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Aliens: Dark Descent walkthrough - game guide

 Guide for completing all story levels, destroying bosses, searching for datapads and blueprints of xenotechnologies

Aliens: Dark Descent walkthrough - game guide

Use WASD to move the camera (you can also move the cursor to the edge of the screen), Q and E to rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise, mouse wheel to zoom in or out. Control your character by right-clicking to move around. Run by double-clicking RMB will soon be unlocked. Once in the office, click LMB on the computer and view the notes.

Get inside the elevator and go to the docking bay. Examine the game map, and move east to the desired marker until you find a corpse. Go through the new door and hold LMB to highlight the corpse. Interact with him by releasing LMB after hovering over. Get to the capsule and watch the cut scene.

Pick up the welding machine from the corpse of the technician and leave the compartment. Click LMB on the door and weld it. Go in the direction of the marker, and follow in the opposite direction to the communication center until the fire starts. Go around the fire through the rooms on the side. Keep moving until you activate the Cerberus protocol.

Move to cover and crouch with CTRL. Move through the hall on the left side so that the Alien does not notice you. Closer to the marker, a cut-scene will start, and you will take control of a team of marines, which will include Jonas Harper, Hayes, Latimer, Ruiz. Follow from marker to marker until you learn about the white dots on the map, as well as the fact that marines attack enemies automatically, but only while standing or while walking. While running, they cannot shoot!

Spend your first team point on a grenade launcher. Over time, team points are restored. Their maximum supply increases with the improvement of the marines. Study the suppression fire, which also consumes a team point, then enter the elevator and ride to the docking bay.

Move through the compartment, killing enemies. Use a shotgun, a first aid kit, and when you get to the far compartment, set up suppression fire (direct it to the gateway through which you entered here). Use a grenade launcher or a shotgun to fight off two enemy waves of xenomorphs.

After that, the mission will end, and you will find yourself on the warship "Otago", which is your base. Open the medblock, heal the wounded patient by appointing a doctor. Then you need to visit the workshop, where you can unlock new weapons. You don't need to do this now, so open the lab. After that, you can start a new mission. There are 12 main quests in Aliens: Dark Descent.

dead hills

When hovering over a quest on the planet Lethe, you can see the number of main objectives, datapads, resources and xenotech. Then you can assemble a team for a sortie. There is nothing you can do before the first task. Take 2 instruments and medicines with you.

Upon arrival at the town, open the gate on the perimeter, go to the building, and hack the terminal. Inside, you can inspect the container to get supplies (tool). Go deeper, and connect to Otago using the control panel. Proceed by opening the welded door and planting explosives that consume clips. It is not necessary to blow up the next barricade - you can bypass it along another corridor. Go to floor 1.

Remove the insulation and buy two-floor map plans for 2 tools. Continue driving and install the motion sensor in the indicated place. Step back along the corridor and wait for the sensor to work. Clear the corridor. The pursuit phase will begin. Run through the door to the south, turn east, and enter the room on the right hand. There are containers here, and one of them contains xenomorph technology (1/2). Continue towards the marker, killing xenomorphs. In which case you can run into dead ends and weld all the doors to create a shelter. The current progress of the pursuit is displayed in the upper right corner. The higher it is, the more aggressive the xenomorphs will behave. Team stress will increase. In general, in which case you need to retreat to the BRT. Help the engineer and then finish him off. Get to the lift and go down to floor 0. Go outside and call BRT. Now you need to find and, if possible, save a few people.

Rescue Guard Torrance

Enter the nearest building, in the second room with three containers on the table, is Captain Sousa's datapad #3. The next room has Captain Sousa's datapad #2. Examine the locked cell with guard Torrens. Need a key. When you open the map, be sure to select your current destination. Sousa's office is in the same building. Search him. On the corpse will be the keys to the camera, and on the table - Captain Souza's datapad #1. There is a Brockman Ginsberg datapad on the table at the entrance to this building. Open the cell and order Torrance to follow you. Escort him to the BRT, click on the transport, and select survivor extraction to get Torrance inside.

