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How to Unlock All Secret Classes in Remnant 2 - Engineer, Alchemist, Summoner and More


How to Unlock All Secret Classes in Remnant 2 - Engineer, Alchemist, Summoner and More

Basically, there are 4 classes available in the game Remnant 2 - medic, hunter, fighter, and dog handler. Players could receive an additional archetype of shooters for pre-ordering the game. In addition, there are hidden classes in Remnant 2, such as engineer and alchemist, for which you need to explore some locations and praise lady luck in order to start a random event. In this guide, you will find information on how to unlock all secret classes.

How to change class in Remnant 2

After a short introduction, you will be introduced to Wallace, who will help you choose your first class. Up to level 10, you can only play with the selected archetype, and after that, you can use 2 specialties at the same time. You can swap them, switch an active skill, or activate a completely different archetype in the character menu in the “Class” section. It's absolutely free and without penalty. To unlock the rest of the archetypes on your account, you need to collect a themed item and bring it to Wallace, who lives on the cargo lift in Ward 13.

How to open standard classes

After selecting the main archetype, in Block 13 you can open the remaining standard classes. To do this, you need to purchase a special item from merchants for 1500 units of scrap:

  • Hunter - the seller of weapons Brabus (1) is a rusty medal ;
  • Medic - talk to Dr. Nora (2) in the infirmary and buy a Medic badge from her ;
  • Fighter - at Reginald's consumables vendor (3) you can find an old metal weapon ;
  • Dog handler - after talking with the seller of brews Garbage Tooth (4) you can buy an old whistle ;
  • Shooter - ask Trash Tooth (4) to tell all the stories (about 15), after which he will give you an iron drum.

How to unlock the Explorer class

To open the explorer, it is enough to beat the game on any difficulty. Upon completion of the story missions, a broken compass will be in the inventory, which can be activated from Wallace.

How to unlock the Summoner class

You need to visit the world of Yaesh and collect 15 Blood Moon Essences. This resource can only be found when the blood moon is shining. Clumps of pink-purple energy will fly in random places in the open area in the form of balls that are destroyed by any impact.

After collecting the required amount of essences, you need to return to the blood moon altar, which appears in a random place, but usually not far from the starting location. In this "apparatus" you can buy a lot of useful things, but to open the summoner, you need to purchase a faded grimoire for 15 essences. Return with this item to Block 13 to Wallace, who will open a new class for a standard fee.

How to unlock the Alchemist class

A rare class that requires a lot of luck to unlock. Go to the world of Lossom, in the location "House of Morrow" , "Ironborough" or "Great Sewer" . You need large sewer grates where monsters can sit. Passing by such places, the character can be dragged to a secret level, where the mysterious stone is located , which is necessary to open the Alchemist class. If you fail to defeat the secret boss the first time, then it will be faster to create a new adventure and go past all the bars again.

How to unlock the Invader class

You can get this class towards the end of the game, when the Root World opens . You will have to open the Shadowy Valley location and find the Storm boss. This is a difficult opponent who easily gets stuck in the environment. If you can’t beat him honestly, then you can retreat to the grate and from there it’s safe to attack the enemy. Once defeated, you will receive a wooden shiv , which you need to take to Wallis in Ward 13 to unlock a new class.

How to unlock the Engineer class

You can unlock this class by exploring the world of N'erud. The reference point will be the location "Vault of Infinity". If you don't have one, you'll have to "restart" the game by creating a new adventure and using the obelisk. This can be done after killing the final boss in the world of N'erud. This way you will not lose your current progress, but you will be able to explore new places, as well as solve additional puzzles.

You will need an alien device, which is located outside the visible map, in a poisonous fog. In the screenshots below you can see the approximate location. Even if the map looks different, the main landscape will remain, as will the location of the required device.

From the obelisk "Vault of Infinity" move to the opposite side of the location. You will pass by several "mountains" and notice the poisonous fog almost immediately. Follow the front, inspecting the places near the new "mountains".

Before entering the poisonous fog, there should be spikes to your right, and a small plateau to your left, at the level of the character's head. Enter the fog and after 3 steps you will have to jump to pick up the Engineer's Kit. On the left is an alien device, jump down and pick it up. At this point, the poison gauge will fill up and you will be thrown back to the nearest checkpoint. But you have the items, you can return to Block 13.

Approach Wallace and collect the Jir Caliper to permanently unlock the Engineer class.

How to open the secret class "Archon"

In order to get this archetype, you need to complete the game, open several classes, find a secret weapon, a special set of armor, rings, an amulet and a relic. All this is scattered throughout the worlds of the game, so we will put together a separate guide, where we will describe the location of all the items and the solution of additional puzzles that will appear on the way.

For now, these are all available classes in Remnant 2. We will definitely update this guide with the release of new archetypes. If you have any questions about opening classes, you can leave comments below. We will try to help you promptly.