 380 (Arena version)

Emperor (Arena Version)

  • Costs GTA$2,274,940 without discount
  • Vendor: Arena War website
Pfister 811

Pfister 811

  • Costs GTA$1,135,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

Överflöd Autarch

Överflöd Autarch

  • Costs GTA$1,955,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport


  • Costs GTA$1,420,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport

If these speedsters are all too expensive for you and you prefer to look for beginner-friendly vehicles, then have a look here:

That's what makes these fastest cars so special

We want to introduce you to a selection of the fastest cars in GTA Online at this point.

  • The RE-7B, which offers an interesting driving style as a lightweight
  • The Vigilante, which impresses as the fastest vehicle with weapons and rockets
  • The Vagner, a fast car with good handling
  • The Emerus as the fastest non-rocket powered lap time car
  • The warrior who excels at stunt races with all-wheel drive
  • The formula cars R88 and PR4

Do you know other fast vehicles that you would like to know more about? Tell us in the comments.



  • Costs GTA$2,475,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport
This is what makes the RE-7B special: With its look as a long-distance vehicle, the Annis RE-7B stands out from many super sports cars. The car is competitive on racetracks, matching and even beating many cars with its above-average top speed and acceleration.

Fun fact: The RE-7B is basically not street-legal, because the car has no number plates.


  • Good cornering at high speeds
  • High top speed and good acceleration
  • Special look as a long-distance vehicle


  • Low weight means low traction
  • Weak in tight, slow corners
  • Low braking power
  • high price

Who should buy the RE-7B? The RE-7B is a collector's vehicle. If you just want to buy a fast super sports car to win races, you can turn to Vagner.

Still, this car is fun to drive on the road. The lightweight construction often means that the wheels spin or simply have no grip.



  • Costs GTA$3,750,000
  • Vendor: Warstock Cache & Carry
This is what makes the Vigilante special: Visually, the car was modeled on Batman's Batmobile. The rocket engine in the rear of this car distinguishes the vehicle and makes it the fastest car in the game. Without this drive, the car would be pretty lame and would only manage weak lap times.

Rocket propulsion aside, the car doesn't have great handling that deserves a special mention.

What is special is that in addition to the rocket engine, the car also has weapons such as rocket launchers and a machine gun.


  • Strong in short races with special cars (thanks to rocket propulsion)
  • Effective against other players with weapons on board
  • Rocket propulsion provides defensive strength, allowing you to quickly escape from situations


  • Difficult driving behavior
  • Cannot exercise his top speed in supercar races because the car doesn't qualify there

Who should buy the Vigilante? Every Batman fan needs this vehicle in their garage. The Vigilante is also aimed at the playful gamer who likes to make space on the street with guided missiles.



  • Costs GTA$1,535,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport
This makes the Vagner special: The Dewbauchee Vagner even outshines some cars like the Rocket Voltic, which is equipped with rocket propulsion.


  • The Vagner masters racetracks with tight curves with bravura
  • Good suspension and high contact pressure ensure controlled handling
  • Relatively low price for the car being so fast


  • With stronger bumps, the rear breaks out easily
  • Acceleration, while strong, cannot compete with the Tempesta or Osiris.
Who should buy the Vagner? Racing fans who spend most of their time in GTA Online racing supercars will enjoy the Vagner.


  • Costs GTA$2,875,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport
That's what makes the warrior special: Even before its release in GTA Online, the warrior was eagerly awaited. The optics and the performance advertised by dataminers made fans prick up their ears. Along with the Emerus, the Warrior aims to secure the top spot in the supercars released in the casino update. And it is.

The warrior is about as fast as the emerus, but is particularly impressive in races due to its stability. With the help of the all-wheel drive, you can maneuver yourself safely around tight corners, even if you have to go fast. On top of that, the Warrior is now the most expensive Supercar in GTA Online. So if you want it, you have to dig deep into your pockets.


  • Stable driving style
  • Fast in tight corner races
  • Forgive driving mistakes
  • Good for stunt racing


  • Extremely high purchase price
  • Few visual customization options

Who should buy the warrior? The warrior is for the people with a bulging purse. No crazy rocket engine, no onboard missiles, and no jumping mechanics await you here. The car is a fast, expensive supercar. Due to its 4×4 drive, it is suitable for racers who want to be safer in the curves.


  • Costs GTA$2,750,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport
This is what makes the Emerus special: The Progen Emerus is a little bit faster than the Warrior, but that's only situational. Both cars will always be close together in races. The warrior usually wins duels in tight corners, the Emerus makes up for it in long corners.

The Emerus is rear-wheel drive, making it harder to maneuver in corners. What's special is that the Emerus is faster in races than the rocket-powered Scramjet.


  • Outshines even the Scramjet
  • Similar to the Warrior, but cheaper
  • Is the second fastest supercar - the fastest without rocket propulsion


  • Not good for stunt racing
  • Exciting driving behavior thanks to rear-wheel drive

Who Should Buy the Emerus? The Emerus is suitable for players who like to play with a swerving tail in tight turns. Classic racetracks in particular are made for the Emerus. In stunt races with many bumps and tight corners, the car has a harder time than the four-wheel drive warrior.

Lovers of fast supercars should definitely buy this car. If you like classic racing, this horse-powered cart is for you.

Progen PR4 & Ocelot R88

  • Costs: PR4 GTA$3,515,000, Ocelot GTA$3,115,000
  • Dealer: Legendary Motorsport
This makes the cars special: These two formula cars found their way into the game together with the new racetracks of the "Open Wheel Series". The formula cars are an eye-catcher on the streets of GTA 5, something like that hasn't been seen before. They are equipped with a boost that is charged when braking.

Due to their design, the cars drive differently than super sports cars. The formula cars want to take tight corners at high speed and expect optimal braking points and driving on the ideal line from you. You have to practice this driving style first if you're only used to the chaotic races from GTA Online.

If you want to gram opponents, you may lose spoilers and thus lose a lot in terms of handling.


  • Cool new vehicle genre
  • Strong handling
  • Strong brakes
  • Boost that charges through braking


  • You cannot use weapons while driving
  • Damage results in poorer traction/handling
Who should buy the formula cars? For the formula fans among you, the cars should be a must-buy. It is best to test them first in the Open Wheel Series. If you like this new way of racing in GTA Online, then go for it.