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How to save the mushroom picker in Baldur's Gate 3 and get the good mushroom


How to save the mushroom picker in Baldur's Gate 3 and get the good mushroom

The Underdark is a dangerous place in Baldur's Gate 3 because the fauna itself tends to kill all life. If you want to save the mushroom picker and get a decent reward, then you have to carefully move across the field between green glowing mushrooms. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete the "Find the mushroom picker" quest, as well as where to find a unique item that will bear its "fruits" in the third act.

How to start the quest "Find the mushroom picker"

Head to the myconid colony, which can be found in the Underdark in Act 2. In the western part of the camp will be the merchant Derrit Bonecloak, who lost her husband. So you get the quest "Find the mushroom picker".

How to save a mushroom picker

The mushroom picker himself is located to the west of the myconid colony, at the edge of a terrible hollow. Going down the knotty roots, the heroes will fall into a small cave with green mushrooms. Walk through the field of beeberbangs and give the backpack to the dwarf Baelen, which he left nearby, in order to successfully complete the task. A conversation with him will begin automatically as soon as you find yourself in a new area.

There are several strategies for completing this quest safely:

  • If you have a scroll of misty step, then, after passing a test (10) for strength, you can throw this item to Baelen, after which he will independently choose;
  • Summon the magical hand that Gale initially has, and with the help of simple manipulations, throw the backpack to Baelen;
  • Take control of one of the characters and move around the location in tactical mode, trying not to touch the beeberbangs.

Note: You do not need to take the contents of Baelen's backpack, he will regard this as a provocation and attack you. Also, be careful not to throw things directly at the character, because he can take damage and try to take revenge.

Where to find and buy a scroll of misty step

You can buy the Scroll of Fog Step from the merchant Roa Moonglow in the Goblin Camp location. It can also be found in the doctor's cellar in the village of Blythead. For saving Baelen, you can ask him for a rare scroll of invisibility as a reward.

Where to find the good mushroom and to whom to give it

After saving Baelen, talk to him, but do not rush to leave this location. In the corner, there will be a good fungus - a rare plant that heals the one who eats it and also relieves all status diseases. Costs 75 gold per item. Use the high ledge at the left edge of the cave to get through most of the beeberbang field, or use tactical mode to get through the "minefield" safely.

If you are not good at tactics, then you can simply run the character and grab this mushroom, then use teleportation. After receiving a new item, you have to decide who to give it to:

  • Give Baelen - it will return his memory and clear thinking. It turns out that the dwarf was a tyrant, so Derrit will not be happy about this event. Baelen will give you a reward in the third act when you return to Baldur's Gate and look into his shop;
  • Giving them to Derrit would be a good deal because she sells them for a very large amount. To get a prize, you need to reach the third act and visit the Bone Cloak store;
  • Hand over Shadowheart with a (12) persuasion or intimidation check - eating this mushroom will restore some of her lost memories. So the player will know that somewhere in Baldur's Gate she has a childhood friend who is worth looking for, and will also improve relations with her.

Where to find the secret chest in the beeberbangs cave

If you have a shovel, you can find another treasure in this location. After rescuing the mushroom picker and finding the good mushroom, set fire to the beeberbangs to secure the area. Move to the place where you found the good fungus and pass the attention check. If at least one of the characters is successful, then you will notice a small pile, digging up which you can get a wooden chest with good rewards.