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TOP 10 mobile games that are more addictive than PC games: action, horror and puzzles


TOP 10 mobile games that are more addictive than PC games: action, horror and puzzles

Open Steam, pick up a mouse or controller, and turn on a cool game on a large monitor - what could be more pleasant? However, some projects designed for smartphones are no worse than full-fledged games. You can chop in them for hours, forgetting about food, sleep, and other activities. It is the most sticky mobile phone that this material is dedicated to. If you prefer to watch rather than read, feel free to turn on the video!

Reigns. It's hard to be king

In Reigns, the gamer will become the ruler of the state and find out that being an ordinary mortal is much easier. Advisors will constantly come to you and force you to solve dilemmas that are not so easy to solve. After all, a mistake can lead to a coup.

The fact is that the king must monitor four indicators: the church, the people, the army, and the treasury - each request affects their condition. For example, a general comes to you and demands to build a new tower to protect the city. If you agree, the army will become stronger, but the gold in the treasury will decrease. But a herbalist came who wants to treat sick peasants. The people will rejoice if you approve of his appointment, but the church will oppose this heretic.

You will have to constantly balance between indicators. If at least one of them is empty, the ruler will have an unenviable fate. The discontent of the people will lead a distraught crowd to the palace, and an empty treasury will anger the merchants, who will surely finish you off.

At the same time, it is also impossible to please advisers too much. If the army becomes too strong, the arrogant general will feel great and make a coup.

But Reigns is full of other troubles. Your offspring at any time can challenge you and offer a fight, implemented in the format of a mini-game. When exploring the castle, a crypt will be found, along which an insane skeleton roams. Conspirators can lure you out of the castle and commit an assassination attempt. In general, living to old age is not easy.

And every 666 years, the Devil will look at you. Will you be able to save yourself from it or doom yourself to eternal torment?

You can also play Reigns on PC, but it's much more pleasant to decide the fate of the state lazily lounging on the couch.

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Ninja Arashi 2. Become a Ninja

Ninja Arashi 2 is one of those games that you need to download without thinking. In it, you will turn into a ninja who has a long way to go, defeat hundreds of enemies, and bypass many deadly traps. A stylish picture, interesting platforming, talented level design - for all this, the developers only ask to watch ads from time to time. The game itself is free.

Ninja Arashi 2 draws you in with a talented combination of different mechanics. The hero fights solve puzzles and jump around locations. From time to time, bosses will challenge him - even those gamers who have easily completed the Dark Souls trilogy will have to sweat over them

The authors promise to develop the game and add levels, bosses, and enemies. Without a doubt, many would have played Ninja Arashi 2 on PC as well, it was painfully well-made.

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Framed. Unusual puzzle

Framed's visuals are reminiscent of noir comics. The drawing turned out beautiful, and the background melody perfectly immerses you into the atmosphere of the game. The gameplay also holds the bar. The task of the gamer is to bring the hero from one side of the screen to the other, but this will not be easy: the path is full of enemies and obstacles.

At the beginning of the level, the screen is divided into puzzles. You need to arrange them in such a way that the character avoids trouble and safely gets to the exit. However, it is worth making a mistake or miscalculating the behavior of the villains, as the hero will die.

Framed is instantly addictive. It is worth turning it on, as you will not calm down until you have completed at least a couple of levels. Swapping puzzles, experimenting, and solving puzzles is a curious experiences. If you like the game, pay attention to the continuation.

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Papers, please. Passport control saga

Papers, Please is one of the best indies of all time. It's hard to count the awards she received on release. Someone even called the project the best game of 2013. You can also play Papers, Please on PC, but it's best played on mobile.

According to the plot, the two fictional countries of Astotsk and Kolechia fought for the city of Greshtin for six years - as a result, the place, like real Berlin, was divided into two parts. You play as an inspector of the migration service, who must control the flow of people striving for Astotska.

Many people will pass through you every day. Someone is simply looking for a better life or seeks to get to relatives. But other comrades may turn out to be terrorists, madmen, or carriers of infection - they will ruin the country if they are missed. To distinguish good citizens from villains, you will have to study documents, look for inconsistencies and always be on the lookout.

At the same time, Papers, Please is a philosophical game that makes you think about life, politics, and ordinary people. In addition, the project has an excellent plot and 20 endings, which depend on the decisions made.

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peace, death. Death has a hard job

If in Papers, Please you have to decide who will enter the country, then in Peace, Death the stakes are even higher. You will become the Reaper who needs to make a verdict, who is waiting for a place in Paradise, and who will go to Hell.

