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Seeking the Truth in Genshin Impact - How to find keywords and give the right answers


Seeking the Truth in Genshin Impact - How to find keywords and give the right answers

Seeking the Truth is a mini-game in the Triumph of the Mind event, which became available in the second part of the Genshin Impact 3.6 update. In this guide, we will describe how to find keywords and give correct answers to Bahar questions.

How to take part in the Triumph of Reason event

  • Reach Adventure Rank 30 ;
  • Complete the task of the Archons "Approach of a new star" ;
  • Complete the Archon quests "Inversion of Being" ;
  • Complete the quests of the legends "Delusions of the Crowd" (optional).

If you don't have time to complete the Legends of Al-Haytham quest, you can skip it. To do this, click on the "Quick Start" button in the event menu.

In search of the truth I. Why did Beidim get wet?

In the forest of Avidya, a group of forest watchmen patrolled, where Asti and Beidim were studying the environment. While advancing, they spotted monsters, but due to the rain that started, the ground turned to mud and they had no way to escape.

In order to warn another group of forest watchmen, who were behind, Asti sent Beidim to them, while he himself hid in a tree and waited until the monsters left. After some time, Beidim returned with another group of sentinels, and together they quickly left the forest. But only Beidim got wet through. Why?

How did Beidim manage to pass the swamp and convey the message?

  • Thanks to dexterity;
  • Thanks to the ability to fly - right;
  • Through elemental energy;
  • Thanks to a special device.

Who is Beidim?

  • Forest sentinel;
  • treasure thief;
  • Possessor of the Eye of God;
  • Twilight bird - right.

Why did Beidim get wet?

  • Beidim likes the rain;
  • Beidim didn't bring waterproof gear with him - right;
  • Beidim fell into a puddle;
  • Beidim had the Hydro Eye of God.
  • Source Stones (30);
  • Festival hype (100);
  • Hero experience (3);
  • Fragment of agate Agnidus (3);
  • Instructions about "Instructions" (4).

Searching for Truth II

We will update this guide soon.