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Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 walkthrough - all endings (updated)


Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 walkthrough - all endings (updated)

Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099 is a continuation of the detective simulation Do Not Feed the Monkeys with a deep story and pixel art. In this guide, you will find a walkthrough of all the plot cells and a detailed description of the keywords. We will also tell you how to get one of the five available endings.

Therapist's office

  • The therapist starts work at 9:30;
  • At 10:30 a client arrives whom she does not accept;
  • At 14:30 a regular customer arrives.

Observation and available words

In the office we find the words "diploma" and "sofa" . Then we observe and choose: “psychologist” , “trance” , “pilot” , “monster” , “Poehi” , “star” , “desert” , “competition” , “book” , “boy” , “hat” , “ animals" .

Note: Some words will only become available the next day.

When you collect all the right words, you can match them and get the title of the book "The Little Prince".

We combine "psychologist" and "hypnosis" to get the name of Dr. Amelia Hayes . We drive her name into the search and get mail . We combine the words "star" and "Amelia Heights", we get the name Ruby Belle. We enter this name into the search engine to find the clue "emotional instability" .


It is worth combining Ruby Belle and the contest - Ruby's Trial. So you get access to a separate page on the network and another fork. Insert "The Little Prince" into the input field. This will give you a signed copy of the book, which can be sold for 120 cents.

After talking to Ruby about her favorite book, the next therapy session will be her last. The case will be closed. But you also have the right to get the Detrans ending.


To do this, complete the "Feeding" ending and, in a conversation with Ruby, say that the phrase "Poehi" will no longer affect her. When hypnosis fails at the next session, the star will be offended by the doctor. A day later, you find out that she committed suicide.


At 9:00 AM text Amelia on messenger and send her a video of her patient dancing. So you will receive 60 cents, and the case will be closed.


Unlock video recording and wait for the star to crow. Use the word "star" in your search to install an additional app. Click on the video and send it to the magazine.


  • The cage will be available for several days until a letter from the Club arrives.

Observation and available words

We examine the cage, collect the words "strange device" , "Galbrush" , "satellite" and "red spiral" . We combine "Galbrush" and "satellite", we get "TechPoint" , "Gamesat" and "Classic Video Games" .

We are looking for information on the red spiral - "great blackness". We drive this query into the search - "Guardians of the whirlwind". This phrase will lead to a page with a phone number and the name "Nathan Wood".

Combine "classic video game" and "Galbrush" to find "Ape Space" . Again we drive in "Space of the monkeys" and "classic video game". We learn the phrase "Verbal duel".

With a combination of the words “Word fight” and “Monkey space”, we will go to the page with the correct answers , which may come in handy later.

Club Mission

In a few days, a letter will come to the post office asking you to send the name of the owner of the satellite. You can do this by receiving a lump sum of 90 cents. In this case, the guy will be killed.


We call Nathan Wood and ask him about Gamesat. Get the chat handle mail. We write to the chatbot and answer its questions correctly (screenshot above). In this case, be sure to open the screen with tips on the computer. If this is not done, the correct answers may not appear.


  • Well, erysipelas! Space monsters are even cuter - Why don't you ask them for some self-care tips ;
  • You will not meet a more formidable pirate in the entire galaxy! Enemies scatter as soon as they see me - They are afraid that they will have to talk to you ;
  • You don't stand a chance! I don't know defeat - So this is your first time? This explains a lot…
Note: This will result in a warning. The second warning will end the game, so if you have already made mistakes, refrain from this action.

Immediately after communicating with the chatbot, the satellite will explode, and Nathan Wood will send you a special pass that can be sold for 30 cents. You will also get the "Escape Pod" achievement.



Observation and available words

At the first examination we find the words "bath" , "barrels" , "Buggy Woogle" . At 11:00 in the morning a man comes, at this time you can get the word "XXX" by clicking on the barrels behind the curtain.

Through the search for the phrase "Buggy Woogle" we find the words "Jar Fest" and "monster truck" . Combine "XXX" and "barrels" to get "craft beer" and "ingredients" . Again we drive in "craft beer" and "Jar Fest" - we see the name "Hank Sparkle" . By name we find a contact in the messenger.


Contact Hank Sparkle and offer to help him. Depending on the ingredient chosen, different endings will be available. The ingredients are sold in the online store. All you have to do is purchase the one you want and send it by mail to the address Hank provided.

  • Uncle Fred's Hot Pepper - Craft beer becomes successful and Hank shares the profit with the player (+100 cents);
  • Star Syrup - Beer turns to poison and Hank is arrested for poisoning festival goers.
  • ChemClean - Instead of tasty beer, Hank causes an explosion at the festival and dies.


Available words can only be collected at certain times - at 17:00, at 22:00 and at 14:00 of each subsequent day. To get all the information, you will have to watch the fortuneteller at this time for several days in a row.

Observation and available words

We watch what is happening and collect keywords: “Cassandra” , “real estate agency” , “headquarters” , “scammers” , “fortune teller” , “fortune” , “bare” , “talent” , “sensual sorceress” , “whip ” , “poems” , “charisma” , “guild” , “muse” , “metaphors” , “tackles” .

We combine "Cassandra" and "fortune teller" or "fortune", go to the website and find out the phone number , as well as the phrase "fortune telling license".

