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TOP 10: MAGIC GAMES || Here you will be enchanted

 Video games are often used as an escape from reality. At least as often, however, we gamble to use superhuman abilities. It gets especially magical when magic comes into play. After all, every little child dreams of fighting evil with powerful spells and potent potions. Or just become a bully yourself. But which games are particularly good for wielding the magic wand and harnessing the secret arts? We have put together ten magic games for you in which you will become a magic student.

TOP 10: MAGIC GAMES || Here you will be enchanted

10th place: Forspoken

The action-adventure game from Square Enix offers a whopping 55 spells for attack and support. It starts as soon as you move, the heroine Frey rushes through the world of Athia on magical soles. But the parkour system isn't the only game mechanic that uses the former New Yorker's powers. You smack your opponents in the face with flaming whips, chain them with plant tendrils, shoot them with water bubbles, and use many other elemental abilities. The best thing about it: Forspoken does not use a magic wand or other tools at all.

9th place: Concrete Genie

The loner Ash may have magical powers, but doesn't channel them with a wand. Instead, he uses an unusual brush. With this he smeared the walls of the sleepy port town of Denska, allowing the darkened place to shine brightly again. What's particularly cool about Concrete Genie: you swing the drawing tool either with the controller or via motion control. This will make you feel even more like a magical Monet. You can even jump into the separate VR mode, where you play facade painter in the first person.

8th place: The Witcher 3

Geralt of Rivia belongs on this list by profession. After all, he hires himself out as a witch. While that's just a fancy name for a monster hunter, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. However, his little fires stink against the witches of the world. Both Triss Merigold and Yennefer von Vengerberg are capable of casting powerful spells. The Witcher universe may not boast of excessive magic depiction compared to other brands. However, the arts of the various characters and creatures remain immensely important.

7th place: Magicka

Midgard is in peril and you are the only ones who can save it. What sounds downright serious here now turns out to be hilarious co-op mayhem in the Magicka games. Accompanied by the humorous narrator Vlad, you and up to three friends slice your way through the hordes of monsters in the isometric party. Fireballs, tsunamis, and lightning bolts are part of your repertoire, powerful magic flickers across the screen every second. The constantly activated friendly fire results in non-stop, hilariously funny situations. This is how good multiplayer works, but admittedly the titles are not much good for soloists.

6th place: The Wheel of Time

This classic from Legend Entertainment (Unreal 2) is actually based on the novel series by Robert Jordan, which last attracted attention as an Amazon series. The action of the first-person shooter takes place before the tomes, you control Elayna, a sister of the Aes Sedai guild. Of course, you don't shoot, despite the genre, that doesn't fit the fantasy setting at all. Instead of bullets, you hit the bastard Ter'angreal magic runes around the ears. The Wheel of Time offers you a whopping 40 attacks. Offensively, it uses chain lightning and earthquakes, for example, and the system also allows more creative approaches such as swapping places with enemies or levitation magic. The room for experimentation alone earns the 1999 title its place on this list.

5th place: Spellbreak

The forbidden things bring the most joy. In Spellbreak even magic itself was banned by the Vowkeepers. However, we do not understand exactly how this is related to the fact that you are competing with other players for magic in the Battle Royale. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, because, after all, the focus is on the brisk duels. You choose your favorite class from Frostborn, Conductor, Pyromancer, Toxicologist, Stonecutter, or Storm. It gets particularly cool when you combine two talents. Electric storms, fiery gas clouds, and many other combinations teach your opponents to fear.

4th place: The Mage's Tale

How can video game magic be more immersive than in front of a screen? Of course, with Virtual Reality! The VR spin-off from The Bard's Tale puts you in the leather boots of a powerful scholar. There are no other classes or characters, these would eventually counteract the principle. Like the main series, it's a dungeon crawler. What makes The Mage's Tale special is primarily the magic system. You cast your powers like lightning and fire forces as if they came straight from your own hands. super cool!

3rd place: Hogwarts Legacy

Finally, the dream of many fans has come true: Hogwarts Legacy lets them attend the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now nobody has to endure the unspeakable Harry Potter softening anymore. Instead, you create your own character and go to school with him or her, brewing potions, learning more about the fauna and flora, and peppering your classmates with heaps of magic. For the baddies among you, the game even features the unforgivable curses seen in the original. But of course, you would never use them. Or?

2nd place: In Verbis Virtus

If we only know one thing about casting spells, it's that you have to call out their names. Indomitus Games have also taken this simple principle to heart. In the end, Verbis Virtus would be a simple adventure from the first-person perspective if it didn't necessarily require a microphone. After all, it is important to actually recite the spells in order to trigger them. Even if your family and friends might look stupid if you babble on in the Maha'ki language. But what do you want to do when monsters are trying to kill you or you simply can't see anything and have to provide the light yourself?

1st place: Magic: The Gathering

The trading card classic from Wizards of the Coast not only makes magic an essential part of your own universe. He even has it in his name! In addition to the cardboard version, which has existed since 1993, there are now also tons of video game conversions. These often do the part for your imagination to introduce you to the powerful attacks and skills of the cards. How the creators can keep coming up with ideas for new sets is a mystery to us, since Magic now covers pretty much every fantasy cliché and has even had a significant impact on some of them.