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Passage of plot quests (tasks) Dead Island 2 - game guide


Passage of plot quests (tasks) Dead Island 2 - game guide

In Dead Island 2, gamers will not only have to fight endless hordes of zombies, but also complete various tasks. The plot of the game tells about a group of survivors who are trying to hide from the threat and escape from the virus-ridden Los Angeles. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough of all the main tasks and share some tips for the game.

Which character to choose

At the beginning of a new passage, you need to select the main character. It is not possible to replace a fighter in the middle of the game, so choose wisely. 

Damned flight

After the introductory cutscene, follow forward through the cabin and find the first aid kit. Reach a small rise and use Spacebar to climb it.

Pick up the trash machete and break the wooden box. Turn on the flashlight, then get to the survivors and watch the video on the engine, after which you will have to deal with the crowd of the dead.

During the fight, your weapon will break. You can look around and find another nearby.

Desperately looking for Emma

You will find yourself in front of a locked gate. Often in the game to open doors you will need to find a switch or key. At the moment, just follow the marker and open the garage, where the desired switch lies.

How to find the switch to get into the house

Deal with the crowd of walkers, then follow the open door on the right. Here you will find a locked door to the hideout. Break the electrical box to her left to enter.

Inside will be the owner of the penthouse. Kill him, pick up the card key from the mansion and the entry "The Last Song of the Colt".

In the mansion on the ground floor, inspect the room with display windows. One of them contains a katana. But first, we recommend getting rid of the alarm on the wall on the left.

Climb to the second floor and look around. The room on the left is locked, you can get here later during the additional quest "Benefits of Civilization".

How to find the rear gate code

Get outside and go to the back gate. There is an electronic lock hanging here, to open which you will need a code. Run to the kitchen on the first floor and inspect the following places:

  1. Parcels on the dining table.
  2. Letters on the desktop.
  3. A note on the fridge.

Follow the marker and get to Emma's mansion. Go to the front door and watch the cutscene. After that, the task will be updated.

Battle of Bel Air

Follow Emma to the main entrance and deal with a group of ghouls. When there are fewer infected, go down to the underground parking and find the switch. To do this, you need to use a canister of water on fire next to the shield.

Insert it into the devices to the left of the gate to close it and return to Emma.

Before that, you can look around the house and collect notes. The Inspire card is on the second floor, in Emma's bedroom. "Emma's note" is here, on a table in the dressing room.

In Michael's room on the second floor, there is also a "Lama's Milk" note.

Call for help

First, talk to Sam to unlock the merchant and workbench. With it, you can modify weapons and create ammunition (in the later stages of the passage).

You can buy weapons, first aid kits, fuses, and crafting materials from merchants.

When you're done, head upstairs to Emma's bedroom and chat with her on the balcony. Michael will open the back door for you, from where you can start your tour of Bel Air.

Follow the road for the marker. At the penthouse on the right, you will hear a male voice from the intercom. If you answer, the side quest "Killer Party" will begin.

How to Find the Key Card to the Corral and the Key to Brock's Safe

Run to the Goat Pen and enter through the roof glass. The key card for the front door can be found in the streamer's room. Here you will find the entry "To my subscribers".

There is a safe to the left of the bed. How to get the key and open it.

On the second floor at the east end of the penthouse (the entrance is to the left of the pool, just break the glass door) there are several entries: "Such a wild rumor you won't believe it!" and Sitting Puffing in the Goat Pen. They are next to each other in a small room to the right of the laptop, so you won't miss them.

You can also access the master bedroom. In this room, you can find the entry "On the verge of disaster" and the skill "Weighter".

You will also need to get into the bedroom during the completion of the additional quest "Benefits of Civilization".

When you're ready, follow the marker and get to the transition to the "Hotel Halperin" area. Here, just run forward to find the entrance to the hotel itself.

Inside, a horde of undead will be waiting, which will only increase. It makes no sense to run away, it is best to use the environment (electricity, water, batteries, and fuel canisters) to deal with everyone as quickly as possible.

Room service for Major Booker

After that, take the key to cell number 9 on the central table and go outside on the other side of the building.

How to inspect the hotel pool

Get to the pool so that the task is updated. You need to interact with three objects in this area:

  1. Plastic tanks with chemicals to the right of the pool.
  2. Sewer hatch with poison near the previous location.
  3. Pump with generator to the left of the pool.
Lye is perfectly washed off with water, so you can use the blue canisters to wash away the poison and go to the place you need.

To the left of the bar, do not forget to pick up a note "Checking suckers".

How to get to room 307

Follow the marker and turn left at the entrance to the building. Here on the table, there is a note "Tell me now".

Climb to the second floor and follow the elevators. There is a note "I'll be waiting" between the two elevators. When you pick it up, press the button. The door on the right will open, and you can pick up the key to cell #33.

