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How to upgrade and unlock new body kits in BattleBit Remastered


How to upgrade and unlock new body kits in BattleBit Remastered

BattleBit Remastered has free weapons that unlock as you level up. Therefore, the faster you reach level 125, the easier and more confident you will feel in battle. In this guide, we will look at what strategy to follow in order to use the best equipment in the game.

What can you get by leveling up?

Increasing the level opens access not only to all types of weapons but also improves the characteristics of the character himself. Once you reach level 100, you will be able to carry more ammo, withstand earlier fatal hits, and move faster. You can customize new equipment and weapons in battle by selecting the “Equipment” and “Fighter” buttons at the bottom left before respawning. For the first battles, it is best to choose the Medic class, as well as take an assault rifle.

What can you get by leveling up?

How to get a lot of experience points in one game?

Of course, the most obvious advice would be - die less, kill more. But beyond that, the game has a lot of extra activities to help you level up without it. Let's talk about all the activities and the number of points they bring:

  • Assist in killing - 30-200 depending on the % of assistance;
  • Killing an enemy - 200;
  • Headshot bonus - 400;
  • An ally from the squad respawned next to you - 200;
  • Ally revived - 400;
  • Completion of the task - 60-400 (depending on the distance to the place).
Thus, we can conclude that the more actively you work in a team, the more points you can earn. To do this, take advantageous positions and create a temporary base. So the allies will regularly respawn near you, giving points, and you will be able to fight off the enemy, who will come out into the open and not expect you. Get as close as possible to the objective point to earn the maximum amount of extra points.

There are no map completion bonuses, so it makes no sense to go into a 254-player mode. The fewer people on the map, the more activities you can do in a short period of time.

How to open new body kits for weapons?

Kill an enemy using one weapon to unlock new upgrades. You can see the progress in the section "Equipment". Not every kit is necessary, but it will help you customize the weapon to suit your play style.