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WoW Guide: The Noble Garden Festival - All innovations and tips for 2023

 Noblegarden Festival 2023 in the World of Warcraft Guide. We have all the rewards, tips, and tricks for the Easter event in Azeroth.

With the end of the Easter holiday in the real world, the Noblegarden Festival begins in World of Warcraft. There the inhabitants of Azeroth celebrate the beginning of spring and the awakening of nature after winter. There are plenty of eggs to look for and numerous rewards.

When does the event take place? In 2023, the Noble Garden Festival will take place from April 10, 10:00 a.m. to April 17, 9:59 a.m.

Noblegarden Festival - New reward for 2023

Noblegarden Festival 2023 is the first in the Dragonflight expansion. While there are only a few new rewards, these are compatible with all of your dragons. You can buy a Dragon's Basket of Eggs toy from the Noblegarden Festival vendors for the price of 200 Noblegarden Chocolates.

The toy grants you a buff for 15 minutes when used. As long as you are in the air with the dragon, it will now carry a large basket of eggs in its mouth.

The Raszageth Mount with Egg Basket. A real eye-catcher.

Unfortunately, the toy doesn't work while your dragon is on the ground, although that currently looks like a bug that may be fixed in upcoming patches.

Noblegarden Festival Guide - Everything you need to know

What do you have to do at the Noblegarden Festival? Even though the Noblegarden Festival counts as one of the "big" annual events, the procedure here is extremely simple, because there is basically only one necessary task to secure the various rewards: collecting eggs.

Each egg found can be opened and then rewarded with a piece of Noblegarden chocolate. This chocolate, in turn, can be exchanged with a merchant for numerous rewards. The prizes for the various rewards range from 5 chocolates to 500 chocolates.

Traders and quest givers can be found in every known starting area.

The twist on collecting the eggs is that the eggs—in addition to the chocolate—can also contain some of the rewards. It is very likely that you will not have to collect several thousand pieces of chocolate, but will receive some of the fancy rewards while searching.

Where can you collect the eggs? Collecting colored eggs is possible in all cities of the respective starting areas.

These are for the alliance:

  • Azure Watch (Azuremyst Isles)
  • Dolanaar (Teldrassil)
  • Goldhain (Wald von Elwynn)
  • Kharanos (Dun Morogh)

These are for the Horde:

  • Bloodhoof Village (Mulgore)
  • Brill (Tirisfal)
  • Hawkwing Plaza (Eversong Woods)
  • Razor Hill (Durotar)
The eggs are "hidden" everywhere in the outdoor area of ​​the respective location. Since they are quite colorful, you should recognize them quickly. As a rule, they respawn in a few seconds.

The eggs are quite large and colorful - you can hardly miss them.

Note that you can find the eggs in all sorts of "versions" of the villages. For example, you can activate war mode if the location is otherwise crowded with players, or activate an alternative Chromie timeline for a character under level 60 to have less competition when hunting for eggs.

Tip for collecting: If you want to collect eggs faster and more successfully, you should also assign the interaction button in the options. Then you don't have to laboriously search for and click on the eggs, you can simply walk near them and pick them up by pressing a button.

What rewards are there? The Noblegarden Festival offers a total of 21 different rewards that you can purchase for Noblegarden Chocolate. So if you want all of the rewards in a simple form, you'll need to collect a whopping 2015 Eggs.

However, note that the amount will decrease significantly since you will already receive many of the rewards from Eggs beforehand. Also, it is possible to buy the most expensive reward - the Swift Spring Strider mount - in the Auction House from other players instead of spending the 500 Chocolate for it.

NameArtCost (Chocolate)Found in eggs
spring robeTransmog50And
White tuxedo shirtTransmog25And
Black tuxedo pantsTransmog25And
Elegant dressTransmog50And
spring frostTransmog50No
Black Spring CircletTransmog50No
Pink spring hoopTransmog50No
Yellow spring hoopTransmog50No
Brown spring hoopTransmog50No
Blue spring hoopTransmog50No
Spring Hare Pawdomestic animal100And
Swift spring stridermount500No
Mystical spring bouquetdomestic animal100No
Nobelgartenhasedomestic animal200No
Spring Florist's Pouchtoy50No
Noble Gardener's Hearthstonetoy250No
A dragon's basket of eggstoy200No
Nobelgarteneiconsumable item5No
flowering branchconsumable item10And
spring flowersconsumable item50No
Tome of Polymorph: RabbitSpells (mages only)100No

Are there other rewards? Aside from the "tangible" rewards like toys and transmog, there are also various achievements and also some travel journal tasks to get points for the trading post. If you haven't reached the maximum here yet, you should collect a few eggs or complete the daily quests to complete several tasks at the same time.