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TOP 10 richest video game characters: Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, Michael from GTA, Geralt from The Witcher, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and others


TOP 10 richest video game characters

Usually, video game characters cannot boast of a large fortune, even in those games where there is a developed economy system. Priority, you understand, is given to balance, which equalizes everything. However, we found 10 characters who managed to break this system and make good fortune.

Counting other people's money is a thankless task. Especially when it comes to fictional characters in virtual worlds. Therefore, we will immediately explain what guided us in preparing the top:

  • Priority was given to those characters whose lifestyle is as close to reality as possible - inheritance, property, sources of income such as business or dangerous adventures;
  • Excluded are characters whose wealth is difficult to calculate or impossible to estimate, although they are "generally known" to be fabulously wealthy. So there is no Batman or Iron Man in the top.

Shooter (Tagged) from STALKER

Condition: $500,000 

Despite the fact that money in the entire STALKER trilogy is only a convention, and the economy system is poorly tuned, we were able to estimate how much dough the Strelok could take out of the Exclusion Zone by searching and selling artifacts. They also took into account the fact that he is one of the pioneers in the Zone and just an experienced stalker, able to easily detect any artifacts.

Shooter (Tagged) from STALKER
The shooter clearly did not need funds

The measure in our calculations was the AK-74, the average cost in our reality - is $ 1000 per 1 pc. Traders in the Zone conditionally give 1.5-2 Kalashnikovs for one rare artifact, from 3 to 5 for a very rare artifact, while legendary and unique artifacts, such as the Compass or the Heart of the Oasis, can be exchanged immediately for 10 -12 AK-74. And even though the properties and rarity of artifacts change every game, the entire set is easily assembled during the passage, so specific types do not matter.

In quantitative terms, everything is also in order - rare artifacts of all kinds are usually from 50 to 80, very rare - from 20 to 30, and the most expensive can be found in up to 5 pieces. The events of any game are unlikely to last longer than three months. It turns out that in a quarter Strelok could trade artifacts for 100-300 AK-74s. Which in our reality today turns into an amount from $100,000 to $300,000.

Even if we take into account the costs of trampling the Zone and the war with its inhabitants, a long-term treatment known from the character’s biography, possible restrictions on the transfer of artifacts and simply failures in searches, Strelok could save one hundred thousand dollars a year in the zone, and he was there about 5 years. So his fortune will easily exceed half a million dollars.

Nathan Drake from Uncharted

Condition: $1,000,000 

A desperate adventurer, an excellent parkour player, an accurate shooter, a real detective, and just a charismatic playboy, Nathan Drake, no matter how unexpected it may sound, cannot boast of a large fortune. A family disaster in early childhood did not allow him to receive any inheritance or even a good education. After several years of ordeal in an orphanage and a couple of months in prison, Drake Jr. was very lucky to fall under the influence of a dangerous adventurer, Victor Sullivan.

Nathan Drake from Uncharted

The latter helped uncover Sam's talents for pickpocketing and theft, but Drake turned out to be completely unlucky in terms of monetizing looted tombs, plundered treasures and other Eldorados. And, I didn't really want to do that either. Only at the end of A Thief's End was he lucky to bring some of the wealth he found to the black market.

With the proceeds, he bought a house in New Orleans, and then another one by the beach in Mexico, and also opened a business to salvage marine cargo that sank at the bottom of the sea. According to a number of estimates, this alone would have cost about $400,000. We have estimated the treasures he found at $1,000,000. The remainder, albeit small, will keep his family and business afloat for a long time.

Samuel Fisher of Splinter Cell

Condition: $3,000,000 

The American government paid well for the services of the famous counter-terrorism fighter from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell with the successful completion of the assigned tasks. In the first two games of the series alone, he was credited with more than $600,000 (in 2023 prices), of which he could spend half to buy various improvements to his equipment, and, of course, keep the second.

