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Walkthrough System Shock (2023) - game guide

 A walkthrough guide for all decks in the game: where to find CPU nodes, upgrades, new weapons, door codes, access cards, and more

Before starting the game, you will be able to select the desired difficulty level according to several parameters. For each option, there are three difficulty options - from "1" to "3" in order of increasing difficulty.

  • Combat - affects how many enemies will attack Hacker (the main character), how much damage they can inflict on him, and how strong their own defense will be.
  • The task is something like help in the passage. At maximum difficulty, you will be given 10 hours to complete the task, and if the recovery chamber on the current deck is not activated, then in case of death, you will have to start the game from the very beginning. At the minimum difficulty, landmarks will appear that make it easier to navigate the Citadel, story items cannot be thrown away, and so on.
  • Cyber ​​- we are talking about cyber puzzles. At maximum difficulty, in the event of death inside the puzzle, the main character himself dies.
  • Puzzles - everything is very clear here. The higher this level, the more difficult it will be to solve puzzles.

For our walkthrough, we set everything to the “Medium” difficulty level (2), which is what the game offers by default.

After the introductory scene, you will find yourself in an apartment. All interactions in the game go through RMB. You can look into the bathroom, and then go to the laptop on the table and right-click (if it hasn't loaded yet, wait a bit). Chat with Diego.

Medical deck

When you wake up, look around in the compartment. You can collect garbage and Medipatch (first aid kit) from the shelves. Go down below and open the door on the left to find a steel pipe (melee weapon) and a brown case in the niche. The case contains a module that will start the work of a mini-card and a regular card (M key), a multimedia reader (allows you to decrypt magazines and receive mail), and a standard-level access card. Listen to Rebecca Lansing. You need to find Nathan d'Arcy's office in the middle of the med deck, and if he's alive, he'll take control of the situation.

Exit through another door. You can use the surgical chamber for complete healing. Kill the Servobot. There are two surveillance cameras in the corridor. Be sure to destroy them. By destroying such systems, you lower the level of protection of the deck (initially it is equal to 100%). Killing normal enemies does not affect this indicator. At the far end, there are two locked doors. One is permanently locked, and the other needs a code. On the left is something like a reception. Go around it on the left. Firstly, there is an energy plant here, and you can restore energy reserves. Secondly, to the right of the installation, at the bottom, there is a small door. Interact with her and make your way to the reception. In addition to the corpse, there is a module with information on the table. Take it, hold F, and read the note. It contains the code - 451. Enter it on the keyboard and kill the first mutant.

Listen to the SHODAN information. Go to the infirmary ahead, where the cyborg surgeon walks. You don't need to attack him. On the shelf to the left is Mira Stackhouse's audio magazine. Run it to get a hint - to better control the floor, you need to break cameras and CPU nodes. Return to the corridor where you talked with Shodan. On the left side is the service panel. You need to solve a puzzle. Each time it will be random, but the point is that the energy must be transferred from one red square to another so that it passes through the blue node at least once. An example solution is shown in the screenshot below.

Medical deck

Once you've done that, start the elevator and you'll be able to go down to the department, where you would otherwise get to much later. There is a recycling station here - you can recycle all the garbage to get TRI credits (useful later).

There is also a green panel to the right of the station. Interact to turn on the lights. There are stairs to the left and right, both leading to the same place. Use them and open the door at the end of the path to get into a room with a panoramic window. On the chair opposite is an audio recording of David Honig.

Keep walking down the corridors. In fact, there is only one way, but there are several dead ends with resources. In one of them lies a corpse, and next to it is an audio recording of Karenna Ozark and a wrench (melee weapon). The door upstairs will be locked manually, so you will have to go back to the room with the processing station.

Take the elevator back up and go through the large gate in the room where Shodan's voice was first heard. Enter the first room on the left using a standard-level card. Kill the enemy and collect resources. Here you will also find a medical bioscanner and a “Medical Report” data drive. Continue walking down the corridor. Kill an enemy. There is a switch on the column ahead. Use to turn on the lights. Go around the column. The gate is blocked (the lever is red). Open the door on the right, go down to the basement to the enemy and pick up the first firearm (pistol).

Turn right along the corridor and kill the enemies with pistols. There will also be a Jumper - a dangerous turret. Use frag grenades if you already have them. The passage to the ALPHA corridor is blocked by an energy barrier. There is an elevator leading to the BETA section and a large gate to the GAMMA section. Go up the BETA elevator and find Dr. d'Arcy's rooms (there are two doors in total). pick up the audio device and listen to the words of Nathan, who assures Alfea that he has a plan. Pick up the system analyzer from the table. Now the menu item "Status" has appeared. You can click on a visited bay and see the protection status (percentage, number of remaining nodes). Also, take the Sparkbeam TV-05 pistol from the table. This is an energy weapon that consumes the same energy.

Take the key card "Personal-1". Take a peek into the nearby Alpheus office and listen to another audio recording by David Honig. There is also a regular pistol. Go through the GAMMA gate and kill all the enemies. A little to the south in the corridor there will be a door with a code panel.

Enter the long room to the south with many corpses. Find an audio recording of Lawton Kirby.

Enter the small storage room, kill the enemy, and open the case on the table. Inside it you will find the key card "Group-1". If you remember, at the very beginning there was a door (where the elevator is), which opens with such a card. Behind it are four containers with loot.


Return to the very beginning, where there is a locked gate with a red lever. There is another door that you have not gone through before. Behind it will be the first terminal with cyberspace. Connect to it, and you will control some kind of drone. Fly forward, pick up the pink cube and LMB at the panel ahead. A passage will open on the left. Explode mines and other enemies, pick up the blue dodge program and fly to the left. Keep destroying enemies and activating nodes. Eventually, you will find a sparkling yellow spring. Shoot him until he explodes. You will receive a notification that the armory is now unlocked on Meddeck. Fly further and soon complete the mini-game. On the shelf on the side, look for the Meddeck access card. On the bunk is the Engineer's Report Data Keeper. In the corridor, the door to the arsenal will open,

Return to the corridor with the ALPHA door, which is blocked by a barrier. Find another elevator to go down. It is located on the side of the GAMMA aisle. After descending, kill the enemies and activate the terminal. The gravity lift will turn blue.