Crouch and move under the rubble. As soon as you do this, get a new throwable item "Chemical Bomb". It does not damage enemies, but it can be used to put out burning runners and fires. This is what you should do right now - throw a chemical bomb at the entrance to room 208, turn left, and inspect the floor. Here is the key to cell number 14.

In the next corridor, connect the wires to the outlet to power the elevator. This will not help, so in the future, you will have to turn off the power to the entire floor.

At the end of the corridor, turn right and you will enter a safe room. Here interact with the lever. You can exit through the door and go down to the first floor to inspect the utility room and collect materials. At the workbench, pick up the “Unusual modification of the batter, melee” power-up. When you're ready, return to the stuck elevator and climb up to the third floor.

On the third floor, follow the marker. In the ruined bathroom, get rid of the wooden planks to get through.

Climb into the ventilation shaft and move to the left. Here you will find the key to cell number 49.

After getting out, inspect the first restroom on the right. At the sink is a note "Hot Woman". In the next room, money is scattered on the floor, and a safe is hidden in the closet.

In-room 307, also inspect the restroom. Here is the last key to cell number 53. Also, don't forget to look in room 306, where there is a note "Doomsday To Do List".

When you get to the Major's corpse, examine the floor to his left to get the Master Keys. With their help, you can open almost all the doors in the hotel.

Go down to the first floor in any way (you can go through the elevator or through the cleaner's back room) and open the banquet hall. Get ready to fight the first boss in this game.

How to Deal with a Crusher

The gameplay in Dead Island 2 is built in such a way that after finding a certain enemy, such ghouls will appear almost everywhere. Therefore, you will have to learn how to deal with the crushers.

There is nothing difficult in battles with such monsters. Just dodge the blows in time and also jump when the enemy uses the ground slam. Don't forget to use the environment to deal elemental damage to the undead.

chosen person

This quest includes a single conversation with Emma in her house. So just go back to Bel Air and tell your new friend everything. After the cutscene, a new task will begin.

Please note: When you return to Emma's mansion through the Goat Pen, you will meet another prepper. The girl will issue another side task "#Clickbait". In addition, in Beverly Hills, you can take the quest "The Return of Rex" from Ricky.

Oh Michael, where are you?

In search of Michael, inspect his room on the second floor. A cutscene will also start here on the engine, after which the task will be updated. Now you need to go to the third large region of L-A - Beverly Hills. Follow the marker on the map and examine the locked gate.

Infected soldiers and a crusher roam nearby. Kill them all, pick up the card key from the body of the big man, and use the move to a new area.

How to find Michael's spare keys

Look around Michael's house. You can get inside through the window to the left of the front door. In the hall, you will notice a locked safe. You can find the key from this dead man. Spare keys are hidden in the trash can in the kitchen. There is also a note here.

How to find the light switch at Jessie Kwon's house

Leave the building at the back entrance and follow the path upstairs. Climb over the fence to get to Jessie Kwon's house.

Chat with Ricky and Roxanne. The man will ask you to find two switches and lock the gate. Both switches are in the garage, Ricky will open it after the cut-scene.

To insert the second switch into the device at the back gate, you will first have to deal with a large crowd of infected, as well as put out the fire. To do this, use a canister of water or a chemical bomb.

Now return to Ricky and chat with the rocker again. The task will be completed, and you will be able to pick up the Note on the Fridge. After doing this, a new story quest will begin.

Citizen Kwon

Run up the hill and get to the unfinished mansion. Below you will see a large number of zombies. Don't waste weapons on them - turn on the generator and climb onto the fountain. The dead will die on their own.

Examine the broken ladder and enter the building. There will be many traps inside, so be on the alert. You can throw items to activate them in advance.

After reaching the stairs, examine the room on the left. There is a generator here that needs to be turned off. To do this, simply remove the car battery from the compartment.

On the upper level, open the door to the balcony and destroy the music speaker so that it no longer attracts the attention of the ghouls. After that, enter the back room and talk to Jesse.

How to find Michael at Monarch Studios

Follow the marker to the next roadblock and deal with the ghouls. One of the infected officers will have a key card from the guard post. Pick it up and move to the film studio.

Don't forget to inspect the orange container at the exit from the zone. It contains a new throwable item "Tubular Bomb".

Run to the gate. To the left of the entrance, there will be a locked guardhouse. Inside there is a container that opens with this key. To open the magnetic lock, find two electrical panels and destroy them.

Michael Anders and the Holy Grail

You can climb into the territory of the film studio both to the right and to the left of the entrance. We recommend going to the right as there are several trailers with materials and notes here.

In particular, one of the notes is on the table right in front of the entrance to Pavilion 7. When you're ready, climb into the pavilion and follow the marker. Do not interact with the controls as you use the effects ahead of time. Instead, climb up and look for the switch.

When the gate opens, apply all the effects on the remotes and finish off the remaining enemies. Further, no puzzles are expected, so you just have to kill the ghouls and move forward.

