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How to beat a ranger in Honkai: Star Rail and get a deluxe chest at Hertha Station


How to beat a ranger in Honkai: Star Rail and get a deluxe chest at Hertha Station

During the first story quests in Honkai: Star Rail, you will encounter a high-level enemy guarding a deluxe chest. Of course, the battle can be avoided, but in this case, you will miss a lot of useful items, including star jade. Today we will tell you how to defeat the ranger and his retinue in order to gain access to a luxury chest.

How to defeat a ranger in the support zone on the Hertha space station

By the time players get to this location, the level of the heroes will not be high enough to defeat the ranger and his retinue guarding the luxurious chest. Of course, you can return here later, but there is a way to defeat the enemies at this stage as well.

Since completing starting quests and examining chests at previous stations you received materials to increase the level of heroes, we recommend upgrading the following characters:

  • Pioneer;
  • March 7;
  • Dan Heng.
Before the battle, you should have several superpowers charged (it is best if it is the March 7 ability, since with its help the girl can freeze enemies for a while), and it is also worth attacking the ranger with the trial hero Himeko. This will weaken the retinue and deal good damage at the beginning of the battle.

Use the shield first on March 7, as the enemies will start attacking her. If the girl dies, you will not be able to impose protection on other heroes and will lose very quickly.

The difficulty of the fight lies in the large amount of health of the main enemy, so we recommend focusing your attacks on him. Also, don't forget about Himeko's additional ability "Victory Rush" , when after defeating three monsters, a combat drone is activated, causing serious damage to all enemies.

If the void ranger has activated an additional action that is directed at one of the Pathfinders, be sure to attack him with strong blows. This will cancel the attack and disable the monster for a while.

Keep shielding vulnerable characters and attack the ranger. If you have any questions, you can watch the video below. It clearly shows how to defeat the retinue and gain access to a luxurious chest at the Hertha station.