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WoW: Install addons from Curse – Here's how


WoW: Install addons from Curse – Here's how

We'll tell you how to install add-ons for World of Warcraft and unlock new functions for your interface.

What do addons bring? Unlike many other MMORPGs, World of Warcraft allows you to massively customize the gaming experience with addons. These enable a variety of additional functions and can massively expand the interface. Whether you want current damage done, special warnings for boss fights, analysis tools for the auction house, or character descriptions for role-playing.

Install WoW addons manually

If you don't want to use any additional programs, you have to install the addons manually. But don't worry, it's pretty easy and doesn't require much knowledge.

  • Find an addon you want to use. The largest addon database for this is Curseforge.
  • Download the addon and unzip the file if it is compressed as .rar or .zip.
  • Opens the World of Warcraft Addons folder. It's in the WoW save location. The folder is World of Warcraft/_retail_/Interface/Addons.
  • Copies the downloaded and unzipped addon to the addons folder.
  • Start World of Warcraft and activate the addon in the character selection under the menu item "AddOns" or if you are logged into the game in the main menu (Escape key) also under the item "AddOns".

If you want to install addons for the classic version of WoW, you proceed in almost the same way. However, the target folder is then "World of Warcraft/_classic_/Interface/Addons".

Install WoW addons with software

Installing WoW addons with additional software is much more relaxed. There are different options here and it all depends on personal preference. Some swear by "WowUp", others use a tool from Curseforge.

The advantage here is that you can usually update addons with just a few clicks and are always informed whether you already have the latest version.

Addons don't work - what to do?

If your addons don't work in World of Warcraft, there can be several reasons that you should rule out one after the other:

Do you own the latest version of the addon? You must update them regularly and download new versions to ensure functionality.

Is the addon activated in the game? Open the "Addons" section in the character selection or in the main menu and check whether the desired addon is ticked.

Sometimes several addons don't get along with each other. Disable all other addons and only enable the one whose functionality you want to check. If it then runs properly, there are probably complications with one of the other addons.

Errors with addons are common, especially after a new patch. Addons developers usually take time to update them. Since they are usually not paid for their work and it is often a question of fan projects, this can take a few days.