How to Fix "Service Unavailable - 0x80a40401" Error on Xbox

 When launching the Xbox game console, you may encounter error 0x80a40401, which occurs if The message "Service unavailable - 0x80a40401" on your game console can occur not only after blocking Xbox services for a certain country or region but also due to the lack of an Internet connection or network devices, as well as problems with the MAC address or Microsoft account. In this guide, we have collected several working ways to solve these problems.

How to Fix "Service Unavailable - 0x80a40401" Error on Xbox

Check your internet connection

Before changing the parameters, you need to make sure that the problem is not on the surface:

  • Check your internet connection using another device;
  • Restart your modem and console;
  • Try connecting to a different network, such as using your smartphone as a network access point.

If none of these points helped, then move on.

Update MAC address

The MAC address is the unique identifier for your console on your home network and the Internet. Since this address has caused many errors in the past, Microsoft decided to add a cleanup feature to this address.

Update MAC address

  • Press the Xbox button on the controller;
  • Go to the "Profile and system" tab, and then select "Settings" ;
  • In the "General" section, find the item "Network settings" ;
  • Click on "Advanced Settings" and switch to "Alternate MAC Address" ;
  • Select "Clear" and restart your console.

Re-login to your account

Perhaps the problems are not related to your location but to the account. Just remove it from your Xbox console and log in again.

Note: Make sure you remember your login credentials before continuing.

  • Open "Options", as you did in the last paragraph;
  • Go to your account, then select "Delete accounts" ;
  • Select your account and click on the word "Delete" ;
  • Restart your Xbox console;
  • Return to the "Profile and system" tab and select "Add or switch", then "Add a new profile" ;
  • Enter your login credentials and set up your Microsoft account.

Set up a personal DNS server

Another working way is to manually register a DNS server. This option will allow you to continue the game as soon as possible and without consequences.

  • Open the Settings section by pressing the Xbox icon on the controller;
  • In the "General" section, select "Network settings" ;
  • You need a section "Additional settings", where the item "DNS settings" is located.
Switch to manual entry and enter the following values:

  • In the column "Main IPv4 DNS" - ;
  • In the column "Additional IPv4 DNS" -
Of the minuses of this method, some users noticed a slight drop in connection speed.

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