At first, distinguishing a saint from a sinner is easy. Here is a nobleman who almost glows with kindness, but a maniac in the blood and with horns on his head is an easy choice. However, with each new level, there are more and more details that need to be monitored. In addition, Purgatory will be added to the options where to send the unfortunate.

The situation is complicated by the timer, which does not allow for looking at the candidates for a long time. Time is short, and there are many people - it is easy to make a mistake in such conditions.

All this makes Papers, Please an addictive game that instantly earned the love of gamers. It is worth noting that the project was created by Russian developers, and the continuation will be released on October 11th.

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The Room. atmospheric puzzle

The hero of The Room finds himself in a mysterious room. It's dark and scary in there. The only distinguishable object is a strange box in the middle of the room. At the same time, the subject is not simple: it is full of hidden compartments, clues, and locks. To solve the riddle, you have to study it up and down - and it will be terribly interesting.

The fact is that The Room is full of inventive puzzles that make you think. In addition, the game will be an excellent test of attentiveness - sometimes the clue is in places that you could not even think of.

A pleasant soundtrack and a mysterious atmosphere add charm to the project. These factors played an important role in the popularity of The Room. If the game is to your liking, pay attention to the sequels - four parts have already been released in the series.

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Plague Inc. Virus vs Humanity

Plague Inc gained popularity nine years ago, but in 2020 it opened a second wind - it's not hard to guess why. You control a disease that seeks to wipe humanity from the face of the earth. The gamer chooses the country where the "patient zero" will become infected and gradually pumps the disease. If everything is done correctly, people will soon go into quarantine - but this is unlikely to save them.

To infect humanity must be approached wisely. For example, it is impossible to make a disease too dangerous, because high mortality will unite people and force them to jointly develop a vaccine. At the same time, the infection should not be completely harmless - it is lethal cases that bring points for development.

Also, there are different modifiers in different countries. For example, in Africa, the level of medicine is low, but the heat prevents the virus there. In the US, the temperature is lower, but people there wash their hands more often and do not forget about doctors. And in Greenland, constant frosts and low population density. All this must be taken into account.

The developers do not forget about the support of the project and regularly add new campaigns and diseases. Covid-19 has not been overlooked either.

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Monument Valley. One of the best mobile phones ever

Monument Valley is an outstanding puzzle game that is called one of the best smartphone games for a reason. It does not require picking up keys or arranging items in the correct sequence. The mystery here is the space itself: it turned out to be so pretentious that you can’t immediately figure out how to get to the goal.

Locations become more difficult with each new level, enemies appear on the way, and more and more buttons require attention.

It is worth noting that Monument Valley has a touching story, served almost without words, and bewitching music that helps to step back from the outside world and immerse yourself in the game.

Gamers who complete the first part will be able to immediately continue the adventure - in 2017, the sequel Monument Valley was released. The development of the third part is also in full swing.

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Forgotten Memories. For fans of Silent Hill

There are many rumors about the new Silent Hill, but the official announcement has not yet been made. But fans can appreciate other projects in the spirit of the great horror: for example, mobile Forgotten Memories.

In the story, a woman, Rose, is looking for a missing girl. The disappearance is covered with an ominous fog, but this does not stop the heroine. Alas, soon something terrible happens to her: Rosa wakes up in a terrible house, even with a bullet wound. Now she has to explore the area, fight frightening creatures and get to the bottom of the truth.

Forgotten Memories turned out to be a solid survival horror that challenges even at an easy difficulty level. There are few cartridges, monsters hit hard, and dangers on every corner - all this creates an atmosphere that will scare even an experienced gamer.

Unfortunately, the authors did not bring the intriguing plot to mind, but this does not prevent them from getting involved in horror and going through it in one sitting.

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Hoplite. Tactics with roguelike elements

Hoplite is a mixture of chic Hades bagel and tactical Into the Breach. From Hades, there are roguelike elements and an ancient Greek underworld setting. From Into the Breach tactical gameplay that forces you to analyze every move and calculate actions in advance.

Hoplite is reminiscent of chess with pumping, various enemies, and a generated world. At the same time, with each new entry, the game changes so much that you can cut into it almost endlessly.

If you like tactics and projects that require thoughtfulness, pay attention to Hoplite.

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As you can see, there are a lot of suitable projects that will help pass the time with a smartphone. If the selection seemed sensible to you, evaluate other materials. For example, this article contains the best free games on iOS and Android, and here we talk about the coolest new games that came out this summer.

Do you spend a lot of time on mobile games? Write in the comments?