Get into it and climb up to the ledge with the distribution block. First, insert all the plugs into the empty sockets. For example, I had three of them. Then start adjusting all the other switches to put as much energy as possible on the scale from the bottom. In general, the puzzle is not difficult. Thanks to this, you will open the ALPHA passage!

Go to this passage, take the gravity lift to the left and deal with other targets. When you go on the red energy bridge, SHODAN will turn it off. Go right and click on the wall panel. After removing the first barrier, go behind it and turn off the second with the same button. There is an enemy in the room and a lever that will start the grav lift you passed by earlier. And don't forget to break the security camera! Climbing upstairs, pick up Kevin O'Connell's audio log. Enter the control room opposite and press the button to return the bridge.

Cross the bridge back, go down the gravity lift and go forward towards BETA. Kill a couple of enemies and look for Alfea Grossman's audio log on the dashboard on the left. It will contain the code 705.

Go back and go to the place shown in the screenshot below. Open the door to the armory with the access card Group-1, go inside and look for the audio log 5U5H154N on the container on the left.

Follow south, where you found the Group-1 map. There is also a door with a combination lock. Enter 705 (the location is shown in the screenshot below). Kill the enemy and use a special terminal that allows you to upgrade weapons. However, to activate it, you need a switch.

Go through the far door of the room where you found the Group-1 access card. Clear the control room and go up to the BETA passage. There will be a control panel on the right, the way forward is impossible because there are no magnetic bridges. You need to solve the panel puzzle in order to repair the bridges. Please note that the plugs will have to be interleaved and inserted into different sockets. This also affects the amount of energy. You need to apply energy so that it ends up in the area marked with blue strokes.

Cross the created bridge, turn left and find the audio log of Alex Valiero. Continue down the corridor and open the far door to find Alfea Grossman's Audio Log on the table. Go upstairs to the other side of the floor to find a control panel and another audio log from Alfea Grossman. Click on the control panel to create the second bridge. In any case, it leads to the same place where you got earlier when you unlocked the ALPHA passage.

Go to this passage. If everyone did like we did, just cross the bridge and enter the door on the left. Kill enemies. the door on the left is opened with the Group-1 card, and there will be supplies. Move on. Open the gate on the left to create a shortcut to the start of the level. Also pick up the SHODAN audio magazine. Return to the corridor and search the rest of the rooms. One of them will contain an audio journal by Todd Blankenship. In another room there will be another camera and a SHODAN audio log. Another room contains a respawn chamber. Be sure to activate it if you play on a high difficulty level!

The elevator that can take you to the science labs is blocked by SHODAN. In the corridor with many doors in the Alpha Quadrant, go to the end. There will be a descent down, but you need to open the door near it, leading to the east:

Kill all the enemies and look into the room on the left. Find the SHODAN Audio Log and another Cyberspace Terminal. Complete the level by destroying the drones, destroy the device at the end. Go to the next room and kill the security robot. You can jump over to the other side, collect resources and create a bridge. Ride the grav lift down and destroy the four SHODAN CPU nodes.

This will significantly reduce the level of protection on the Medical Deck. And don't forget to destroy the cameras. One of the doors leads to an infected corridor. There you can find a radio device that will scan the area for supplies.

Return to the elevator behind the first door of the Alpha Quadrant and use it to travel to the Science Labs.

Scientific laboratories

Prepare a grenade as four mutants will immediately attack you. Exit the hall and go right. On the right there are two doors. Open the left one and in the room with the corpse look for Paul Stannek's audio log.

Enter the second round door. Go down the stairs and climb the ventilation passages. It will be a long way. Climb the stairs, go through the corridor with an electric discharge (pick up the moment when it turns off), and soon you will fall into a room with a corpse, an enemy, and an SK-27 shotgun.

Exit the room through the room with radioactive barrels. Kill the robot and open the nearest door with a Nathan d'Arcy sign. This is Nathan's laboratory, and it opens with the "Private-1" card, which was found near the corpse of a scientist on Meddeck. Collect two audio logs by Nathan d'Arcy.

Return to the very beginning. Go east across the map, past the puzzle panel by the armory. Behind the next door on the right, Rex Melville's audio log is hidden in a case.

Behind the Lounge door, opposite the locked arsenal with a puzzle, there will be a corridor with corpses. On the bench to the right, look for Travis Baerga's audio log.

In the lower-left corner of the map, look for another puzzle with a wall panel.

Solve it and move through the ventilation until you get into a room with a corpse, which will have an access card "Engineering Deck". However, the nearest door requires a "Science Deck" access card. Move to the indicated place and take John David Wong's audio log from the table.

There is also a data drive "Negotiations". Opposite there is a room with radiation. On the table, look for the "Anti-shooting shield" module, which partially absorbs damage from conventional and energy projectiles.

Find two adjacent doors. The right one leads to a room with stairs. Follow there, go upstairs, and open the nearest round door. Go down into the ventilation, crawl in the open direction (the other path leads to a dead end), and find a room with a green panel. Activate the panel and pick up the Robot Production data drive.

It contains the code "623", which allows you to disable production. The green button opened a manually locked door, which you could find when you found the "Conversations" drive and Wong's audio log.

Enter the left of the two identical doors and pull the lever to cancel the cyborg transformation protocol.

From now on, you have unlocked the spawn point. There is a gravity lift around the corner. Climb up and go outside after killing the enemy. Pull down the lever on the left to create a magnetic bridge. And on the right there will be the very niche in which you will appear in case of death. Climb down and examine the Central Control door on the left. You need the Science Deck access card. In fact, you returned to the beginning of the location.

If you go in a circle, then the gates to the Gamma Quadrant will be locked to the same Science Deck access card. Keep going around the circle and find the BETA passage going east. The security bot that was at the end of the previous chapter will appear here.

In one of the rooms in this sector, you can find the SHODAN audio journal. Next, you need to get to the northeast in a huge room of the Alpha Quadrant. There are four levers there and one of them will be lowered. Pick it up to power up the BETA corridor.

Return to the BETA corridor in the southeast.

In the first teleport room on the left, there is a special device that improves visibility in the dark. Enter the teleporter to enter a secret room with an energy pistol upgrade station. You have to spend 20 credits. Go to the far door of the BETA Quadrant. Kill the enemy and open the door opposite. On the shelf is Dan Pelletier's audio log. The door to the library is closed and there is a SHODAN audio log on the table in the center of the main room. Walk left and open the Admin Security door. Kill the cyborg and take the "Science Deck" access card from his corpse.

