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All secrets, puzzles and chests on the Herta space station in Honkai: Star Rail - how to find and open


How to find and open all the chests on the Hertha space station in Honkai: Star Rail

When passing through Honkai: Star Rail, you can find many different chests with good loot. The main amount of treasures is displayed on your map, but there are additional valuable and luxurious chests. In this guide, we will tell you how to collect all the treasures on the Hertha space station.

When you open a map of a particular location, you will see a chest icon in the upper left corner. Two values ​​are displayed next to it: received chests and their maximum number in the region.

It should be understood that only “basic” treasures that are not hidden behind puzzles or are not guarded by high-level enemies are taken into account. Usually, a valuable chest is given as a reward for solving riddles and a luxurious one for defeating strong monsters.

When inspecting any chest, you will definitely receive a small amount of star jade, as well as other valuable materials and experience, so it is so important to find and open them to quickly level up your Pathfinder. In addition, you will receive Herthiriums. This is a special currency that can be exchanged for unique goods in special shops.

Note: There are no regular loot, chests, or other treasures in the Main Control Zone. Here you can find only notes and notes, for the collection of which you can get separate achievements.

How to find all chests in the base zone

Chest (1/8)

From the space anchor head south and turn right. Opposite the stairs under the wall is an ordinary chest.

Chest (2/8)

The next regular chest is under the opposite staircase.

Chest (3/8)

Leave the safe area and follow the long bridge. There is an ordinary chest in the far southern compartment.

Chest (4/8)

Go back and go up the right stairs to the top. Go through the door to the compartment and turn right. You will see a chest against the wall.

Chest (5/8)

Again, run to the spatial anchor and enter the compartment on the left. In the corridor, you will have to defeat a group of enemies led by a piggy bank of space. Enter the next door. An ordinary chest is in the middle of the room.

Chests (6, 7, and 8)

You will get to the next compartment with three chests when you complete the starting quests - "Mastering Missions". You will also have to complete a side quest given by Arlan. The compartment adjacent to the right corridor can be opened using a keycard found in the space station. Treasures in the small room on the right do not count toward the total number of chests in the map UI.

How to find all chests in the Storage Area

On the map, you can track 10 chests, but there are a few more. As we have already noted, treasures behind puzzles, as well as those guarded by monsters, do not count. You will find several of these chests on every floor in this zone.

Floor 2

You will collect the main number of basic chests during the passage of introductory missions. On the second floor, there are several platform puzzles that you have to solve in order to get the chests.

For example, a valuable chest near a dimensional anchor can be obtained by solving a puzzle with a glowing passage. It is enough just to connect all the platforms (you need to go through them). You will meet similar puzzles everywhere.

Floor 1

The leftmost chest will give you quite a lot of treasure, but to get it, players will have to solve the puzzle with switchable bridges.

First, go down and defeat the enemies in this area. Switch the virtual bridge and run forward to the second group of opponents.

Interact with the controller on the bridge where the monster was standing. Then find the same device behind the crates on the adjacent platform.

Climb up and activate the controller from above. A bridge will appear, and you can get to a luxury chest. You will also receive the Mysterious Thousand Star Access Authentication Card.

How to find all chests in the Support Zone

We recommend that you start searching for chests from the western part of the Support Zone. Upon completion of the starting quests, you will have collected about 4 chests that are marked on the map, as well as possibly one deluxe chest.

Floor 2

To open the chest marked next to the puzzle icon, you need to complete Asta's quest Sensitive Beings.

A valuable chest in the upper left corner will become available through Arlan's quest, which you will receive as you progress through the game.

Another valuable chest can be obtained by solving the puzzle with platforms.

Floor 1

On the first floor, you can certainly find a lot of chests with valuable loot, but at the time of writing this guide, we have not found a way to get here.