On the next landing, don't miss the "Spider God Rise" note on the director's chair.

To get rid of the acid on the floor, run to the right and find the effects control panel. Activate it. The water will wash away all the poison, and you will be able to pass. Alkali residues can be washed off with water from blue canisters.

After getting out of the pavilion, run to the trailer on the right and kill the guard. Here, pick up the note "Token".

How to find Michael by traces of paint

Move between pavilions to pavilion 3. Where two crushers appear, you can find a note "Star role".

In the third pavilion, go to the elevator and press the button. Dead men will appear - fight them off until the elevator door opens.

How to beat Alesis Hernandez

The acid mutant is quite dangerous, especially now that you don't have firearms. We recommend using the environment - fire and electricity. Since the creature creates puddles of poison around itself, you can hit such puddles with electric weapons and deal damage to the enemy.

After the battle, return to Michael and complete the quest.

legal zombiecide

On the way to Beverly Hills, you will hear a voice on the radio. If you answer, then the additional task "Destructive Caustic X" will begin.

How to get into the factory and find the key to the control room

In short, you need to solve a small puzzle and get into the factory dungeon.

For this:

  1. Penetrate the territory and find the steering wheel from the valve in the sewer lock.
  2. Use the steering wheel on the poison valve and shut it off.
  3. Rinse off the lye with water (faucet on the left).
  4. Climb up the bridge and find the switch in the far right corner.
  5. Insert the switch into the device by the door.

But that's not all. Once you're inside, you'll find a door with a fuse (optional), as well as a small valve puzzle:

  1. Stop the supply of acid to the right compartment and flush it with water.
  2. In the far room on the right, interact with two valves (first on the pipe with water, then on the pipe with poison).
  3. Go back and switch the poison supply to the right side.
  4. Also, rinse the lye with water from the left side.
A big guy will be waiting for you in the room, which you need to kill in order to get the key.

Use the key to open the gatehouse to the right of the entrance to the factory and watch the video. After that, the task will be updated. You need to meet Sam B at the mansion nearby.

Follow the marker and chat with your buddies. After the video on the engine, deal with the walkers and enter the house. Sam B will give you the first firearm in the game. Rise to the second floor and destroy all appearing zombies.

There is an infinite ammo crate on the right, so don't be afraid to waste your ammo. When the task is completed, you will receive the achievement "Git Gutte!" and a special attack card.

Heading for Santa Monica

Return to Emma's mansion and enter the bar. A long cutscene will begin, after which you will have to go to the city sewers.

Down the pipes

Opposite Curtis' penthouse, there is an open gate that leads to the entrance to the dungeon. We recommend getting ready, as well as stocking up on first-aid kits and ammo because even more new ghouls are waiting for you below.

Follow the tunnel and climb onto the wooden pallets to the left of the pipes. Walk forward a little more. A cutscene will begin, during which the hero will meet Patton. On the table to the left of the workbench, take the modification "Unusual modification of the electrifier, ranged" and get out.

How to find the code from the lattice

In the tunnel, you will see two pipes. Shut off the lye supply, then wash off the poison with water. Examine the locked grate and look for the code. A note with a password lies behind bars in another locked room. You will also receive an "Operator's Manual" note.

How to redistribute the pressure and open the sluice gate

In the room on the right, pick up the valve handle. If you have more than 1000 HP, then you can go inside and use a few first aid kits so as not to die. In the next room, there is a valve that is responsible for supplying poison. Switch it off and wash off the lye with water.

Insert the handwheel into valve "10" and turn it.

Nearby there are two taps with pressure "20" and "45". They need to be interacted with as quickly as possible, as after a few seconds they will return to their original position.

Now go to the first valve "10" and close it. Instead, open tap "45".

heart of Darkness

As soon as you open the gateway, the task will be updated. Now you need to get through the sewage to the storm tank. In the opened room you will see a locked staff box. The key to it can be found later when a special enemy appears here.

Go through the tunnel and get to another locked gate. To open them, you need to find the switch. It is located in a small back room in the north of the location.

Insert the switch into the device to the right of the gate and run into the main hall. Press the button and wait for the gate to open.

As soon as you enter them, go left, then immediately right. At the end of the hall, find the stairs and go upstairs.

Run after the marker and enter the control room. Here, open the door to be able to return along the short path.

red mist

A cutscene will soon begin, during which the protagonist will receive a strange ability. From now on, you can enter rage mode to destroy the infected with your bare hands. Do this and follow to the surface.

In the bus on the right, pick up the note, then go through the other bus.

On the large building on the right you will see the inscription "Help". Get closer and talk to the survivors. They will ask you to find a switch to lock the gate.

The device you need is located in the electrical panel of the Burger 66 diner, which is to the left of the building with the survivors.

By doing this, the task will be completed, and you will have access to fast travel to the regions.

We will update this guide shortly.