There is another access card nearby. The center has Amy Giovagnone's audio journal. In the back room, you can find radiation and a shotgun (if you didn't get it earlier).

You can go in the other direction through the library doors (Library) using the newly found card key. Open the second door and on the shelf on the right look for the "Like Lab Rats!" Data Drive. Pick up the "Target ID" module from the other shelf, which displays the enemy's lives, other modules, and Stacey Everson's audio log. In the back room, look for the SHODAN audio log and the Cyberspace module.

Pass the test as you did before. You will unlock the new weapon "Drill". Enemies will start using shields. They will also appear on terminals that you attack with conventional weapons. Hold RMB and when a red circle appears (only if you're aiming at an enemy or some destructible object), release RMB. A rocket will fly out, which will instantly destroy the shield. Go ahead, and destroy the central core to get the laser security bypass code. The way forward is blocked. Follow the red line to find and destroy the control panel. Be sure to look at the monitor to the left of the Cyberterminal. An important code will appear on it. I had it 199, but what if it turns out to be different for you?

You can now use the Science Deck card to open the gate to the GAMMA quadrant in the south and the Central Control room in the center, from where corridors lead to different quadrants. In the central control room, look for Brandon Scott True's audio log. If you go upstairs, you can launch a laser and destroy the earth. This is how you get the bad ending.

On a table in the same room is the data carrier "Chapter 3, Section 5.2.1" and an audio log by Newton d'Arcy.

So, go to the GAMMA Quadrant and immediately open the door on the right using the Science Deck card. You will enter an area of ​​increased radiation. Leave through the door on the right and you will enter a room with a case behind a protective barrier. Click on the panel in front and take Isotope X-22 from the case. Exit the room and go to the far room (to the far left corner). Retrieve Warren Anderchik's audio log and launch Cyberspace.

After successfully passing this test, you will deactivate Gamma's radiation trench. This area will become clear of radiation!

Exit this part of Gamma and enter the door opposite, into a small office with a manipulator's arm. Take Paul Stanneck's audio log. There is a processing station in the adjacent open space. Walk down the corridor to the elevator and pick up Travis Baerga's audio log. On this elevator, you can go to the reactor or to the maintenance department (Maintenance).

Go a little further and look into the Computer Room. Destroy all SHODAN CPU nodes. Keep in mind that soon you will be attacked by several cyborgs at once. Also, be sure to go down under the floor where the nodes were to find a corpse with a "Group-3" access card.

Return to the elevator corridor and go right through the Robot Maintenance door. Kill enemies. there is a puzzle on the wall, but on the opposite panel, you can find a logic probe. Such an item allows you to automatically bypass the solution of the puzzle.

After that, you will need to open another door, and this time you will need an access key. Previously, you should have found it - 623. If you solve the following puzzle, you can turn off the Citadel's robot notification system.

Return to the elevator and ride to the reactor.


First, go through the door on the right and destroy the small bot, which will explode if you get close to it. Go through the far door, and turn left. The door to the left is opened with the Meddeck access card, which you should have in your possession. Kill two enemies and on the shelf on the left, find the audio log of Ann Reis. The door to the reactor cannot be opened because there is too high a level of radiation. On the left, there is a blocked passage. If you solve the wall panel puzzle, you can enter it.

If you do, use the surgical healing capsule. Pull down the lever on the wall to activate the resurrection capsule.

Return to the main hall of the infirmary where you solved the puzzle and open the door on the left with the Meddecks map. Go right and destroy the camera. The door on the right hand is opened by the Cyberfield from the reactor's computer. If you open the door on the left, Reactor Core, you will receive a large dose of radiation. Don't go there just yet!

Continue heading northeast and enter the far room in the red hallway where the Cyberspace terminal will be.

You have to destroy two cores at once in cyberspace. Everything is as usual - use the drill (RMB) to destroy the shields. Destroy the core to which the red carpet leads. You will open an armored door and an armory in the Reactor. Return along the red corridor to the south and open the door on the left, which was blocked. In addition to the usual loot in the arsenal, there is a mod station with improved damage for the mini-pistol.

Return to the red corridor and go northwest. Roll to the left of the energy recharge device. Behind the door, destroy the enemies and on the dashboard on the left, find Charlotte Sigmund's audio log. There will be a red shield on the right. You can solve the puzzle to transfer power.

Return to the energy recharge station. To the north of it, on the right hand, there will be a door with an Experimental sign. This is the one you discovered in Cyberpole.

Kill three flying creatures. In this place, gravity is weaker, so the hero will jump higher. Jump onto the ledge on the left. However, I haven't really found anything here.

Return to the recharge station and head north. Move along the narrow corridors behind the nearest door until you find this place:

You will take a small elevator up there. Pick up the audio recording of Dr. Joseph Lewis. Click on the green button to the left of the door to unlock the manually locked door. There is an audio log by Dennis S. Garden under the stairs in this location.

Now make your way to the place shown in the screenshot below. To do this, in the upper area, you need to find two pits. One of them contains a ladder, but you will jump down to where there is no ladder. Do not go down below, but go in the direction of the southwest. In the room from the screenshot below, there will be Abe Giran's audio log.

In the same corridor, look for Radiation Shield Controls. Step inside, plant the X-22 isotope, and lower the lever to activate the Citadel Station's radiation shields. Return to the infirmary where the surgical station for healing is located.

A nearby device is used to remove radiation. Now open any door that leads to the Reactor Core.

Move along the corridors, killing enemies. if necessary, retreat to remove radiation and heal. Go down to the hall with a flying drone and barriers blocking the way to some central device. Run to the left and take the gravity elevator up to a place called Safety Override.

If they were careful, they passed the Cyberfield in the library of the Science Deck and memorized the code on the monitor to the left of the Cyberterminal. I had it 199. Enter this code to disable the locks.

Return to the Science Labs and enter the Central Control in the central hub. SHODAN will send bio-mutants. Destroy them, go up on the other side, and enter the control room. Use the control panel to activate the laser. He will be destroyed. SHODAN will threaten to infect all humans with a mutagen grown in the groves.