Samuel Fisher of Splinter Cell

However, this amount pales in comparison to the budgets of the special forces Splinter Cell, when the fight against terrorism around the world has come to the fore. Having completed all the missions of Double Agent, Chaos Theory, and Blacklist in the best possible way, Sam Fisher could develop for $12,000,000. After deducting $2,000,000 of upgrade costs, he still had $10,000,000 left. Not a bad income for 10 years of dangerous work.

Someone will probably object that the money was not given to Fischer personally but was sent to the work of the entire detachment. But given the small number of participants, Sam had no one to share with. And taking into account the style of work of such deeply classified units, there is simply no one to demand a report from Sam for every penny. We estimate his fortune at 3-5 million dollars.

640509040147 (Agent 47) from Hitman

Condition: $5,000,000 

One of the most popular video game characters - Hitman - could not be missing from our list! In total, for the execution of ICA contracts in Codename 47, Silent Assassin, and Blood Money, he was transferred about $ 3,000,000 (when recalculated at the moment). Note that the ICA opened a deposit for the 47th, which he used to purchase everything he needed.

Agent 47 carefully hides his income and lifestyle
Agent 47 carefully hides his income and lifestyle

You can see that this is a penny sum for such work, in addition, Hitman adjusts the deaths of prominent members of society and not the usual "no-names". The highest aerobatics is to arrange the matter as if a monstrous accident had happened.

During the old and new trilogy, as well as Hitman: Absolution, 200 people became the targets of the bald hitman. We know for sure that he continued to work between games - such murders are mentioned, albeit very vaguely. We don't know exactly how many there were, but we believe it was around 250. If he was paid $50,000 for one murder, then he must have saved up $12,500,000.

Hitman was not paid for the personal affairs that he handled with Diana and also did not pay for extra killings. For several years, the 47th was simply inactive, including two attempts to retire. He is also known to have made large donations to a couple of churches and an orphanage. As a result, we estimate his fortune in the amount of 5 to 10 million dollars.

Lincoln Clay from Mafia 3

Condition: $18,000,000

By the will of fate, the protagonist of Mafia 3, who got on a crooked path, turned out to be very successful and quickly made a fortune, exchanging his physical strength and power for entire areas of New Bordeaux, destroying the business of competitors and destroying the influential criminal groups of the city.

Lincoln Clay from Mafia 3

Just adding up the cash reward from completing the story and side quests, you get more than $1,000,000. Added to this is from 1.5 to 3 million as tribute from the captured areas of the city. And this is a large amount, since the game is developing rapidly, and the events cover 3-4 months.

Even though the hero spent a significant part of his income on improving weapons, vehicles, and his base, as well as on buying various equipment, he definitely should have had $2,000,000 left by the end of Mafia 3. Even now, this is a good amount, and even taking into account inflation, starting from the late 60s, will be almost $ 18,000,000 today. One of the game's endings shows Lincoln on the run, retired and allegedly eking out a miserable existence. But it doesn't look like he's in trouble.

Franklin Clinton from GTA 5

Condition: $50,000,000 

The GTA series is famous for its charismatic protagonists. And while we reject the path Franklin took, he ended up as a wealthy merchant and entrepreneur. Being a risky fellow, he rushed from one adventure to another and endured Trevor's psychological flights.

Franklin continued to get rich in the world of GTA 5
Franklin continued to get rich in the world of GTA 5

However, by the end of GTA 5, Franklin was not yet as rich as he was shown in the Contract DLC for GTA Online. He just started acquiring property: a mansion in Vinewood Hills, apartments in the City, a yacht, an airplane, and a helicopter, and numerous racing cars and motorcycles. To purchase all this, you will have to spend about $ 50,000,000, which Franklin obtained in one way or another in the game.

And although there are no significant businesses behind him at the time of the final, the indicated amount is already sufficient to get into our top.

Marcus Holloway of Watch Dogs

Condition: $50,000,000

Watch Dogs 2 is an example of such a game where you can go to work. It overwhelms the player with activities ranging from completing numerous side quests such as stealing ATM proceeds or personal information, to robbing corporations, and banks, stealing cars and hacking into company data and reselling them on the black market.