Save Vet McNeil

Get to the indicated place, stand up with all the marines in the room, and interact with the terminal. Soon the door will open and you will meet Professor McNeil. Take the datapad and search the container inside which lies the turret. Exit the room by ordering McNeil to follow you, then plant the turret in the marked area. Turn on the suppression fire at a couple of marines and repel the attack of xenomorphs. After the battle, you can take the turret with you. The mission will continue after you destroy the Xenomorph Queen and search for three cocoons with people. Pick up the unconscious McNeil and pull her out of the old mine towards the BRT.

Rescue Tech Carmichael

Follow the marker until you reach the next complex. In the marked room you will find an infected Carmichael. He can no longer be helped. The task will end, but you will receive an additional goal.

Find the source of infection

Go to the nearest room from the place where Carmichael died. Interact with the terminal, then open the map and click on all the video cameras until you find a suspicious container.

Examine the suspicious container

Get to the indicated building where the slaughterhouse is located. Go inside, collect supplies and interact with the terminal. Keep moving through the same building until you get to the right place. Blow up the barricade to enter the room with the container. As soon as the conversation ends, you will receive a warning when interacting with the module on the container. The fact is that if they agree, the battle with the Crusher will begin. Make sure all your characters are healthy, stock up on resources. Tools are especially useful, in exchange for which you will receive 2 team points. Start the battle with suppressive fire, but after a few seconds, cancel it so that the whole team can run out of the path of the crusher to the sides. Otherwise, he can knock the Marines off their feet! Instead of suppressive fire, it is better to use a grenade launcher.

After the victory, get to the indicated building, go up to the top floor, and go to the director's office. Hack the terminal.

Save Biologist Everly

Go to the indicated building and search all the rooms. Collect datapads, resources. Everly is in a far room, but, unfortunately, you won't be able to help her. After ordering to follow you, a cut-scene will start, and Everly will die. There are also many rooms with one door in this building. If the persecution starts or the stress rises, weld one of the doors.

Rescue Engineer Macallan

Take any elevator to Floor 1 (if you select this objective, a marker will appear pointing to the nearest elevator). Open the door, after which the cut-scene will start. Order the character to follow you, return to the elevator and go to Floor 0. Evacuate the character to the BRT.

Find materials for "Otago"

Go to the indicated building and immediately opposite the entrance interact with the terminal. After that, collect resources and move to another location. Search a couple of rooms. In one of them you will find the corpse of a smuggler. Examine the body, be sure to search all the containers, and go further north. Eventually, you'll find a container containing 150 supplies.

Look for colonists in the old mine

This is the last task that will start after you complete all the previous objectives. Move to the marked place and use the terminal to open a passage to the old mine. Inside the building, find the elevator and go down into Shaft Well 1. Move through the shaft, killing enemies and collecting supplies. In the end, you will find a door with a console. After opening this door by interacting with the console, you will encounter the Xenomorph Queen.

Before starting the boss fight, make sure you take out the Crusher that is roaming the mine. Otherwise, there is a chance that he will join the battle. And then it is unlikely to win! Also, heal the marines, and reduce their stress level (by creating a shelter, sealing the doors in the room, and pressing "Rest"). Not far from the elevator there are several rooms that are suitable for creating a shelter. Be sure to bring turrets with you.

In the queen's lair itself, you can find a container with another turret, but you can pick it up only at the end of the battle. Use suppressive fire to slow down the Queen. Gradually withdraw with the marines so that the Queen can not get close to them for as long as possible. The queen can attack from a running attack, similar to the Crusher, and if this happens, be sure to move the party to the side (or return to the corridor through which you entered the lair). Don't forget the grenade launcher if possible. Do not go deeper into the lair, otherwise, additional monsters like facehuggers will appear, which can instantly kill your foot soldiers. After the victory, search the dead carcass of the Queen to pick up a sample. Then examine the three cocoons to find the surviving Vet McNeil (you will continue with the "Rescue Vet McNeil" objective).

Before starting a new task, you will be able to buy the first improvement in the laboratory. If you have enough money, buy others.

Berkeley Docks

Go to the territory of the docks. The first thing to do is find the terminal and open the gate for the BRT. Enter the nearest building and take the datapad. In the far room, there will be a second datapod, and in the room between them, there is a terminal that will allow you to open the gate. After that, you will be asked to get to the port administration. Continue down the street, but a large container will block your way further. We need to get him out of the way. Turn to the right side and soon you will meet new enemies - cultists. Unlike xenomorphs, they don't spray acid when they die, so you can get close to them.