When collecting enough words in the upper right corner, select "Author". We connect this word with "sensual sorceress" and get to a website with the words:

  • Hot soothsayer;
  • Voluptuous;
  • Pleasure;
  • Erotic nights.
By the phrase "Erotic nights" we find the phone number. We call this number and say the phrase "hot soothsayer", we get the name of Cassandra's secret admirer - Hunter Scott.


Combine "guild" and "fortune-telling license" to get the word "psychics" . Call Cassandra after 2:00 pm or during the stream after the first client and start a conversation about psychics. If you decide to blackmail her, the seer will send the player 55 cents, and the scenario will end. You can also not resort to blackmail, but make sure that she is exposed. In this case, you will not receive money, and the cage will be closed.

Hunter Scott

We get the name of the fan and tell the fortuneteller by phone. She, in turn, exposes the guy on the next stream and bribes the real estate agency. If the player demands a reward, then in addition to the standard item, the cost of which is 90 cents, he will receive additional funds.

Smart House

  • Feature: Cage for time.
Like the soothsayer, the person in this cage will be available three times a day: at 13:30, at 18:00 and at 23:30.

Observation and available words

Observation of the tenant will open access to the following words: "artificial intelligence" , "rebel" , "help" , "obedient" , "configuration" , "soulless machine" , "junk" , "password" , "champions" , "cruel" , "Gutters" , "useless piece of iron" , "rough" , "uZinc" .

After collecting enough words in the cell on the right, it will be signed "Smart Home". A choice will appear in the cell on the left - "Aggressive", "Insolent" or "Compliant".

Combine "Gutters" with "champions" to get "Ham Bones". Go to their website and look for the tenant's name ( Geoffrey PMC ) as well as his nickname.

Completion by time

After a few days of bullying, the man will remove the artificial intelligence from his home. All other endings will be blocked, and the guy will go about his business without interruption.


Having learned the name of the owner of the house, get his nickname in the messenger and write to him. Use Smart Home to get the AI ​​serial number.

Combine the words "uZinc" and "configuration" to go to the website for AI configuration. As a password, use "Ham Bones" and set one of the parameters:

  • Compliant: Artificial intelligence will communicate well with the owner, trying to help him in all matters. Geoffrey will send the player a bowling ball (56 cents);
  • Aggressive: AI will flood the owner's house.


  • Feature: You will need to purchase 2 cells.
A man appears in cell number 1, with the help of which you can collect keywords. In cell number 2 at 19:00 his producer arrives.

Observation and available words

We look around and collect key words: “horror” , “draft” , “secret project” , “The Wallens” , “devil doll” , “producer” , “Tangled webs” , “movie” , “teenage drama”.

By the word "horrors" we find "fear" . Search the tags "Tangled webs" and "producer" to get the name and phone number . We combine "cinema" and "draft", we find the word "scenario" .

Now we combine the "script" with "Tangled webs" and get the name of the writer.


Call Mai Kaneko twice and ask about Vince Tarell. She will give him his exact address and also ask you to scare him. To do this, buy a doll "Jimmy loves hugs" and send it to the address received.

Vince will receive the doll the next day. In a day, the dolls will be on sale again, so you can send one copy again. Vince will be scared and will contact Mai to return to Tangled Web. So you get a special job as an extra on a TV series (4 hours, 64 cents).

Club Mission

A few days later, a letter will come to the post office asking you to send the name of the writer. By doing this, you will receive 60 credits.

Underground workshop

  • The girl visits the room every day at 9:00;
  • At 4:30 p.m., she makes a phone call with her boss and sister.

Observation and available words

Click on the robot to get the unfinished robot keyword. At the bottom of the screen, you can track the name and phone number (change daily).

Keywords that can be found in the room: "sister" , "legend" , "incident" , "gorge" , "fugitive" , "uZinc" , "black market" , "forger" , "refuge" , "constellation" , "underground" , "student" .

Combine "constellation" and "legend" to get the names "Lucy" , "Marsha" , "Lysis" . Now find the name of the planet using the keywords "constellation" and "Lucy". So get the planet "Hoo! 2" .

Next, we drive “incident” and “Hoo! 2” into the search, we get the name of the primate - Julia Tejeda . And to contact her, it is enough to combine the name and the word "student".

Club Mission

A few days after the cage is available, a letter from the Club will be sent to the mail. Name the planet Hoo!2 . You will receive 90 credits, and the underground workshop will be robbed.


Write to the sister of the girl in the messenger and send the name from the bottom of the screen (which changes daily). Answer her question "In the shape of a diamond. " Wait until the next day, after which Julia will pick up her sister and thank you. The cell will be closed.


If you call the number in the bottom corner of the screen three times and ask for shelter, the primate will find the camera and you will get a warning (if you already made mistakes, the game will be over).

Night graffiti

Every night at 11:30 pm, you can see a van stop here, after which drawings appear on the wall.

Observation and available words

Examine the first image and get the phrase "graffiti" . Wait for the van to arrive, then use night vision and look for the phrase "Flower Note" .

According to the found phrase in the search, find the pseudonym of the artist . We follow further on this word and find his real name.

Club Mission

A few days later, a letter from the club will come to the post office. Name the correct name to get 90 cents.


Make a video of the completed graffiti and send it to the app. It will appear on the exhibition, however, the guard will spoil it, but you will receive the unique achievement "Futuristic Manifesto".

We will update this guide soon.