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How to restore the health of heroes in Honkai: Star Rail


How to restore the health of heroes in Honkai: Star Rail

Health is one of the important indicators in Honkai: Star Rail since the outcome of the battle depends on it. In this guide, we will describe all the relevant ways to replenish the vitality of your characters, as well as tell you how to restore the health of heroes in battle.

As you explore the world of Honkai: Star Rail, you will encounter various enemies and monsters. It is likely that in order to progress through the story at some point you may need to heal your heroes. Oddly enough, there are only a few ways to do this in the game. It should be understood that, despite turn-based battles, in most cases, replenishing the vitality of squad members is possible only outside of combat.

How to restore health in combat

The most reliable and currently the only way to heal team members right in the middle of a battle is to use a healer character. For example, you can take support characters such as Natasha and Bailu to the squad. Their skills and superpowers will replenish the vitality of the heroes. But it is also worth understanding that such skills spend general skill points, which may require basic attacks to replenish.

There are also heroes who have special techniques that can restore health outside of battles. For example, your Pathfinder from the start has access to a similar technique "Immortal Third Strike". Use it just before a fight to restore health.

Unfortunately, during combat, gamers cannot go to their inventory to use various consumable items, as in Genshin Impact, for example. Receiving bonuses for consumables occurs before the battle.

Therefore, we recommend having at least one healer (Abundance) or a support hero (Preservation) in the squad in order to restore the vitality of the squad members in a timely manner or impose a shield on them. For example, Natasha and Mart 7 will do a great job with this.

Spatial Anchors

Dimensional anchors are teleporters, much like those in Genshin Impact. Only if in the previous game from HoYoverse they did not restore vitality (this could only be done at the statues of the Seven Archons), then in Honkai: Star Rail all teleporters replenish health.

And you don't even have to interact with this object. You just need to open the Spatial Anchor menu and adjust the healing effect once. Turn on the slider next to "Restore HP to the specified value". From now on, when approaching the spatial anchor, the health of all members of the squad will be restored.


Another good treatment option is the use of consumable items. For example, any food is great for this. Just like in Genshin Impact, you can create different dishes or purchase them from individual stalls.

To prepare a restorative dish, open the main menu and go to the "Synthesis" section. Here you will see the available recipes, which will require you to spend synthesis materials to create them.

Note that you can only use these dishes outside of combat. Be sure to keep an eye on your party members' stamina and replenish health between battles if necessary.

Do not forget to inspect locations and find merchants or trade kiosks where consumable items are sold.

Random destructible items

When exploring dungeons and other locations, you will sometimes encounter random destructible items. It is enough to destroy such an object in order to slightly restore the health of all the heroes. Usually, they look like green containers with incomprehensible contents.

However, they are not very common, so it is worth relying too much on this method.


At the moment, these are all effective ways to restore the health of heroes both in and out of battle. We will definitely update this guide if new mechanics appear in the game.