Return to the elevator. Anna Parovski will contact you. She will say that the survivors have set up camp in the mines to the south on the Flight Deck, and they have something that will help in the confrontation with SHODAN.

service deck

Use the elevator and go to the Service Deck (Maintenance). First, deal with the cameras and move to the right. Destroy the robots and pay attention to the Maintenance Office door. To open it, you need to lower the level of protection of the deck to 45% or lower. Nearby is an audio log by Jody Hayes.

Return to the elevator and go past it to the left. Open the first door on the left. At the fork, there will be a ladder. Go down the short one and go up the longer one opposite it. Kill the robot, pick up Skara's audio recording, and take the DG-04 Laser Rapier (a new melee weapon that consumes energy) from the shelf. The Gamma Maintenance door is locked.

Go back to the corridor and open the room opposite. Destroy two cameras. There is a processing station here. You can also press the green button to open the freight elevator that connects the Service Deck, Flight Deck, and Storage Deck.

Again iditol into the corridor, to the west, and open the second door to the left of the elevator. Climb the stairs and gather supplies. On the table is Dana Hunter's audio log.

Recycle unwanted items. In the corridor on the upper left, you can find Jared Fortier's audio log and a reload station. There is an infirmary door to the west of the elevator. Pull down the lever to activate the resurrection chamber.

Return to the elevator, stand with your back to it, and go forward. To the right will be a locked door with a yellow padlock. Solve the puzzle on the wall by supplying enough energy. Yes, you can get to this room in another way: in the north, there is an elevator to the Guidance Deck. To his right is a room. Inside the room is a staircase. Climb up and go on top until you can jump down into a closed room. This way you will avoid having to solve the riddle.

Clear the room from enemies, and collect supplies. There is a gravity lift on the right. Above are various resources. To the north, look for an elevator that leads to the Guidance Deck.

There are two rooms to the left of the elevator. Further leads to the relay analyzer, but you need a code to start it.

There is a camera inside. Be sure to look there, because there is a hatch on the left. Crouch and climb into a room with a corpse and a high-powered pistol - Magnum 2100, which consumes osmium core cartridges. Surely you have already found several boxes and did not know where to put them. Solve the puzzle on the wall and open the passage to the large tech room.

Pick up the head of Abe Green, Citadel Station Master. Listen to his audio log. At the end of the hall there will be another one and a bunch of resources. There is also a GAMMA door. All doors of the four quadrants (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta) in this sector are now closed. Behind the door to the left of the elevator to the Command Deck there is an Alpha door, to the right is a room with supplies. Climb up the stairs and go on top. Gather Jason Harvey's resources and audio log.


When you examine the Service Deck (this could be done later), in the central room with the processing station, use the freight elevator and move to the Vault. After leaving the elevator, go forward and to the right. Go down below, and kill the pterodactyl and other enemies. Behind the door ahead (to the west) will be a cyborg officer. A very dangerous enemy. After defeating him, enter the room and pick up the Cyber ​​Boots.

You will move faster, but it consumes energy. In the corner of the corridor, look for Ryan Mannion's audio recording. Head northeast as indicated on the map. There will be a passage with an energy barrier. Click on the button on the right to disable the barrier. Destroy the giant robot and other enemies, then smash 4 CPU nodes as you did before.

Keep destroying the cameras until you get the Vault's defense level below 20%. Go down from the elevator. Directly below it, in the lower right corner, there is a small door. Pass through it and go down on the right gravity lift (turn off the right or left). Kill the Gorilla Tiger near the entrance to Vault 9.

Enter the code 838 received after the destruction of four CPU nodes. Retrieve Biohazard V1 Protective Pack V1 from the table in this warehouse. If you have 25 credits, buy a magnum upgrade at the upgrade station. From the table in the right corner, to the left of the upgrade station, take the plastid. Return to the top in the gravity lift. Another grav lift leads to the infirmary with a resurrection booth and a freight elevator.

Go northeast to find Warehouse #1.

Open it, jump on the platforms, killing the Security Bots, until you get to the far blast door. Pass through it. There will be about 10 plastids on the shelves on the right. Pull the green lever on the panel to open Warehouse #4. You can loot it, but there is nothing special here.

Then return to the elevator, stand with your back to it, go forward and to the left. Open the big gate. Ahead will be another gate of Warehouse #5, and on the right is the door of Warehouse #6.

Warehouse #6 has a shotgun and Sabo Angle's audio journal. To open the door ahead, 0% deck protection is required.

Go to warehouse #5. Walk down the slopes until you pass another gate. At the very end, in the corner, look for a gravity lift. Climb up on it and press the green button. You will launch another grav lift from below. Stand on it and fly along the ceiling, which has two other gravity lifts.

Click on both remotes and go down. Rise again on the gravity lift in the far left corner. Stand at the button. A blue gravity lift is working above, and you will fly up. Click on both buttons at the top. Having done this, go back down and go up on the first activated grav lift (button), fly along the ceiling under the other 2 grav lifts, as before. Once on the ledge with two remotes, you will fall under the influence of another gravity lift and go up to the third floor. Press the switch and go down.

Note the pile of containers against the western wall. Jump on them and in the corner look for a dashboard with a screen and a green button. Click on it. An additional niche with a gravity lift will open at the bottom. You can't get to it because of another blue grav lift, so the goal is to disable it. The final result is shown in the screenshot:

Walkthrough System Shock (2023)

So, you were already at the third level and pressed the remote control. Climb there again, but this time to the third level at the western wall. Click on the remote control to open the door on the bridge of the second level. Jump down there and press the green button. As you exit, the grav lift above you will pull Hacker up. Relax and move to the other side of the third level along the western wall. In the corner there will be another panel with a monitor. Click on the green button. Voila - the grav lift underneath will turn yellow and you will be able to enter the alcove with the blue grav lift.

Listen to Greg McLeod's recording. Pick up the new KF-18 Scorpion weapon. Walk down the corridor, kill the enemy and activate another grav lift to return to the entrance to Warehouse #5. Thus, we did all this for the sake of new weapons.

Go to warehouse number 7 and destroy the enemies. on the crate on the right is Ed Aubrey's audio log. On the nearest remote control, press the left green button (the right one turns off the light) to make the grave-lift blue.

