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Help-room guide in Hogwarts Legacy - how to get in, how to brew potions, upgrade equipment and other tips


Help-room guide in Hogwarts Legacy

The Rescue Room is not just a good reference, but also a huge source of resources and buffs. In this guide, we will break down all the features and functionality in detail so that you can have the best experience when playing Hogwarts Legacy.

How to open a rescue room

The secret room will open according to the plot, after completing the quest "Rescue Room". The main entrance will be in Hogwarts, in the hallway leading to the Astronomy classroom, but it's easier to use the "Rescue Room" Flame Point in the "Secret Rooms" section.

How to open a rescue room

To create any object there, you will have to spend moonstones. They can be found in the open world, or bought from wandering merchants. To fully equip the rescue room, you will need a lot of crystals, so do not ignore them, because you only need to hit the vein once so that it breaks and a couple of fragments fall into your backpack.

How to breed animals (vivarium)

In the help room, you will have four additional rooms for helping animals. Up to 12 creatures of 4 types can be placed in each room. There is no binding to the biome, so you can safely populate the rocky beach with toads.

How to breed animals (vivarium)

Every 25 minutes you can feed and pet animals to get rare resources from them. You can get 5 resources from the Mooncalf and the Chatterer, and 3 items each from the other animals. It will not be possible to sell such goods, but they will be required to strengthen and improve clothing items. The number of activities can be reduced to one by placing a critter feeder in each biome. Thus, the animals will always be full, which will save you 15 minutes for one round of collecting resources.

In addition, you can breed animals to earn from it. You can sell offspring and extra captured creatures in Hogsmeade, in the Beak and Tuft special goods store, which will open after completing the quest The Offspring of Death itself. Each animal costs 120 gold coins, so it makes no sense to get hung up on breeding one species, but there is an achievement "That's the nature of creatures" for which you need to breed each animal. You can place several pens in one biome at once, but this makes no sense. In the process of passing the story, breed the animals caught, this time is enough to collect the entire collection before the final credits.

How to grow plants

To plant a plant, you need to purchase seeds. You can buy them all in Hogsmeade. A bag of seeds is purchased once and for the entire game. There are a total of 8 plants in the game, 3 of which are in combat:

  • Algae. Only a large pot is suitable, the ripening time 15 minutes. It is part of the Focus Potion ;
  • Sweet mallow. Any pot will do, required to test Merlin (there are 95 in total). Ripens every 10 minutes;
  • Star anise. Grows in any pot in 10 minutes. Star anise leaves will be useful for creating a healing potion ( Rowanberry broth );
  • Carrot. You need a medium or large pot, it will take 12 minutes in time. Part of the Thunderstorm Drink recipe ;
  • Knotweed. Can grow in any size pot. Spawns shoots every 10 minutes. You can make an invisibility potion from them ;
  • Mandragora. Any pot is suitable, you can collect it every 10 minutes. Stuns all enemies in a large radius.
  • Venomous tentacle. Grows only in a large pot. Ripens in 15 minutes. This is a poison turret that fires at the nearest enemy;
  • Chinese chewing cabbage. You will need a medium or large pot, and 12 minutes of playing time. If you take the Fertilizer talent, then you will immediately summon 2 heads of cabbage, which are ready to bite any enemy. They deal a lot of damage, especially with the right runes.
The smaller the size of the pot, the more of them fit on one stand. In the help room, you can create a stand for five small pots, three medium ones or two large ones. In total, you will be able to place 7 tables with the required number of pots, as they are summed up.

How to grow plants

Each stand has 4 different designs, but this does not affect the characteristics in any way. There is a lot of space in the help room, so even without Tetris skills, you can fit everything you need. But the more compact you make the arrangement, the more time you can save by collecting resources.

How to brew potions

From the collected plants, you can brew potions that will help in battle. Don't ignore this mechanic as it will make combat easier and more varied in Hogwarts Legacy. Each potion has its own requirements and preparation time. In addition, the number of potions you can carry is limited. You can take a maximum of 20 units of Rowan brew and 12 other potions with you.

You can place a maximum of 7 potion stands in the help room. They are not automated, each new potion has to be ordered manually. The largest stand allows you to produce 3 potions at a time.

In total, you can create 6 different potions in the game:

  • Rowan decoction - 15 seconds. Requires 1 Murlocomle Juice and 1 Star Anise Leaf. This potion is used to restore health;
  • Potion of Edurus - 30 seconds. You will need 1 peplumba egg and 1 mongrel fur. Increases protection by covering the wizard in stone skin;
  • Potion of Maxim - 30 seconds. Requires 1 Leech Juice and 1 Spider Fang. Increases spell damage for a short period of time;
  • Potion of invisibility - 1 minute. Requires 1 jumping toadstool hat, 1 knotweed shoot, and 1 troll booger. Grants temporary invisibility. The effect is stronger than the Deillumination Spell, but is only used to exit the battle;
  • Focus Potion - 1 minute. Combine 1 vial of lacewing, 1 kelp stalk, and 1 artichoke tongue in a cauldron. Used to significantly reduce the cooldown of all spells;
  • Thunderstorm Drink - 1 minute and 30 seconds. You will need 1 Leech Juice, 1 Carrot Fruit, and 1 Stench of the Dead. Creates a thundercloud around the wizard that periodically deals damage to everyone around and stuns them.
Potions can be combined with each other or used all at once. In protracted and final battles, they will help you feel more confident and reduce the number of restarts.

How to improve equipment

Legendary items can be upgraded 3 times for a massive stat boost. To do this, you will need the resources that you will get in the vivarium. But if you don't want to wait, then in the open world you can find a couple of merchants who sell everything you need.

To upgrade your equipment, you will need an enchanted loom. Click on the selected clothes RMB to open the upgrade window. The currently worn clothing is highlighted with a blue plume. Upgrading requires different resources and materials of different rarity, depending on the level of equipment.

How to add runes to legendary equipment

One of the most underrated mechanics is runes. Up to 3 runes can be inserted into each item of clothing, which will enhance one of your spells or increase resistance to certain damage. When unlocking all runes (most are in the rogue camp) it's best to choose level 3 based on your play style, but it's not necessary to put all runes into a single spell buff. 5 identical properties will be enough to kill weak and medium enemies with one wave of the wand.

Defensive runes are useless even on the highest difficulty, so just ignore them. The upgrade window is located in the same loom, only now you need to press the "F" button on the selected clothes.

It's hard to say how much the damage is increased, but for the experiment, we upgraded all clothes to damage from Chinese cabbage, after which they consistently damaged 9 thousand points. With the help of this plant, we managed to pass one of the arenas without even using combat spells.

Other useful buildings in the help-room

Hopping Pots - Creates a random potion every 12 minutes. You can place up to 3 pieces.

Other useful buildings in the help-roomv

Place for cutting - every 10 minutes on this table you can get a random plant (not combat). A total of 3 tables can be placed.

Material Converter - Produces 10 crystals every 10 minutes. In total, 3 such devices can be placed.

Manure composter - produces fertilizer every 4 minutes. A maximum of 3 devices can be marked. Fertilizer is needed for plants to increase the amount of resources by one, the next time they ripen. Fertilizer can be added at any time during plant growth.

Determination table - during the game you will find objects whose parameters are hidden. For their disclosure, this table will be needed.

Decor - in your free time from battles and education, you can modify your help room by adding and changing the environment using 140 interior items. This can be done not only in the rooms but also in the vivarium. There are no rewards for doing this, but we're sure you can spend many memorable hours in this editor.