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How to find all the tools in The Last of Us: Part 1

 The location of each tool in the game that can be used to upgrade weapons

The Last of Us: Part 1 tools are special equipment that you can use to upgrade your weapons. Usually, they are all stored in toolboxes and allow you to increase the damage dealt by Joel's weapons to Slugs, Clickers, or Thugs. The Last of Us: Part 1 has a total of five red toolboxes hidden in five different locations. Finding most of the boxes is not an easy task, although with our guide it is much easier to do so.

Tool #1. Bill's Town, Church Basement

When Bill takes Joel and Ellie to the basement of the church after meeting the man in Pittsburgh, move inside until you find a long table located in the middle of the basement. Turn left and go to the open area, directly opposite the table. You will see a red toolbox located on a three-tiered table to the left.

Tool #1. Bill's Town, Church Basement

Tool #2: Pittsburgh's First Garage

After a hunter ambush in Pittsburgh, Ellie will help lift the metal garage door. Enter the room and turn sharply to the left. The toolbox is on the counter near the entrance. This will happen literally at the beginning of the chapter, so don't miss the moment!

Tool #3: Suburbs, Sewers

After Ellie starts the generator in the sewer, Joel, Henry, Sam, and Ellie will go into the sewer tunnel. Continue walking with the company until you see a door on your left. Enter the room behind this door to see a white-striped folding chair, and next to it is a red toolbox.

Tool #3: Suburbs, Sewers

Tool #4: University, Science Center

After gaining access to the university science center (getting inside through the window), you will enter the corridor. Turn left and go forward along the corridor until you find room 205 (auditorium). The toolbox is on the table on the left side right after you enter this auditorium. If you haven't already done so, find the manual in the same room. It is located on a table with a black lid, opposite where you found the toolbox.

Tool #5: Car park, tents

When you enter the car park, you will see an abandoned tank. Turn left on the way to the tank. Along the way, along with Ellie, you will find several abandoned white tents. Go to them. Be sure to check out the large tent on the left with the inscription FEDRA. The toolbox is on the table on the right side, near the entrance to this tent. Once you have all the tool kits, you can use them to install weapon upgrades at workbenches. If you missed any set, just reload in the desired chapter.