Stand on it, climb the bridge, and go into the room on the right. Clear it of robots. Below are two audio logs by Aubrey and McLeod. Open the gate to leave Warehouse #2 and be in front of the entrance to Warehouse #1.

Also in the upper right corner on the map, you can find another place. With a running start down the slope, jump over to the other side and gather supplies by killing the enemies. There is also another passage. You will be taken to a location with a bridge, which will be disabled by enemies on the other side. Kill them, go down the elevator on the left, and deal with the robots. There will be one huge robot. After the victory, you can activate the bridge or use the distant elevator. This will get you to the station with the shotgun upgrade.

Flight deck

Return to the elevator and ride to the Flight Deck. When you get out of the elevator, kill the enemy, destroy the cameras, and look to the left. There is a puzzle panel on the wall. If you manage to solve it, a bridge will appear. Follow the bridge to the west, and immediately open the large gate. Turn right and there will be a hole at the end of the path. Jump down to the blue grav lift in the middle of the yellow ones, as in the screenshot.

Flight deck

La south and north there are two passages. Drop down to the south one to find the station with the second Sparkbeam tv-05 energy pistol upgrade.

There will be other supplies in the northern passage. Go back a little and go to the place from the screenshot below.

Walkthrough System Shock (2023)

At the dead end there will be a panel with four levers. Three from left to right should be raised up, and the far right should be lowered down. This will be needed later! Nearby is also a recording of Don Travers. Go back literally around the turn back and press the button on the right. Jump onto the yellow grav lift and enter the hangar. Most likely, he unlocks from the Cyberfield, which we talk about below. In the hangar in the room on the right, look for the audio recording of Chauncey McDaniel.

In the northwest there is an exit to the docks, where pterodactyls and drones fly. Hack the terminal, lower the lever and go there. After going down, find a round door between two docks. It leads down to two devices with combination locks. For now, we don't need them.

If you didn't find cyber boots, look in this place from the screenshot below, in the pit:

To the north, look for a red corridor. Go into it, turn into the room on the left, and kill the robot. Bianca Schuler's audio journal is hidden under the table. Go out into the bay and look into the open shuttle.

Inside will be an audio log by Robin Kell. Exit and go to the other side. First, go up the stairs to the right. After killing all the enemies, go to the far office and listen to the recording of Edward Diego. With the hands of our hero, he wants to enslave SHODAN and capture all the robots.

Get back down. You can call the elevator that leads to the Guidance Deck. Go into the room on the right. Shodan will send two cyborg officers to attack you. Defeat them, go through the door on the left, listen to the SHODAN recording and enter the Cyberfield. After completing the challenge, you will unlock the hangar door 2 and the armory in the hangar. The armory is in the same room where you got here from and where you were attacked by two cyborg officers.

To the southeast, look for an infirmary and a door marked GRAY. See screenshots.

Walkthrough System Shock (2023)

Remember that in the case of the blue splitters, you can only use those that stand vertically and horizontally (diagonal ones are not suitable). In addition, only two sides of such splitters have orange outputs (wires), and only on them can energy come and go. Then you will face the boss.

To defeat him, it is best to use EMP grenades. Blow it up on an EMP, and then plant a clip of the same Magnum. Once defeated, search the Brainstealer for Anna Parowski's final entry. There are two doors, south and west. Basically, both lead to the same place. Go through the door to the south, take the elevator down, and pick up the MARK III assault rifle (new weapon) from the shelf. You can also collect other resources and click on the green button on the wall.

Return to the hall where you fought the Brainstealer. There is another door to the north. Walk through, take the grav lift and exit through the door on the left. Just interact with her to open the passage. If you previously set up four levers (at the beginning of the chapter), exit to the hangar on the left. You will find yourself on top, and you can jump on the platforms (just those levers switch them).

Grab the Turbo Boots Version 2 from the shelf (holding Spacebar will now let you fly up slightly like a jetpack) and the Head Mounted Vision Block. To the east of these platforms, there is a room with radioactive barrels. There is only one CPU node hidden on the entire deck. Destroy it.

Return to the elevator in the northeast and ride to the Guidance Deck.

Guide deck

Go through the door on the left, turn right, and find the infirmary.

Activate the resurrection chamber. Return to the corridor, move north, and turn east (there is no other way). Kill the cyborg warrior. It is best to use an EMP grenade. Soon you will turn south and find a table with corpses. Kill service bots. Near the corpse on the floor on the right is an Administrator access card. Be sure to pick her up. On the left side, there is a corpse with a "TriOptimum Security Report" data carrier.

Return to the elevator and go past it to the right. From here you can go in different directions. To the north is the Delta Quadrant. Go to it and click on the button on the right. This is a capsule that allows you to move between the Guidance Deck and the Delta Quadrant. On the other side is the Delta Quadrant control room. Use the elevator and go to Delta Grove.

delta grove

Go to the right side. One path, others lead to a dead end. Rise up on the gravity lift by pressing the button in the wall. Create a magnetic bridge by activating the remote and go to the other side. The way forward is impossible, another bridge is missing. Go down the blue elevator on the right side. Soon you will find yourself in a spacious location with a large board and a "board game" reminiscent of chess. In fact, this is chess. If you wish, you can play for green or red. Go to the passage on the right.

delta grove

The door ahead will open when the deck defense drops to 30% or less. So use the gravity lift on the right. Once in the location indicated in the screenshot, kill the enemy (as in CENTRAL CONTROL, when they went to turn off the laser), then activate the bridge on the right to create a short path back, and go through the door on the left.

Take the grav lift and go through the door on the left. Pick up the improved energy shield version 2. If you don't have an assault rifle, take it as well.

Keep destroying surveillance cameras until you drop the protection below 30%. Go to the right of the chess field and open the door ahead. Press the green button on the dashboard next to the monitors labeled Live Feed. You will see the elevator descend in the corner of the square with the chessboard. Go there, go upstairs, and use the remote control to create a bridge to the Safety Interlocks room. Finish off the enemies inside and use the panel to reset the activation of the Delta Grove.

Note. The Gamma Grove is reset by default, so you only need to reset the Alpha and Beta Groves.

Guide deck

Follow the marker to the west and look into the room from the screenshot below. Listen to the SHODAN recording and activate the Cyberfield. After passing the test, you will open the door of Edward Diego's vault and transit to the Beta Grove (special elevator capsule).