While moving between containers and other cargo, kill the cultists. Pay attention to the red barrels - they can be blown up. Finally, turn left to find a small building with a control panel. Activate the terminal to pick up the container. By doing this, you will be able to move the BRT one position closer.

Keep moving. Along the way, there will be an encrypted panel and a building with three containers. You can hack by spending one tool. Closer to the story marker, you will see a blockage that needs to be blown up. Nearby there will be a container with a clip. After blowing it up, run to the indicated place and kill all the enemies. Once defeated, before entering the marked building, turn left and look for a datapad lying on the ground.

In the room on the right, you can hack the terminal to gain access to the surveillance cameras at the docks. But you have to spend 1 tool. There are many enemies in the room on the left, but there will also be a supply container, other resources, and a fourth datapad. Continue through the building and use the elevator to move to Floor 1. Soon you will see the hostages.

Rescue the hostages (optional)

Run along the left or right corridor. Soon you will be pursued by xenomorphs. While killing them, keep moving until you run into a blocked door. Hack it with any marine (let the rest fight back), then go into the room and weld the door behind you. So you create a shelter and you can rest. Interact with the terminal to update the main story mission. Be sure to connect to the sector map (large table in the center of this room).

Hack the terminal and go in the direction of the side marker. Don't worry, the cultists won't kill the hostages. Moreover, they will not be in the first room. After clearing the first room, follow the marker and blow up the barricade. Kill all enemies in the hostage room. Find the fifth datapad there. Order the hostages to follow you and escort you back to the elevator, and from there to the BRT.

Head back to the top floor, find a room with a satellite dish in the marked area. As you move the camera, you should see a huge column of equipment. This is the room you need. Once Hayes is connected to the terminal, return to the gate and open it to move on to the control room.

Get the civilian out of the cocoon (optional)

Before entering the room with the cultists, go through the passages on the left and right. You will collect supplies and other resources and in one of the rooms on the right you will find an additional target. Free the survivor, after which you can pick him up. There is no need to go back as the elevator is literally a few steps from this edge of the building.

Go to the room marked with a marker. To do this, you need to hack the terminal. When you clear the room of all the cultists, return to the corridor through which you got here. Place 2-3 turrets there, go back and weld the door. Only after that, examine the terminal, as this will lead to the appearance of the Crusher. Some xenomorphs will also spawn in the terminal room. Here, look for the sixth datapad. After killing everyone, explore two more terminals, cracking down on xenomorphs, and then evacuate on the marked elevator, remembering to take a survivor with you. Take it to the BRT, after calling the transport closer to your position.

Enter the vaults. Move slowly, bypassing xenomorphs in stasis. Keep in mind that the Queen is waiting for you in the back room, so I recommend installing turrets right at the entrance in advance, and after replacing the monster. After the victory, be sure to search the corpse of the queen. Next to the plot marker, on the container is another datapad. On the right side of the location, in the east corner, look for a container with the desired amplifier.

Purification System (Harper's Hell)

Go through the first door and use the terminal to open the gate. Go around the next gate and open it. Only in this way will you be able to provide passage for the BRT. To the right is a locked room. In order not to waste the tool, go a little higher and go around this door. Once in the room behind the locked door, kill all the enemies, collect supplies from the containers and pick up the first datapad from the table. Continue on and unlock the next gate on the BRT path. Do the same with the fourth ones to get past the Marines themselves.

Continue moving up and to the left. You can clear all optional rooms and collect resources. And so you need to go around another gate to be in the room between the two gates, and open both passages. Immediately after that, you will be able to request a BRT move a second time. In the lighted corridor, in the corner, there is a second datapad. Doors and panels cannot be interacted with, so take the elevator to Floor 1.

Go to the next room, kill all the enemies and use the computer. Then connect to the sector map through the large table in the center of the room. Kill the enemies that attack from the other flank, return to the elevator and go down back to Floor 0. Hack the terminal with the door a little further from the elevator, in the corner of the corridor. Enter the security room and connect to the terminal. Find the third datapad there. After hacking the terminal, inspect all the cameras by opening the floor map.

