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Resident Evil 4 (2023) won't launch? Crashes with an error? Game not saving? - Problem solving


Resident Evil 4 (2023) won't launch? Crashes with an error? Game not saving? - Problem solving

The Resident Evil 4 Remake was released recently and made a great impression on the fans, however, some gamers are facing various problems during the gameplay. In this guide, we will cover the most common errors and describe effective ways to fix them.

Resident Evil 4 system requirements

Before diving into the gameplay, you should make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements.

Minimum system requirements

  • Operating system - Windows 10 (64 bit);
  • Processor – AMD Ryzen 3 1200; Intel Core i5-7500 @ 3.40GHz;
  • RAM - 8 GB;
  • HDD - 40 GB;
  • Video card - Radeon RX 560; GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB of memory;
  • DirectX12 ;
  • Keyboard, mouse.

Recommended system requirements

  • Operating system - Windows 10 (64 bit);
  • Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 3600; Intel Core i7-8700 @ 3.20GHz;
  • RAM - 16 GB;
  • HDD - 40 GB;
  • Video card - Radeon RX 5700; GeForce GTX 1070 with 4GB of memory;
  • DirectX12 ;
  • Keyboard, mouse.

How to fix Fatal D3D error (Fatal application error)

Note: Gamers on both weak and powerful PCs face a similar problem. On our iron, it is still found. If the tips below don't work for you, try loading a previous save. In most cases, this will avoid crashing immediately after loading the save. We cannot say for sure, but it seems that after an error, the save becomes “broken”.

Also, during the game, avoid switching to third-party programs and to the desktop using the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut. According to our observations, these actions are a kind of trigger for the problem to arise.

Update DirectX

This error is primarily related to the work of DirectX, which, in turn, helps the system in rendering graphics. You can visit the official Microsoft website and install the latest version of this utility, but if this does not help, then you can resort to the methods below.

Lower your graphics settings

Open the game and go to the "Settings" section. In the "Graphics" item, set the values ​​\u200b\u200bto reduce the consumption of video memory. You can track it in the right corner of the screen.

If your graphics card's maximum memory is highlighted in white, then the GPU is idle. This will allow him to give out the highest possible FPS. We have also selected the optimal graphics settings for you, which are described at the end of this guide.

Turn off ray tracing and hair detail

In some cases, these two options may be directly related to the Fatal D3D Error. These are very resource-intensive functions and will not suit owners of weak PCs. In turn, for users with powerful hardware, they can cause a crash. Be sure to make sure that you have these settings disabled, otherwise, the game may crash in locations with rapidly changing lighting. It is worth noting that the developers are aware of the error and are working on fixing it.

Disable Steam Launcher Game Overlay and Discord Messenger

Some users have encountered a very unusual error. When the Discord or Steam overlay is enabled, the game crashes. To get rid of the problem, simply disable the game overlay. Earlier we already wrote how this feature affects the performance of some games.

For Steam:

  • Open Steam and go to "Settings" by clicking the Steam button in the upper left corner of the screen;
  • In the left part of the window that appears, find and click on "In the Game ..." ;
  • Uncheck the "Enable Steam overlay in game" option and click OK.

For Discord:

  • Launch Discord and click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the screen;
  • Go to the "Game Overlay" section in the menu on the left;
  • Toggle the checkbox to Off next to Enable In-Game Overlay.

Whether third-party applications like Skype or other programs that have the ability to enable and disable the overlay are affected is still unknown.

The game crashes after a long loading time - how to fix it?

Some gamers also encountered a crash issue after a long initial load, but after a few days, the cause of this error was found. It's all about the lack of RAM in your system. To fix this problem, you can increase the amount of RAM or use the paging file.

To connect a swap file:

  • Press the key combination "Win + R" and open the search bar;
  • Type "sysdm.cpl" without quotes and press "Enter" ;
  • Through the "Advanced" section, go to "Performance" and click on "Settings" ;
  • In the new window, click "Advanced" and click "Change" ;
  • Uncheck "Automatically choose the size of the paging file", then click "Specify size" ;
  • In the line "Initial size (MB):" set the value - 8192 ;
  • In the line "Maximum size (MB):" add - 16384 (required twice as much);
  • Click "Set" and "OK".
Note: Be sure to restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

Close background programs

Some installed applications may conflict with the game for one reason or another. Before launching Resident Evil 4, be sure to complete all unused programs. Otherwise, it can lead to freezes, freezes, and other errors. Closing background applications will also help free up system resources for a more stable game experience.

Perform a Steam File Integrity Check

If, after all the tips in this guide, the game still crashes or does not load, then you need to perform a full check of the game's system files in Steam.

For this:

  • Open the Steam client and search for Resident Evil 4 in your game library;
  • Click "RMB" on the game and select "Properties" ;
  • In the "Local files" tab, click on the item "Verify integrity of game files" ;
  • Wait for the check to finish and then restart your PC.

Game not saving in chapter 12 - how to solve the problem?

At the beginning of Chapter 12, you see a cutscene, after which Leon will receive one of the story items (no spoilers). However, after doing this, some players on consoles and PC have an issue where they can't save the game with a key item in their inventory. If you encounter this error, then try to go through the chapter without saving. The developers are aware of the problem and promise to fix it with the next patch.