Head south, turn east, and find Zachary Aaron's audio log. Also in the next room, there is an elevator and the inscription Elevator, and the three-digit numbers 232, 711, 692, and 137 appear on the monitors. Go ahead and find another elevator between the Management Deck and the Service Deck.

Continue east and find a capsule in Alpha Grove.

alpha grove

Enter the door on the left, into the room with the Live Feed Monitors, and collect the Version 3 Objective ID. Go the other way and take the elevator up. Kill the enemies, the path will be divided into four parts. Expensive ones to the left (on two red bridges across the starting area) and forward lead to the same place - to a corridor with an elevator. Take this elevator down, there is an RW-45 Ion Pulse Rifle lying near the corpse, and supplies are in the case. Rise on the gravity lift and soon you will find yourself in the square with a large head (statue).

You can go to the left, kill the Gorilla Tiger and break two cameras. The door will only open when the deck protection level is below 20%. Go back to the fork above, and go east, along the two red bridges.

You will be above the big head. There will be a Safety Interlocks door ahead. She is closed. So, you need to clear the deck. Keep destroying security cameras. No CPU nodes here! In the end, you will lower the protection. When it is 20% or lower, return to the door marked above and go through it. Find the green lever and lower it. You will open the Safety Interlocks door we talked about earlier. Go to it, enter the building, and interact with the panel on the right to reset the protection of the Alpha Grove. Return to the leadership deck.

Guide deck

Return and go to the southwest, in the other direction of this wing. Once in the spacious hall, kill the robots, and pay attention to the first door on the left. It opens with an Administrator clearance card and leads to a central hub with doors to the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta quadrants. Climb to the Beta Grove door and open with the Administrator Access Card. Kill the giant robot and use the pod behind the door ahead.

beta grove

If you remember, after passing the test of Cyberspace, you created a path to the Beta Grove. Please note that you need a protective pack that you found in the Vault. After moving on the capsule, get to the surface on the elevator. You can go left, forward, and to the far right corner. The path in the middle leads to the missing Safety Interlocks door bridge. That's where you need to get to. You can go after the exit to the open air in the opening on the left. Go down the elevator and find the green button near the statue on the wall. Click to create two red bridges on top.

Go past the button and around the corner you will find an elevator. Ride up, go along the two bridges. The path to the right leads to a bridge that has not yet been activated. Clear the yard. In general, soon you should get into the corridor, and on the left side, at a dead end, there will be a lever. Pull it to open Safety Interlocks.

Return to the indicated place, go deeper, and activate the Beta Grove reset system.

You can go back to the leadership deck. In the room from the screenshot below, you can find the remote control and the Beta Grove screen. Instead of Cyberspace, you can activate the grove by pressing this green button.

This is Edward Diego's office, and here you will find his audio recording. To get here, you need to go along the long corridor in front of the entrance to Beta Grove and open the second door on the left. It will be a spacious room with a Gorilla Tiger and another enemy. Look for a small hatch on the side and climb through it.

Guide deck

But first, you can go left along the corridor. It is a long corridor with many rooms. Most of them are opened with an Administrator access card. Open the last room on the right to find yourself in the living room with a pool table. There is a code door in the corner. Enter the code you saw earlier - 711.

After passing through the door, bend down and move through several hatches (you need to go down the stairs). When a passage appears on the left, follow it, collect resources behind the two doors above (one of them has an assault rifle upgrade station), and go down the yellow gravity lift. Press the button in the center, but be careful - a robot will appear on the opposite side of the SHODAN CPU nodes. Throw a frag at a cluster of explosive barrels and he will die with a single grenade. Then smash 3 CPU nodes to significantly lower the defense of the Guidance Deck.

Return to the ventilation and climb to the left, that is, even further. In the end, you will open the door and find yourself in a spacious hall, where you will be forced to confront Diego the Cyborg. This is a very fast opponent.

Immediately activate the shield, use first-aid kits and the berserk module. Eventually, after taking enough damage, Diego will simply disappear. Go through another door. On the right there is Edward Diego's vault, at the top, there is an elevator leading to the Engineering Systems. To the left of the steps leading to the elevator is the Master Lock. It can be activated provided you have reset ALL Groves (Gamma is reset by default, but the other three need to be manually reset in Safety Interlocks rooms). When interacting, you will hear a message about the damage to the power relay, and the report is on the Service Deck.

There is also a teleporter on the right that can move you to the center of the map.

Service deck, second visit

Head southeast, to the left of the elevator you first came here from the Reactor. There is a diagnostic machine on the wall. Interact with her, take the audio recording, and listen to the information about the breakdown. Relay 428 is broken. Remember! From now on, Maintenance doors in three different parts of the map will be unlocked.

Exactly to the northwest is a relay analyzer. Go up to the place from the screenshot and enter the code of the broken relay (I have 428).

So, we have previously explored this area, found Abe Green's head and a demodulator interface, which the system asks to replace when interacting with the relay analyzer. Demodulators (several pieces) are located in the southeast. Head there and search one of the rooms (read the chapter on our previous visit to this area). Abe Green's head is behind a trapdoor and a puzzle door to the left of the relay analyzer.

Now you need to visit Alpha, Beta, Delta (in the same place as Abe Green's head), and Gamma bays that have become open.

They have many corridors, 1-2 surveillance cameras, and 1 Security Robots. Kill everyone and inspect the wall devices with five green interface demodulators. You need to find a random place with the inscription Error and one non-working demodulator. And replace it.

If you acted carefully, you should have destroyed enough cameras and reduced the threat to 43%. Go down south, to the left of the elevator you originally came here on. There, look for the Maintenance Office door - opposite the diagnostic device that was used upon returning from the Manual Deck.

Use Abe Green's head on the reader and enter the room.

Kill the enemy and take two SHODAN audio recordings. Open the side door to find a version 2 security pack. Go through Cyberspace. You will unlock the CPU maintenance room. This is the door opposite the CyberTerminal. Go through, kill everyone, and destroy the three CPU nodes. Note the code that appears on the south monitor.

Management deck, second visit

So you've fixed the system, so go back to the Command Deck and activate Master Control in the room behind where you fought Diego the Cyborg. The screenshot shows a passage to the left of the elevator connecting the Service and Executive Deck.

