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Three-Level Authentication in Honkai: Star Rail - How to Find the Three Keys and Open the Door in the Base Zone


Three-Level Authentication in Honkai: Star Rail - How to Find the Three Keys and Open the Door in the Base Zone

In Honkai: Star Rail, you will face various riddles and puzzles, for which you can get good rewards. For example, in the Base Zone on the Hertha space station, you will come across a closed compartment, which requires you to find three keycards to open. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve the riddle and get a luxury chest.

How to open a locked door in the base zone

At the beginning of the passage, you will notice that the east building in the Base Zone is blocked. When attempting to interact with the console, players will receive a message: "You have other things to do".

To open this door, it is enough to advance a little in the story until the additional activity icon appears in the Main Control Zone. Arlan will be waiting for you here with a small assignment. Chat with the guy to take the side quest "Road of Rebirth".

Now return to the Base Zone and chat with Abraham - the man who is in front of the locked door. After the dialogue, interact with the console to open the door.

Enter the corridor and go forward a little. On the right you will see the same locked door, to open which you will need to find three key cards.

How to get the first key

The first access key is in the back room of the east compartment. To do this, follow forward and deal with a group of monsters in the corridor. Then enter the room and destroy a strong enemy. Before that, we recommend pumping the level of available heroes to the maximum.

Once the enemy is defeated, you will automatically receive the key in your inventory.

How to get a second key

Use fast travel to the Main Control Zone and approach the man with thick hair. It is located to the right of the local merchant.

When interacting with him, several answers will appear. Interact with him five times in a row, while you can choose any answers. On the fifth time, he will give you a second access key.

How to get the third key

The last key can be obtained when looking around the western part of the first floor of the Storage Area. Here you need to solve a simple riddle with switchable bridges, which we already wrote about in a separate guide.

If you are having difficulty completing this challenge:

  1. Enter the compartment and go down. Here you have to destroy the monsters, then interact with the console.
  2. A bridge will appear. Cross it and fight the second group of enemies.
  3. Immediately after that, activate two consoles: one next to where the enemies stood, and the second behind the crates on the platform above.
  4. Now get to the console from above and interact with it. A bridge will appear, through which you can go to the upper compartment and find the key card. There is also a luxurious chest.
Return to the controller in the east building of the Base Zone and use the three keycards found.

There is a luxury chest in the room. To get it, you have to defeat a large group of void rangers. You can also pick up some notes here.