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The best skill cards in Dead Island 2 - how to get and who will suit


The best skill cards in Dead Island 2 - how to get and who will suit

Leveling in Dead Island 2 is made so that you can change your style of passing at any time. However, different characters require an individual approach, so the card system can be difficult. In this guide, we will tell you which cards with abilities are best for each of the heroes and which ones you should pay attention to in any case.

How to get skill cards

Unlike other similar games, Dead Island 2 does not have the usual skill tree. As you progress through the story and explore the world, you will find cards. There are four categories in total:

  • Capabilities;
  • Survival;
  • Fighter;
  • Numen.

In each group, you can choose any four abilities, there are no restrictions. There are also hidden cards, which cannot be found with a superficial passage of the company alone. With such a variety, not all skills are equally useful.

What are the best skills in the Abilities category

The Abilities category has a number of the most useful skills:

Dodge is a very important skill, as you can use either dodge or block at the same time. You can change them at will, but with large groups of enemies, dodging is still preferable.

Drop Kick - You can equip Flying Kick or Kick, but not both. Flying Kick does more damage, but Kick Kick knocks zombies back further, allowing for a breather in combat.

Dash Strike - You will eventually have a choice of three special moves, and while they are all useful, Dash is a great choice in combination with other cards. However, do not forget about the "War Cry" (War Cry). This skill can be just as useful if you play co-op more often.

Blood Rush - This ability has a number of disadvantages, however, in conjunction with Dodge, you will get an excellent combo for maximum damage.

Overhead Smash is a useful skill that allows you to imitate one of the zombies - a crusher, screamer or slobber. You can choose any option, but pay attention to "Tremors". This variation of the skill will be a great end to your attacks before the end of the rage.

What are the best skills in the category "Survivalist"

The Prepper category has 17 cards to choose from, and any one of them can be placed in one of the four slots. As in the first case, we have highlighted the best of them:

Insatiable (Ravenous) - the card gives more rage for each zombie kill in rage mode. This way you can keep the rage mode active longer.

Vivisuction - This skill synergizes best with Rush and gives you a health boost whenever you use it. A great way to recover and clear the nearby area of ​​enemies are two things you'll have to do a lot in this game.

Clearing (Safe Space) is one of the early abilities, available almost at the very beginning. Clearing creates an area explosion every time you use a medkit, which knocks back zombies and grants you a breather.

Short Fuse - This is arguably the best card in the game. Allows you to trigger rage mode when your rage meter is only half full. This is a real lifesaver, as some of the later enemies are really very strong.

What are the best skills in the Fighter category

Despite the fact that virtually all abilities are aimed at effectively destroying zombies, the cards from the Fighter deck are especially useful in this matter:

Skull Skewer - Adds an explosive effect to every thrown weapon.

Corpse Bomb - Enemies killed in rage mode explode.

Deadeye - Speeds up the reloading of thrown weapons such as grenades.

The Limb Reaper - allows you to restore some health for severed limbs. Considering how often you will be doing this in the game, this is one of the best skills.

What are the best skills in the Numen category

The Numen category mainly regulates all sorts of status effects. There is not so much useful here as in other sections, however, there are also special cards:

Corpse Blossom - Any zombie killed by a status effect will explode like a bomb with the same status effect. In this way, you can easily deal with the horde, killing just one enemy.

Born Survivor is a Last Chance card. Instead of a fatal blow that would kill you on the spot, the character loses rage and then heals.

We figured out the main useful cards. Now let's look at the characters and their features.

The best cards for Amy

Amy is a very fast hero, so you should choose abilities that allow you to quickly enter and exit combat as well. To make the girl even more mobile, dodge and dash skill cards are suitable. This will greatly improve speed and agility.

As for her dash attacks, you'll need the Shin Shrapnel and Break Dancer skill cards. The former increases damage from glide attacks and allows you to knock back zombies, while the latter increases Amy's agility and movement speed with each successful glide attack.

The best cards for Bruno

Bruno is a real "tank", relying on brute force. Bob and Weave will boost evasion by making Bruno a bit more mobile, while Ravenous will keep Bruno in rage longer. This combination turns Bruno into a deadly machine.

Equip Corpse Flower to cause enemies to explode on a Fury kill and damage other nearby zombies. Also, use a pair of Skull Stomp and Seismic Stomp to drain nearby enemies.

The best cards for Carla

Carla is a great character to break into a crowd of zombies and create madness, including with the help of the elements. Consider three skill cards that play well together:

  • Battle cry ;
  • Unity Cry (Rallying Cry) ;
  • Voltaic Scream.

Using them at the start of every battle will increase Karla's damage, decrease zombie defenses, and electrify all enemies.

Finally, use the Wrecking Ball card, which weakens enemies after each successful flying kick attack. All of these skills are the perfect way to end a fight before it starts.

The best cards for Dany

Dany needs to actively increase her strength since the character is very weak. The main purpose of the cards is to increase attack speed, stamina, and evasion. To do this, use Group Therapy and Dodge.

Considering Dany's unique health regeneration ability, you'll want to buff this skill with Cleaver and Vivisection. With this combination, you will become practically immortal.

The best cards for Jacob

Jacob has a large amount of health, which means that you can focus on other stats or increase his health even more. It also makes sense to pump an attack based on elemental damage and take, for example, Lightning Strike. This ability will electrify enemies with every dash attack, reducing your health in the process, but since Jacob can afford it, the zombie damage is worth it.

Corpse Bomb and No Mercy will also prove to be very useful, as the former will cause explosions in rage mode, and the latter will increase the damage dealt to any enemy with a status effect. Use Thunderbolt and No Mercy to maximize damage against the most dangerous enemies. Lastly, Janus Rage will provide a small damage boost when your rage bar is not full.

The best cards for Ryan

When it comes to Ryan, you need to focus on his defensive abilities and make the character more durable. Block is a great skill in this case, as by learning how to hit the timing, you will have a constant replenishment of stamina and the ability to stun all zombies nearby.

In terms of attacks, you need to focus on using the Quake, Broken Head, and Ground Pound skills, which are abilities that keep enemies off the ground so you can deal more damage and make them vulnerable. It also helps that after using these three skills, the enemies will not be able to attack the hero for some time.