Just interact with the wall and enter the portal. Fight your way into the Beta Grove, but don't get into the pod, but instead go past it into the Beta Grove Control Room. Activate the grove reset lever on the right side. When you get out of here, Rebecca Lansing will contact you. The virus has been neutralized.

The new task is to stop SHODAN and prevent it from uploading itself into the Earth's network. We need to go to the Engineering Systems deck! Use the elevator next to the Master Control panel you activated earlier.

engineering deck

Once on the floor, you will be attacked from all sides. Use the best weapons. You can run to the east corridor to get a better position. There is also an audio magazine by Arnold Hessman lying nearby.

After defeating the enemies, move to the right, to the west. On the right hand there will be a processing station.

Climb up the stairs opposite her. The entrance to the Delta Wing is blocked. To the right is a round door. Go through it and jump off the red bridge. In a niche on the side are cyber boots version 3. A very useful upgrade! There is a hatch on the other side. Crouch and climb through the vents, kill the robots, and jump up the crates (hold Spacebar to fly with the rocket shoes).

Return to the same bridge and go north. Open the doors, one by one, using the Engineering Deck card found at the beginning of the game. On the corpse in the room to the right, there is another access card and Arnold Hessman's audio log.

Pay attention to the screen of the place located in the east. Get there and open the passage to the Gamma antenna by hacking the terminal. Click on the green button on the panel opposite. She alternately opens the doorways on the left and right (there are four in total). Behind the first doorway on the left, you need to go down to get into the infirmary. Activate the resurrection chamber.

Open the far left door (remove the barrier). Climb down, go through the door ahead, and destroy 4 SHODAN CPU Nodes. Opposite is the admin room. Enter there and go through Cyberspace. If it doesn't work out, open the far right opening in Core and move along it. Cross the red bridge until you can open a huge gate on the left. Kill the two cyborgs and solve the wire puzzle. On the right, a passage to 4 SHODAN CPU nodes will open.

There are two audio recordings of Willard Ritchie and SHODAN lying around the CyberTerminal. There will be four red squares ahead. Fly in all four directions in turn to open access to the north, west, south, and east antennas.

Now you need to visit 4 rooms with antennas Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. The nearest one is the Gamma antenna in the south. Come here:

Attach the Z-44 plastid to the antenna and run away. After the explosion, you will have to solve a puzzle, as SHODAN will ban you from this room.

Go to the central room of the east wing, from where you can get to the direction of all the antennas.

Follow the direction of the Beta Antenna. Use the rocket boots to fly up to the Beta Passage. Plant explosives and run away. There is a closed armory (Armory). Stand with your back to her and look a little higher. Opposite there is a rotating fan. Near it is a button that opens the armory.

Return to the center and head north towards the Alpha Antenna. Explode and go back.

It remains to get to the Delta Antenna, which is in the west. The passage there from the core is blocked, so move through the direction of the Gamma antenna. You are interested in the place from the screenshot below. It is likely that you will have to fly up with cyberboots.

When you blow up all four antennas, SHODAN will contact you and say that all this is useless, since her mind rests on the Bridge. Next, Rebecca will contact you, who will say that the unique code was known to Willard Ritchie. You found his audio log on the Engineering Deck, in the admin room, where you took the Cyber ​​Terminal test to unlock the four antennas. The audio log says that you need to code using monitors on each deck, in rooms with SHODAN CPU nodes. If you remember, on each deck near the CPU nodes there were red monitors showing one digit each. So you need to take one number from deck 1, 2, 3 and so on, and put them in the correct order.

Monitor with a number on the Meddeck:

Monitor with a number on the Meddeck

Monitor with a number on the Science Deck:

Monitor with a number on the Science Deck

Monitor with a number on the Service Deck:

Monitor with a number on the Service Deck

Monitor with a number in the Vault:

Monitor with a number in the Vault

Monitor with a number on the take-off deck:

Monitor with a number on the take-off deck

Digit Monitor on Deck Guide:

Digit Monitor on Deck Guide

Take the elevator back to the Management Deck, then the Service Deck, and from there take the regular elevator to the Reactor.

Reactor, second visit

968435 - I came up with this code when studying monitors on all previous decks where SHODAN CPU nodes were destroyed. Go to Central Core. Inside the main room, there is a grav lift blocked by an energy barrier. To turn it off, go around this room on top, kill the robot and at the very end pull the green lever (to the north of the gravity lift itself).

Go back and use it to get to the code entry panel. Check what code you have by visiting all decks. And yes, don't forget to activate your hazmat suit! If everything is done correctly, the numbers, as always, will turn green. Turn around and pull the lever to start the reactor's self-destruct process.

Flight deck, second visit

Run back to the elevator to the south, move to the Service Deck and take the cargo elevator to the Flight Deck. Head east where there are two adjacent hangars. Between them there is a descent even further to the east. If you followed our guide, I indicated (it leads to two escape pods with code panels). When you approach the door, Cyborg Diego will appear.

Destroy it, then go downstairs and enter the code 001 to any capsule. Try to evacuate, but SHODAN will interfere with the Hacker.

security deck

Return to the cargo elevator, move to the Service Deck, then take the familiar path to the Engineering Deck (from the Command Deck). Head south through the Gamma Antenna and take the elevator to the Security Deck.

First, go to the central area, go in a circle and kill all the enemies. There are really a lot of them here. Then find a pair of doors on the ground floor to inspect the central building. In one of the rooms there will be an audio magazine by Lonnie Stevens. Go to the north wall and climb up with any gravity lift. Kill enemies. You'll know you're in the right place when you see Extraction graffiti on the walls. Go left and open a couple of rooms. In one of the far rooms, there will be a map of Group-B on the corpse. Look for the audio recording of Gilla Verelli there.

In another room with a table on the wall, there is a switch. Activate it to disable the energy barrier and take the gravity lift to the third floor (opposite the room where the Group-B map was found). There are Surveillance and Experimental rooms here. In the second room lies the railgun. There is a control panel that will open the barrier with new weapons, but you will have to lower the security level of the Security Deck. In the corridor, find another grav-lift and go up to the fourth floor.