Marcus Holloway of Watch Dogs

At the same time, the game generously rewards the protagonist for any activity. Those who wish can see our guide to making money in Watch Dogs 2 - the only thing that matters to us is that in an hour of real-time you can earn from forty to one hundred thousand virtual dollars. Considering that many activities, although not legal, are not limited to the game, Marcus can make an almost infinite amount of money.

In addition, the numerous properties that were unlocked to provide progression in the game simply pale in comparison to the rewards in the final. After uncovering the plot of an evil corporation, Marcus gains the right to use the Transamerica Pyramid skyscraper as a DedSec base.

The minimum assessment of his fortune is $50,000,000. Further - at the request of the player.

Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher

Condition: $100,000,000 

The famous witcher is a highly-paid specialist in his game world. We came to this conclusion by counting his income from completing quests and other activities in The Witcher with our money.

Geralt has always led a wealthy lifestyle
Geralt has always led a wealthy lifestyle

Taking into account the workload of the witcher shown in computer games, Geralt earned from 40,000 to 50,000 gold coins per year, which, with a medieval gold coin weighing 4 grams, gives 160-200 kg of gold per year. With the current price of gold around $65,000, the lower rate alone is enough to generate an income of about $10,000,000 per year.

It is clear that his expenses were simply cosmic. In addition, not all his life Geralt was such a cool witcher and allowed himself to raise the tariff for his services. However, he could have earned $100,000,000 by the end of his witcher career, which is about 50 years. That is why we have added it to this list. And why does he look like a beggar, we invite you to write in the comments.

Michael De Santa from GTA

Condition: $150,000,000

At the beginning of GTA 5, Michael is already a very wealthy man. A large mansion with a swimming pool and a garage in the center of Los Santos, several expensive cars, and a family of three idiots to keep. The game does not provide clues, but we estimate Michael's net worth at this point in time to be between $10 million and $15 million.

Michael De Santa from GTA

As is often the case, a serene life after a turbulent youth leads to a rapid degradation of the character, and we see Michael already rolling downhill. Returning to the criminal business and becoming the leader of a gang of three friends, he can quickly increase his capital, which the player observes during the passage of GTA 5.

The game has more than 60 tasks and 20 separately for Michael, many third-party activities, as well as the ability to play on the stock exchange. Using all the possibilities, Michael can become the owner of a casino, a couple of planes, and yachts, not counting various little things like a dozen luxury cars, a villa, and apartments in the City, as well as his own film company.

Up to $140,000,000 can be spent on the purchase of all this property, taking into account the income generated by businesses throughout the game year. As a result, Michael's fortune can be estimated at $ 150-160 million by the end of GTA 5. Which makes him one of the richest video game characters and the richest protagonist of the GTA series. At least until the release of the sixth part.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Condition: $1,000,000,000 

And in the first place, we have the famous tomb raider. But do not think that Lara made her fortune on adventures. Of course, she is not as altruistic as the same Drake and should make good money on the finds.

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

But mining ancient relics for a reward or ruining treasuries and reselling jewelry on the black market does not in itself make her richer than other characters. We can say that Miss Croft is a public person and actively monetized her image through the release of books describing adventures, various merchandise, and also through participation in advertising. Her braz was used in commercials for the Visa payment system, Chevrolet cars, and the first PlayStation.

The lion's share of Lara's fortune is a family legacy accumulated by several generations of Croft aristocrats: mansions and estates in Europe and Great Britain, including in the vicinity of London, numerous collections of antiquities, and priceless artifacts. We could not assess her condition, but the figure is about one billion dollars walking on the Internet.

It can be said - do not be born happy, but be born rich, but there is a nuance here. All this real estate and other antiquities, in fact, dead money that cannot be sold or sharply turned into cash. In addition, a significant part of Lara's income is spent on maintaining and ensuring the safety of valuables. So her leadership is formal.

Other heroes can be ranked among the richest video game characters - write in the comments if we missed someone. We will be glad to hear your opinion.