Exit the security room and head east down the corridor that Hayes will open. Clear the bridges from enemies and open the indicated door using the terminal. Kill the Guardian and other xenomorphs, search the corpse of a fanatic to get a pass. Watch the cut-scene with the interrogation of the hostages. Call the BRT to the nearest point and escort both hostages there to complete the secondary objective.

Before you continue down the path and go down to the basement, return to the east, where you found the pass. There is another door at the top. Clear the room behind this door and open another door with the pass. In addition to the fourth datapad, you will find synthetics. Repair it by spending 1 tool and the synth will follow you, shooting at the enemies. This terminal, which opens the door to the synth, is also marked on the map. Follow the indicated place, open the large gate with the pass, clear the room and take the elevator down to the basement.

After going down to the basement and watching the cut-scene with the appearance of the Praetorian, find the datapad on the right. Walk a little further until you are pointed to the rails. To the left of them will be another datapad. Move even further and turn right, as the path further blocks the blockage. There is a green door on the right, and behind it is a room with a datapad. Continue moving along the perimeter and find in the far corner, where there will be a room covered with mucus, a narrow passage along the wall. Blow up the rubble and move on, killing enemies. In a large room with turntables and rails, look for another datapad.

Then you can simply go around through the storage room, either open the door on the left, spending 1 tool, or blow up the dilapidated wall to the right of it. If you have a tool, it's best to open the door, as there will be a datapad and two supply containers behind it. Examine the datapad marked with a marker. Then prepare for some serious combat before calling the elevator. Set the turrets in advance so that they look the other way from the elevator.

The last frontier of Otago

You won't be able to miss the mission the next day as the xenomorphs will decide to attack the Otago. Order any Marine to get into the loader. Then escort him to the location of the heavy turret. You can't drive the loader, only the remaining Marines. In addition, there is also a datapad in the drop zone. When the loader gets to the right place, activate the heavy turret. Use barrage fire at the location indicated by the marker. Install the second turret in the same way.

Return to the starting point and take out the long-range motion sensors from the container. Install them in the two indicated locations. Then visit two more places and use a barrage (via "Space") on the indicated points to fill up both caves. Return to the BRT and evacuate.

Pioneer Station (Nuclear Protocol)

Open the gate, collect two datapads and move on. In the next room, find two more datapads. Open the marked door. Unfortunately, nothing will come of it, because you need to restore power. Continue on the new marker and open the door. Once in the huge hall, search the supply containers and pick up the datapad. Open the far door, behind which there is some kind of creature marked with a white marker. Pick up another datapad from the floor and take the elevator down to the Headquarters. Continue driving, get to the terminal and activate the generator.

Cross the bridge right after you finish off the enemies. You also have access to the Barrage skill. Search the supply container and open the door. Find the security room, go inside and activate the terminal. Then open the map and view all the cameras that appear. In the place from the screenshot below there is a datapad and a map of the sector.

There will also be two additional targets. You will be asked to get to Keller's body and use the terminal at the customs office.

Customs confiscation (optional)

The terminal is to the north. Go to the marked room and examine the records from the terminal. On the same table is an optional datapad for the task. Follow the marker to the room you probably went through earlier and search the indicated container. You will receive about 100 items of materials. After that, you will need to find two more containers. You will find 28 more items each, after which the task will end.

Former colleague (optional)

Now follow to the southern point where you need to look for the body of Keller. Go around the room and find a door with a terminal that can be hacked. Having done this, examine the corpse. There is another datapad in the room opposite. To continue the quest, you need to pick up the datapad from the table next to Keller's corpse and examine it. When you later go down to the Control Level, according to the plot of the game, after receiving the access codes, find Anand's datapad on the right. Examine it, and you will be asked to search Cooper's body. Keep exploring the floor. As soon as you get to the fork with two doors, go south to Cooper's room, where his datapad will lie.

According to the plot, you need to search the corpse of the commander, marked with a marker. Go to the next corridor, look for the datapad in the room on the left. Walk forward and to the right along the corridor. Turn into the room on the right. You need to move over the corpses in white suits. This room will have a xenomorph hole in the floor. Find a corpse that you can interact with. When you search, you will receive a decoder.