Having done this, kill the enemy in the large hall. Go to his location and open the office on the right. There is a briefcase near the table. Get Jaco van Dyke's Audio Log and Security Deck Access Card from there.

Climb even higher up the steps behind the door, kill the enemies, and lower the lever in the room on the left to remove the barrier and destroy 4 CPU nodes.

You will significantly reduce the defense of the Security Deck. Return to the second floor and take the plasma rifle LG-XX from the experimental room. There is a button around the corner of the room, in the hallway. Press and a charging station will appear in the center.

Return to the top floor. Behind the door on the left were the CPU nodes. You enter the office ahead and pick up the SHODAN record. From the drawer on the right, take out two more audio logs. Use the CyberTerminal to unlock the detention cells. Make sure to pick up the keycard on the third floor of Security Deck.

In any way, go down to the first floor and use the left gravity lift at the south wall. At the top, open the door with a card to get into the Repair Bay. Kill the robot and collect resources. Kill all Security Robots 2, and only after that, the door in the far left corner will open. Behind her is a gravity lift. To activate the bots in this room, find an alcove with a green button against the western wall.

After taking the grav lift, you will receive a message from Morris Brockail. Kill an enemy. There are three doors on the right. first, go forward and go down on the gravity lift. Search the room with first-aid kits on the left and go to the right. The cabins of engineers are arranged in a circle. You can listen to audio recordings scattered there. On the side, there is a door that opens with a key card. Open it and follow this path to the west until you reach a small cabin with monitors and a green button. Click on the button to create a red bridge.

Go back to the three doors leading to a room with many detention cells. Clear the cameras from resources and enemies. The leftmost chamber at the top contains a hatch. Crouch and climb through the ventilation. This path is actually a cut. It is important that you have created a red bridge. Go down to the first floor and take any gravity lift at the western wall. Cross the bridge and equip the protective satchel. Enter inside and climb the long stairs.

Cross the other bridge, and be sure to save as the final battle against Diego the Cyborg is ahead of you.

Use everything you have - damage protection, better weapons, and so on. After the victory, search Diego, take the Personal-5 access card, and go through a couple of doors to the elevator, where you can go to the Bridge.


First, go to the northeast to find the lever in the place indicated below. Lower it, and remove the radiation from the central chamber.

Just to the east, you can find a place with three levers that open three chambers with energy barriers. There, as below, there will be resources, and nothing more.

Walk east to enter the room from the screenshot below. Find the green button on the left wall and press it to remove the energy floor. Jump down and in the southwestern part, moving along the corridors, look for a purple symbol. He points to a puzzle that will unlock Energy Door 2. Once you've solved the puzzle, head back to the west area where the gravity lift will appear. Right in front of the door!

Move west. After going all the way from the charging station, go up to the north, and on the left hand you will find an arsenal with weapons. There is also a wall to the north, inside the armory. If you fly up, you can activate Scully's skull.

Climb up north along the western side to get into a room with several energy shields. Disable the shield from the armory corridor and kill the two robots above and below. Jump over to the central platform and find the lever on the central column. Lower it to open the side niche. Kill the cyborg, jump to where he was standing, and lower the other lever. Kill the cyborg in another niche and lower the lever in it. Eliminate the last Security Robot 2. He was guarding the terminal with a puzzle. Having solved it, you will open Energy Door 1. By the way, there is another lever at the bottom, and it will allow you to create bridges between all the upper rooms.

Go east, to a room with many bridges, where the Energy Door 2 was turned off. Go down the map, to the south, and in the place from the screenshot below, wait for the enemy to enter the energy barriers. Then they will disappear. After that, eliminate it!

In the event that nothing comes of it, go down the stairs and go along the side corridor. It is better to use a protective satchel, since there will be biological contamination at one of the points. Press the button on the wall to open the door and get to the other side. So, continue to go deeper to the southeast. Through narrow corridors you will get to the place from the screenshot below. Solve the puzzle to open Power Door 3. On the way back, be careful and don't rush - kamikaze drones will appear.

Next, go to the center and straight down to the south. There is a door in the corridor that leads to the Brainstealer. Save, apply Berserk and other amplifiers, activate the shield. Enter the room and smash the boss to shreds. Search his corpse to get an isolated chip. Dana Hunter designed it to destroy SHODAN.

Move to the lower left corner. On the column in the middle there is a socket for an isolated chip. Install it to open the door in the central part.

Move to this door and go into the room.

Clear the room first. Climb up to the western platform and find a computer with a lever. To the left of it there is an inactive gravity lift. We will launch it. Pull the lever, charging will start. Kill all enemies. when the error pops up on the screen, go along the red bridge to the east, along the north wall, and find another lever on the left.

Pull on it and keep destroying the enemies. when there are no opponents left, and an error pops up again on the screen, go down and look for the third lever at about the first level under the computer. Pull it and keep defending the room. In the end, there will be no enemies left, and charging will be completed. Use the gravity lift.

Kill another Brainstealer, having prepared for the battle in advance. Take the access card from him and apply it to the panel to the right of the door. Then connect to the Cyberterminal.

Walk forward, pick up a weapon, and fly further on the platform. Soon you will see a huge monster. It has three towers around it. Move between them, standing on the side-colored platforms. Near each tower, there is a colored platform with a view of the monster in the center. Get on these platforms. A small gate will appear. The shield will disappear from the monster. Shoot the monster several times. Continue until the gate is gone. A virus should fly around the monster (looks like a spiked ball).

Pull on it and keep destroying the enemies. when there are no opponents left, and an error pops up again on the screen, go down and look for the third lever at about the first level under the computer. Pull it and keep defending the room. In the end, there will be no enemies left, and charging will be completed. Use the gravity lift.

Kill another Brainstealer, having prepared for the battle in advance. Take the access card from him and apply it to the panel to the right of the door. Then connect to the Cyberterminal.

Walk forward, pick up a weapon, and fly further on the platform. Soon you will see a huge monster. It has three towers around it. Move between them, standing on the side-colored platforms. Near each tower, there is a colored platform with a view of the monster in the center. Get on these platforms. A small gate will appear. The shield will disappear from the monster. Shoot the monster several times. Continue until the gate is gone. A virus should fly around the monster (looks like a spiked ball).

Repeat the steps from the three platforms so that three viruses (spiky balls) appear, and watch the final cut scene.