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Start Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC


Start Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC

Horizon Forbidden West's first DLC is finally here and it's titled Burning Shores. But before you head to those fiery shores of Los Angeles, you should first know how you can do this and what the requirements are. We will now explain this to you below.

Requirements to start Burning Shores

Burning Shores is an expansion that, unlike many other DLCs in the open-world or action-adventure genres, cannot be started mid-game, but has certain prerequisites.

In fact, this is literally an "expansion" as it continues the action of the main story of Horizon Forbidden West. This means that Burning Shores follows right after the conclusion of Horizon Forbidden West's main campaign.

So you have to have completed the entire main story, including the "Singularity" mission so that the DLC story can even begin technically. Newcomers to the game still have a lot to do.

Once you've played through the story and purchased and downloaded the DLC, you'll receive a call from an old acquaintance through Aloy's Focus who wants to speak to you about an urgent matter. The ensuing one-on-one conversation finally takes you to the new area of ​​Burning Shores, formerly Los Angeles.

Is HFW Burning Shores available for PS4?

Although the base game Horizon Forbidden West was released for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, the Burning Shores DLC is different. You can only play this exclusively on the PS5.

The developers justify this with the technical requirements of the actual game and the innovations in the DLC, which the PlayStation 4 simply cannot meet. In view of this, we can also assume that the DLC will not be available for the PS4 at a later date either.

This is how much the Horizon Forbidden West DLC costs

Since the base game for Horizon Forbidden West is already a PlayStation-exclusive title, you can only purchase the DLC Burning Shores in the corresponding shop. In the PlayStation Store, the DLC costs 19.99 euros at launch.