Follow the indicated room where the sector map is located. Install three turrets in sequence in the indicated places. If you do not have enough turrets, go for them in the arsenal (a marker will appear). Turrets should be aimed at three doors. After that, use the decoder, making sure that the squad is ready for battle. Hold position. There will be several enemy waves. Take the access codes from the terminal. Return to the elevator and ride to the Control Level.

After descending to the control level, move in a circle, in the opposite direction from the marker, since there is no other way. Head into the side rooms as one of them has a datapad. Soon you should reach the gate and the terminal to create a shortcut back to the elevator. Before you open the next door, you will receive a warning. You are waiting for a battle with another Queen! From what I understand, synths will spawn indefinitely, so you need to focus on the Queen first. Take the elevator back to the docking bay and evacuate to the BRT.


After completing the current mission, the countdown will begin. You will have 20 to 30 days, depending on the chosen difficulty level, to complete the story campaign. If you don't meet it, the planet along with the Otago will be destroyed and the campaign will end in failure. You need to complete 7 tasks, that is, on average, you will have to spend no more than 3 days on each story mission (at the story difficulty level - four). That is why you will have to alternate the composition of the squad, otherwise, if you skip days to heal specific characters, you can lose.

Atmospheric Processor 27 (Atmosphere of Horror)

Move to the indicated door, but first turn left and pick up the datapad. Enter the building, pick up the datapad from the office where your Marines will enter. Another datapad and a supply container can be found in the room opposite. After that, additional goals will become available to you. Enter the satellite communications center and connect Otago and Hayes to it. Now you can really linger and look around different buildings to get useful resources and find survivors. Or you can go directly to the power generator. But let's delay. In any case, you can leave this building. Follow the marker to the next building, where the security room is located. Pick up the datapad and use the terminal, or stay for additional purposes.

Take survivors to safety (optional)

In the same building as the security room, there is a locked door on the right that can be opened. Do so to find the first surviving Lisa. The question will arise: is it worth saving Lisa? She was not infected, so you can safely take the Otago on board. Nothing bad will happen.

Visit the neighboring building to find Robert in one of the rooms (again, you need to open the door). If you have found all the records, then you should understand that this is a real hard worker who will not harm another person. So yes, we are saving.

To the right and just below the armory where you found Robert, there is a small building with two doors. One of them is not available for interaction, and the other can be opened. Behind it you will meet Drake. Unlike the previous two characters, Drake is a marauder who, in addition, was imbued with the ideas of the cultists.

Collect samples from the laboratory (optional)

Head to the marked location inside the lab. Take the datapad and examine the terminal to get markers with the location of four samples. In one of the four boxes you will find a xenotech blueprint. The task will end immediately. There will also be another datapad in one of the rooms.

Get into the arsenal (optional)

Follow the marker, enter the building from the south and open the door on the left. Inside the arsenal, you can search boxes with clips.

Get to the control center (optional)

Enter the indicated room, but the sector map will be damaged. But you can pick up a datapad.

Inspect the hangar (optional)

Go to the specified location. The hangar consists of three parts. In each of them there will be boxes and dens of xenomorphs. In general, clear the rooms first, and then collect supplies from the containers.

When you are ready to continue, move to the indicated point and interact with the terminal. Move in a circle. If you have a tool, you can open the door and take a shortcut. Once in the control room, activate the terminal, get to the elevator and go down to the basement.

In the basement, go left and pick up the datapad. In the same first room, look for a sector map. Move forward until the lights turn off. It's better to switch to the secondary task, go to the main marker and move to the right, counterclockwise around the place where you need to hit. Both doors will be locked, but this is the safest way to the generator and you can restart it. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you will stumble upon a room with a dozen or more facehuggers.

Continue to the right until you find a hangar with a new armored personnel carrier. At this point, the mission will be interrupted, and you will have to skip one day to continue the task. In addition, from now on you will be able to use 5 foot soldiers! Be sure to select the drop point in basement 1.

