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New World: This is how Gypsum works and this is how you level up the competence the fastest

 Patch 1.2 introduced the Gypsum and Competency system to New World. We explain how gypsum works, how you level up your skills, and where you can find gypsum ovens.

What is gypsum? This is a new material that you can earn through various in-game content and was introduced in Patch 1.2.

There are 8 perennial types of Gypsum:

  • Obsidian Plaster – Earns from defeating level 60+ bosses
  • Sapphire Plaster - Earned by defeating the final bosses in the dungeon Lazarus Instrumentarium and Garden of Origination
  • Ruby Plaster - Can be earned through Outpost Onslaught
  • Emerald Plaster - Earns from chests in crafting beyond level 200
  • Citrine Plaster - Earned from Boss Arenas
  • Amethyst Gypsum – Earned through Corrupted Events
  • Topaz Gypsum – Requires a special potion that can be crafted at level 5 camps. After that, you have to defeat level 55+ mobs and you have a small chance of this drop
  • Garnet Plaster - As a reward in 3v3 Arena. 100% chance on victory, 50% chance on defeat.

What can I do with the gypsum? Each of these plaster types can be earned up to a maximum of daily. When you have reached the maximum number of each type, you can form a plaster ball out of it.

The ball can then be used to make a plaster cast for the respective equipment slots.

If you then use this plaster cast, you will receive items for the respective equipment slot that have a higher armor value and thus increase your competence by 1 to 5 levels.

Note: Only one plaster cast can be made every 18 hours per equipment type (chest armor, leg armor, each individual weapon type, etc.). Each of these slots always needs exactly one plaster ball.

That's how much plaster you need and that's how you find the plaster ovens

How much plaster do I need for each ball?

  • You need 3 obsidian gypsum for a sphere. However, they also drop randomly from bosses.
  • You need 1 Sapphire Plaster. So you have to complete one of the two endgame dungeons once.
  • You need 1 Emerald Plaster. So you need to earn a chest in crafting beyond level 200. The easiest way to do this is by fishing, logging, or skinning.
  • You need 1 Citrine Plaster. So you have to play a round in the boss arena.
  • You need 7 Amethyst Plaster. So you're guaranteed to have to participate in multiple portal events with the Corrupted.
  • You need 2 ruby ​​plaster. So you have to play exactly two rounds of outpost storm.
  • You need 10 Topaz Plaster. The drops are random, so sometimes you have to farm level 55+ mobs longer
  • You need 1 garnet plaster from the PvP arenas.
  • You need 3 diamond plaster.
Where can you find plaster ovens? The plaster ovens are located in all outposts, i.e. in the cities that can NOT be controlled by a faction, for example in Edenhain or Bruchberg. They are automatically level 5 and have an icon on the map like other crafting stations

What should I farm daily? It is currently extremely easy to earn the 3 Diamond casts. It takes less than 2 minutes and you should use it every day.

You can also get to the emerald plaster, the citrine plaster, and the two ruby ​​plasters quite quickly and easily. Obsidian Gypsum drops about 70% from named bosses. So you have to defeat about 5 named bosses for the 3 orbs.

Despite a portal run and a chest run in Edenhain, we had little luck with the drops from Amethyst and Topas on the first day. Here we earned about half of the possible Gypsum per day in 90 minutes. To make matters worse, the potion only lasts for an hour, but can only be crafted every 18 hours. The effort seems to be a bit higher because there is no guarantee on the drops.

The sapphire plaster should make the endgame dungeons more attractive again, but here a group and an orb are required as a prerequisite. This also makes earning a little more difficult.

Improving skills – How it works

What is Competence? Competence is the armor value in which you get dropped equipment, provided the area you are in has the right level. Every player at level 60 starts with a proficiency level of 500. This means that level 55+ mobs will drop you equipment with a armor value of 500.

The higher your competence, the better the armor value you get dropped.

The pink value next to the equipment indicates the proficiency level (here 520).
The pink value next to the equipment indicates the proficiency level (here 520).

How do you increase competence? There are now several ways to do this:

  • A plaster cast is guaranteed to increase competency by 1 to 3.
  • In both of the endgame dungeons, Lazarus Instrumentarium and Garden of Origination, you earn additional proficiency for the first completion each day.
  • You can increase your proficiency by bluntly grinding mobs and chests in endgame areas.
How does the grind work? If you - in the appropriate level range - defeat mobs and open chests, you have a chance of looting with your appropriate armor value. However, you also have the chance of a drop with a higher armor value than your competence.

The chance for each drop and each chest is exactly 1%.

However, each time you do NOT get a better drop than your competency, the chance increases by 0.1%. So after 990 drops, you have a 100% chance of increasing your proficiency. But that usually happens much sooner.

Competence will determine your armor value from 2022

Why is the competency score so important? Competence is important for two reasons.

  • On the one hand, this value determines the loot you get in the open world.
  • On the other hand, there should be a change in 2022 that will help determine the value of your armor. So if you have 520 chest competency but buy an item with 600 armor on the auction house, it will be scaled down to the mean value – in this case 560. It will stay that way until you increase your armor as well.

According to the developers, this system is intended to prevent players from simply buying the best armor with money.

In the meantime there have been some adjustments to the system, for example with self-made items in crafting. They don't scale down because that would be a punishment for the players.