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Minecraft: We spawn Slimes?


Minecraft: We spawn Slimes?

In Minecraft, you can hunt slimes to get slime balls, which you then need to craft useful items for your dwellings or potions. We'll show you where slimes spawn and what they bring you.

Where do slimes spawn? There are several ways to find slimes in Minecraft, however, they differ in their reliability. We'll go through all the options and show you how they work:

  • The swamp
    • The swamp is a biome where you can get slimes with a high probability. It must be night and the light level must not exceed 8. The phases of the moon are also important. The full moon spawns the most slimes, while the new moon spawns the fewest.
Not a swamp, but slimes in action nonetheless
Not a swamp, but slimes in action nonetheless

  • slime chunks
    • The world of Minecraft consists of several 16×16 blocks, the so-called chunks. Each world will be provided with different biomes and in addition to the biomes there are also slime chunks.
    • These special chunks mark a 16×16 block in which slimes can always spawn in heights 1 – 39. To find out which block is actually a Slimechunk, it is best to go to a depth between 1 -39.
    • Once there, you hollow out the area by mining everything 3 blocks high. Now you provide the hollowed place with light so that no other mobs can spawn.
    • After that, you fence off each chunk to find out which 16×16 block is a slime chunk.
      • In the Java version you can use the key combination F3 and G to display the grid of the individual chunks. In the Bedrock version, on the other hand, you have to work with coordinates and estimates.

    • Now you wait to see if something has spawned in the individual chunks and can thus create a real slime source.

  • The Flatland
    • If you have created a flatland world, it will be easier to get slimes. Flatlanders are always below the 40 levels. So it's suitable for the slimes and they can spawn without any problems thanks to the slime chunks. They're also easier to spot because the world isn't rugged.