Through the right side of the floor, get to the control room. Activate the five terminals in different order, killing the enemies until you can go north, into the far elevator, which will take you down to Basement 2. Go to the right, where there is a single passage. Bypass the generators that deal damage as soon as the orange ring coincides with the borders of the red circle. It can also be used to damage opponents. Get to the control panel and create a bridge. Go back. Most likely, the Queen will appear. You can stand somewhere in a cul-de-sac and create some turrets as a first line of defense. Or you can try to lure her under the discharges. When you win, get to the last marker and take the power generator. After creating a bridge, return to the Basement 1 level and evacuate in an armored personnel carrier.


To start a new story mission, you need to select the Berkeley Docks, and then switch to the Montero tab on the left side of the screen. Select the closest point to the story marker. Enter the elevator and go down to deck B.

Restore power to the ship (optional)

When you go down to the deck and kill the enemies, you will receive the first task. It's really dark in here, so it won't hurt to restore power. Reach the indicated search area and look for the generator in the large room to the north. Here you need to climb into the power loader, and guard it with other characters until two batteries are installed. Then interact with the generator control panel. Also don't forget to pick up a datapad.

Get Marlow's Research (Optional)

When you get to the control room, kill all the cultists and be sure to pick up the datapad to get an additional task to find Marlowe's research. To search for samples, as well as a plot chip, return to the elevator. You need to go west, to the left on the map, but the path there is blocked, and the terminal is on the other side of the door. Therefore, go down to the south and move west through this side, along the very bottom of the map. On the left side of the highlighted area there will be a huge room with a yellow datapad on the floor. Pick up to get new clues for finding Marlowe's research. Continue west until you reach the bridge with the cultists. Kill everyone in this room and pick up the yellow datapad from the floor. Look inside the marked container to complete the quest, for which you will receive a xenotech blueprint.

Continue the story, through the bridge, get to the northwest corridor and find a room with AI. Connect to the AI, go back a little and up, to the north, where there was a corridor through which you got to the laboratory with Marlowe samples. There was also another locked door, but now it is open. Take the chip, return to the elevator, go back up and evacuate to the Otago.

Research Station Tantalus (Evacuation)

Move along the only path, then use the demolition charge to demolish the blockage. Continue moving, destroying the xenomorphs, and near the base itself, you will have to kill the Darwin Era group. You can turn into the building on the left. In the upper left room, which can be reached through the snowy courtyard, if you decrypt the terminal, there is a synthetic lying around. You can fix it so that it helps in battle. Also in the middle of this building is a security room.

Get Marlow's Research (Optional)

When you get to the control room, kill all the cultists and be sure to pick up the datapad to get an additional task to find Marlowe's research. To search for samples, as well as a plot chip, return to the elevator. You need to go west, to the left on the map, but the path there is blocked, and the terminal is on the other side of the door. Therefore, go down to the south and move west through this side, along the very bottom of the map. On the left side of the highlighted area there will be a huge room with a yellow datapad on the floor. Pick up to get new clues for finding Marlowe's research. Continue west until you reach the bridge with the cultists. Kill everyone in this room and pick up the yellow datapad from the floor. Look inside the marked container to complete the quest, for which you will receive a xenotech blueprint.

Continue the story, through the bridge, get to the northwest corridor and find a room with AI. Connect to the AI, go back a little and up, to the north, where there was a corridor through which you got to the laboratory with Marlowe samples. There was also another locked door, but now it is open. Take the chip, return to the elevator, go back up and evacuate to the Otago.

Research Station Tantalus (Evacuation)

Move along the only path, then use the demolition charge to demolish the blockage. Continue moving, destroying the xenomorphs, and near the base itself, you will have to kill the Darwin Era group. You can turn into the building on the left. In the upper left room, which can be reached through the snowy courtyard, if you decrypt the terminal, there is a synthetic lying around. You can fix it so that it helps in battle. Also in the middle of this building is a security room.

Hack the terminal against the wall to access the security cameras. There are two workshops in the building on the right. To access one of them, you will have to spend 1 tool, to access the other, you need to bypass the building and blow up a weak wall, spending 1 clip. And there, and there you will find useful resources.

In any case, you need to go through the buildings on the left, where the guard room is, up (north) along the corridor, towards the marker. Eventually, you will reach a corridor with cultists. Go around them along the side corridors, otherwise you will be ambushed. Then enter the elevator and go to Floor 1. Clear the room and use the terminal.

