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Sons of the Forest: How to easily create traps and what they are for

 We show you what you need to do to be able to create the different types of traps in Sons of the Forest. Make them to protect your base or hunt animals in a simple way.

Surviving in Sons of the Forest can be a tough task, but the game puts at our disposal quite a few tools to face the dangers. Traps are one of the most interesting features in order to protect our base from cannibal attacks (as are defensive walls ) and they are also useful to be able to hunt animals in a much easier way.

In this entry of our guide, we want to show you the main types of traps that exist in the game, how you can build them, and what each one is for. So you can take advantage of its useful purposes.

How to build traps?

First of all, in order to create traps in Sons of the Forest you have to know how to build them. We remind you, in case you don't know, that the different traps can be made from the survival manual.

To do this do the following:

  • Open the inventory with the I key and select the manual (the black book).
  • Then hold the X key to change the build mode.
  • Access the "Cheats" section (it is the last icon, the pink one).
  • Here you can choose which trap you want to build.

Obviously, each trap requires different resources in greater or lesser quantity. Luckily most are quite common to get. Whenever you want, select your trap and its silhouette will appear in front of you. Now you must choose a place where you want to place it.

The position of the trap can be decisive for its usefulness. For example, a fish trap will only work if you place it in areas where fish appear (logically).

Let's see below all the types of cheats available:

small animal trap

small animal trap

The small animal trap is the simplest and easiest to create. It only requires 14 sticks and is used, as its name already indicates, to catch small animals such as squirrels, birds or rabbits.

This trap works like a kind of cage supported by a stick. When an animal passes into this cage, the stick falls and the trap encloses the prey. You just have to go to check it when you see that it has fallen. It is a good way to passively hunt animals without having to go hunting, to have meat that you can later cook on bonfires.

fish trap

fish trap

The fish trap is easy to create, it only requires 25 sticks (a few sticks more than the previous one). As we have already said above, this trap is dedicated exclusively to fishing and it is only used to capture fish in areas of water where these living beings appear.

It also works to catch turtles, which can become trapped inside the trap. It is another ideal way to obtain meat.

bone trap

bone trap

The bone trap is a more complex trap that requires the following resources to craft:

  • sticks x2
  • Sheets x3
  • rope x1
  • vodka bottle x1
This trap is much larger than the previous two and therefore also serves to capture larger prey. Moose or deer can fall into this trap or even cannibals that roam near your base if you place it in strategic places.

When a prey falls into this trap the vodka bottle explodes and catches fire, burning the victim (even you if you're not careful). Logically, due to this effect, when the prey falls into this trap, what remains of its remains are usually the bones, since it ends up charred.

fly trap

fly trap

The Fly Trap is a large crafted and effective trap that requires the following resources to craft:

  • Sticks x10
  • rocks x3
  • rope x1
This trap, like the bone trap, will allow you to hunt large animals and also hostile cannibals that step on it. Unlike the previous trap, the mechanism of this one does not catch fire but closes like a "mouth" to kill the victim who falls inside. Therefore, the remains of the prey can be looted for meat, skin, or other resources.

It is probably the most useful trap when it comes to defending your base since it does not require as many materials as the bone one. We recommend fortifying your haven with a few of these if you're not playing peacefully, and making sure you keep them set up to trigger whenever you can.

spring trap

spring trap

The Spring Trap is a small size trap added to the game with the third update that requires the following resources to craft:

  • sticks x20
  • Turtle shell x1
  • Wire x2
This trap has the particularity of working like a spring when stepped on, hence its name. What does this mean? Well, when we step on it, both us and any enemy, its mechanism will activate and throw the subject who has stepped on it into the air.

In case you yourself or a partner is the one who steps on said trap, nothing bad will happen per se, it will not hurt you. In fact, you can even use it to get to higher parts of your base quickly. But if a cannibal steps on it, for example, he will end up dying from the effect of the fall.

Just remember that after the spring traps are activated you must reassemble them so that they are ready again since with each use they disarm.