Return to Floor 0, follow outside, where there is a place for an armored personnel carrier. You could open two of the three hangars, and now you can open the third one. Go to the hangar and order any marine to jump into the power loader. Guard him on the way to the door. When the door opens, go inside and take the elevator down to Basement 1.

Move through the secret lab until you reach a room with a camera control terminal. First, pick up the datapad from the floor. Then open cameras:

  • Chamber 01 - xenomorphs
  • Chamber 02 - xenomorphs
  • Chamber 03 - Crusher
  • Chamber 04 - A cut-scene will start in which you will rescue Captain Theo Stern
  • Chamber 05 - Praetorian
  • Chamber 06 - Nobody

The man from cell 04 will open a passage deep into the laboratory. Search the new corridors, find the door with the terminal and break it open. Be sure to search the lower room after the cutscene with a blue container in which the blueprint of xenotechnology is hidden. Keep exploring the labs, killing enemies, until you reach a situation center with a terminal. Use it to open the rest of the doors. You can also activate the cameras there. On the way deep into the laboratory, you will find a room (where the only camera hangs) with the Queen. You don't have to kill her, but if you do, you'll get a xenotech blueprint. Get to the back room and connect to the terminal. Then run back to the elevator, collecting datapads and killing enemies along the way. Watch the cutscene that ends the chapter.


Use the nearest terminal, make your way to the far part and get pheromones from the container. Place through the "Space" inside the chamber, run away, and when the xenomorph enters inside, start the cleanup. Exit the compartment, run immediately to the left and turn into the passage on the right to see a cut-scene. Run to the door to the armory. Run to the right, into the hypersleep room, and wait. When the monster appears, launch the capsules with any terminal and move in the opposite direction along the perimeter of the room. Return to the armory, then go to the door to the hangar.

Activate the nearest terminal to access the security cameras. The monster is about to come out from the side of the arsenal. Ideally, just follow him. Search the container, go back and open the door. Anyway, if you do not waste time on the cameras, you can quickly run to the container along the corridor until the monster appears. Just run to the BRT, no need to hide too much. Run to the generator room and restart the generator using the dedicated terminal. At the same time, stand close so that Hayes hides. A monster will appear. Proceed to start the generator, but wait. The countdown will begin. The alien can run towards you only one way, but first he will go the other way. Use taunt when the countdown is about to end (about 2-3 seconds).

Faros-Spire (Barbarian Methods)

Take the only route through the streets, as the rest of the paths will be blocked. Soon you will reach the square in front of an open building. There is nothing inside the first building, so go to the right of the entrance. Go to the next building with three doors. Use the far door and find the datapad on the left side. The path to the right leads to the Queen's lair. Somewhere around this moment, a side quest is activated. Place the turrets in advance and destroy the Queen so that when you search her, you will receive a Xeno-Zip xenotechnology blueprint. In addition, there is a datapad lying around in the Queen's lair.

The yellow marker will mark the outer wall of the bar, which you must blow up. So do it. After the explosion, kill Price's paratroopers, follow the alley, picking up a datapad along the way, and kill a new group of enemies. Keep moving and you will hear a voice behind the welded door. Open it to reveal a commando and other depleted stormtroopers. Decide their fate. We decided to spare, and the paratrooper just left. Search the room, order the survivor to follow you. Find the datapad there. Call the BRT to the nearest point and escort the hostage to it.

Return to the marker to enter the vault. To do this, use the terminal. Clear the vault. There are two pairs of locked gates and three side rooms. In the smallest room, far door on the right, look for a control panel with a terminal. Interact with him to open the vault gate. Follow the APC and plant the explosives on the weakened wall. Once in the building, pick up the datapad, clear the next room and go to the guard post. Activate the terminal and view the cameras. Using the top camera of the three, click on the "Open Main Doors" button that will appear directly while viewing through the camera. Deal with all enemies, including reinforcements, call the elevator and go up to the upper floors, to the Office.

Go to the indicated room, kill the enemy, hack the terminal and look through all the security cameras. After exploring all the chambers, the targets will be updated. You need to deal with several enemy groups. You can attack head-on, but at high difficulty levels, this will end in disastrous results. Instead, be tactical. Go down to the lower left corner of the map, go around the cafeteria on the left and blow up the marked wall. Finish off the enemy group, you don't need to destroy the turrets, and search the commando.

Find two terminals and connect to them. Now you can turn off the ventilation through the cameras or open the shutters. Approach the premises where these cameras are located. Use both tricks to get the critters inside and then deal with them. Search the corpses of two more commandos. To complete the side objective, look into the admin room and hack the terminal. And then search the three marked points to get dirt. Get to the last commando by hacking the terminal with the found keys, then pick up his pass, clear the floor from Aliens and call another elevator marked with a marker. Drive to Security Level.

Clear the command post, exit through the only door into the corridor and run to the very end, past the marker, to find a corpse and a datapad on the balcony. Get to the security room, which will be locked. Go further along the corridor and open the welded door. Search the security room and find a yellow datapad on one of the tables to advance the story. Run to the indicated room and plant the explosives in the weakened wall. Once in the security room (along the corridors with barricades), open the doors with additional protection. Return to the elevator and go through the door opposite, activating the terminal.

Disable the two anti-aircraft guns on the roof while you are attacked by an endless wave of Aliens. Then call another lift and go up to Price Apartments. Go into the corridor and kill the three commandos, then follow to the landing area, set the turrets in the direction of the elevator and repel the Aliens attack. Open the last door and watch the cut-scene.

Cleaning System (Olduvai Excavation)

Get to the indicated door and open it using the terminal. After the destruction of the enemies, send the recruit to the APC for evacuation (although the game does not hint at this, but it is useless). Get on the lift and ride to the Basement 1 level.

Look into the security room, pick up the datapad, connect to the terminal, and then view all the surveillance cameras. Interact with another terminal to disable the alarm and open the door. Then get to the bulkhead with the terminal and open the gate for the APC. Call the APC to a new location and wait. Mine the barricade to open the way further. Go to the next room, kill the enemies, and pick up the datapad. You can blow up the barricade on the left to get into the ammo arsenal.

Get to the next room along the southern part of the complex (at the bottom of the map) and watch the cut-scene (the Marine will automatically open the gate for the APC). To complete the optional objective and reach the detention cells, go through the large gate near the new APC location to the north. Move there to the marker, clear the room and open the camera. Order three survivors to follow you, escort to the APC and evacuate. Get to the control room, pick up the datapad, open the sector map and activate the elevator. Follow the marker and take the lift to Basement 2.

Move through the entire level, destroying enemies. You have to go around the circle counter-clockwise and then follow down and to the left as shown in the screenshot. There will be a blockage that needs to be blown up. A cut-scene will start. To find the generator, you need to follow diagonally to the right-down, and then - to the right-up, as shown in the screenshot.

Activate the generator, go back and open the bulkhead. Get to the door, killing enemies along the way and picking up the datapad. Place 3-4 turrets in front of the door (if possible), then activate the terminal. Then activate two more on the side of the gate, fighting off enemies. Run through the opened gate and use the terminal on the right (when the objective is updated) to isolate the room.

Soon you will find an elevator that will take you down to the Main Shaft. Finish off all the enemies and open the bulkhead to let the APC pass. There is also a datapad nearby. Find the next bulkhead, take the datapad and kill all the opponents. Inspect the bulkhead, after which you will have to look for a working loader. Move down and to the right on the map, to the location from the screenshot below, to find a mechanism. Have one of the Marines climb inside, and escort the rest of the loader to the bulkhead. In which case you can always get out of the loader. Call the armored personnel carrier, place the turrets in front of the bulkhead, which the loader will open, and repel the attack of the creatures.

Open the gate leading deeper into the mine. Move through the closed area, find the passage to the hive at the bottom right and destroy the queen. In the end, go through the gate opposite which the Queen was, and find another one with a terminal. A cutscene will play and you will be taken to the enemy cultist base. Open the bulkhead, call the APC (or it will appear automatically) and activate the terminal. Protect the landing area.

Now you will control Stein, Martinez and Hayes, who will go down deep into the dungeon. Go ahead and pick up the datapad. You will soon find Marlowe. Destroy the synth and move on. Pick up three more datapads. Move deeper until you meet Cassandra. And then you will need to evacuate back to the elevator, where the final video will start.