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Metel Horror Escape walkthrough and all endings (1-4 episodes): how to save Alan, Emily, Eugene and Adele

 Metel Horror Escape is an action-horror game in which you play as various victims of one maniac. In this walkthrough, we will describe in detail how to save Alan, Emily, Eugene and Adele, and also tell you about all the secret endings.

Metel Horror Escape walkthrough and all endings (1-4 episodes): how to save Alan, Emily, Eugene and Adele

How to play Metel Horror Escape

Newcomers to Metel Horror Escape will find it quite difficult to figure out, given the features of the game. But below we list the most important tips that will help any of the four characters escape from the maniac.


At all levels you must find certain items that will be useful for escaping. The difficulty is that with each subsequent launch of the game, the tools will change their location, and the order in which they appear may also change. For example, in one playthrough you may first find a key, and the next time a hammer will appear in its place.


Some actions of the heroes can create noise. At this point, a countdown timer will appear at the top of the screen. When it ends, the maniac will leave his hideout and return to you. First of all, he will look around the room and notice all the changes. Therefore, be sure to close all cabinets, doors, bars behind you and put objects in the places where they were when the maniac inspected the location for the last time.

It is also worth noting that doors opened by the killer should not be closed. They should remain in the same position.


Starting from the second episode, traps will be scattered throughout the locations. To get out of them, you need to crouch and quickly press the action button.


If you make a mistake and the maniac notices changes in the interior, then for the first time he will simply punish you. In case the killer catches you outside the cell, the game will be over.

Episode 1. How to save Alan and get out of the house

Alan is locked in a cage in a small room. We examine the floor and select a master key . With its help, we open the cage and get out. There is a rope on the ceiling in the middle of the room. Let's not touch her! If you do this, then the maniac will notice the changes, punish the hero and block the cell. In this case, if we do not have time to pick up a hacksaw , then the game will have to start over.

We examine the room and find a hammer. It appears in the following places:

  1. In a table drawer.
  2. In a box next to the front door.
  3. Under the bed frame.
  4. Under a metal gurney.
We use the hammer on the fire cabinet and break the glass. We take the key to the box and hide in the cage. After a few seconds, the kidnapper will appear. If you did everything correctly and didn’t leave any evidence behind, then he won’t notice anything and will leave.

We use the hammer on the fire cabinet and break the glass. We take the key to the box and hide in the cage. After a few seconds, the kidnapper will appear. If you did everything correctly and didn’t leave any evidence behind, then he won’t notice anything and will leave.

Now all that remains is to enter the code. We return to the fire locker and read the clue "North, West, East, South" . We examine the walls to find the numbers. They may differ in different walkthroughs, so remember the following:

  • North - the wall opposite the cage;
  • West - wall with window;
  • East - wall with a locked door;
  • South - a wall with an entrance door.

In our walkthrough, the correct combination is: “3-2-5-4” 

We interact with the console. Select "Door" - "Open" . A wooden door will open behind you. We go into the room and inspect the blue boxes. There may be one or more useful items here. If there is nothing, then we study the hatch in the ceiling and prepare to run into the cage.

We must find one of the necessary items. First of all, you will need a handle , a screwdriver and a bolt cutter . You can apply them as follows:

  1. Handle - use it on the clamp for the workbench and get a wrench.
  2. Screwdriver - using a tool, you can open the toilet tank and get another random item.
  3. Bolt cutter - needed to open the drawer under the washbasin.
  4. Wrench - use it to unscrew the bolt on the sink and move the washbasin to the side.
  5. Nail Puller - useful for getting the second part of the pickaxe.

It is important not to forget to close the door with the console and turn off the console itself. If this is not done, then the maniac will punish the hero.

In the end we will get the first part of the pickaxe . To the right of the front door there is a large calendar. We remove it and use the crowbar to pick up the second part of the pickaxe . We combine both parts on the workbench, break out the wall behind the washbasin and again hide in the cage. We'll definitely put the calendar in place!

At this point, the maniac will leave a box with a lever in the room . We select the item, follow the opened passage and find here the door bolt . We block the front door with it, supply power to the panel with the inscription "220", and then activate the elevator on the console.

We run to the elevator and wait for it to arrive. We get into the elevator and use the lever. We can find a wooden door in the tunnel and open it with a master key. This way we get a good ending.

Episode 2. How to save Emily and get the bad ending

We inspect the toilet tank and select a master key . With its help you can open a metal cabinet on a rack behind bars. This way we will get a wrench and will be able to leave the chamber.

Sometimes a doorknob appears in the cell's drawer , and behind the bars in the large room, we can pick up a crowbar . But if there are no tools here, then you have to act differently.

We use the wrench on the grate and get out of the chamber. Pay attention to traps . Each room has at least one such device.

We open the bathroom and turn on the light. There is a locked locker to the left of the door. The correct combination may change with each new playthrough. It is written on the door in the kidnapper's room. To find out the code, interact with the compressor in the bathroom, turn off the lights, close the door and return to your cell.

We open the locker and get one of the key items. At the moment of the passage in the inventory there should be a door handle , with which you can get to the kitchen.

We inspect the kitchen and find a crowbar (if it was missing behind bars in the cell). We use it on ice in the refrigerator and get a frozen key . We put ice in the microwave, turn it on and get ready to return to the cell.

The maniac will leave his room and go up to the second floor. We use the previously obtained key on the door, move the poster and find one of the items:

  1. Scissors - needed to cut the rope on the door to the utility room.
  2. Pliers - you can use them on the first aid kit and get another random tool.
  3. Fuse - inserted into the fuse box to activate the elevator.
We will also need to find a small key to the fuse cabinet. It appears in two places:

  1. In the lock of the blue cabinet to the left of the front door.
  2. In the back room, in the switchboard lock.

In the back room, we also select a bucket (the item may appear elsewhere). We fill it with water in the bathroom and pour water into the hole under the grate in front of the front door. So we get an empty butter dish . We follow the kidnapper's room and fill it with oil. We return to the grate, lubricate the valve and close it.

Also, do not forget to inspect the ceiling of the utility room and open the hatch. One of the key items will lie here. These are usually pliers or a fuse .

When the hatch is open, the maniac will return. We hide in the cell and wait until he leaves for his room. We run to the back room, activate the toggle switches in the correct sequence:

  • 2.5 - down;
  • 5.8 - up;
  • 4.3 - up;
  • 3.2 - down;
  • 7.6 - up;
  • 6.3 - up.

We switch the elevator lever and manage to pick up the “ML-245” solution . It's worth noting that pliers can sometimes appear here. The liquid must be applied on a clean sheet of paper, which lies in the drawer to the right of the bathroom. We remember the code and turn on the compressor to lure out the thief.

When the guy enters the bathroom, close the door with a latch and use the combination on the safe in his room. We get a key card . You need to apply it on the front door, then interact with four hermetic seals and leave the location.

Episode 2. How to save Emily and get the secret ending

We carry out all the steps until the moment when you need to melt the ice in the microwave. You will have to have time to pick up the key , open the door to the next room with it and find the lever . The tool lies on a barrel to the left of the front door. We return to the kitchen and put the lever in a metal box on the rack.

These actions will lead to the kidnapper taking the item to Alan, and the guy, in turn, will be able to escape with us. We continue to search for tools and open the utility room. We need to find a fuse , insert it into the shield and start the elevator . This time the maniac will not inspect the location, but will immediately run to the second floor to Alan.

We get out of the chamber and climb the metal stairs , which is located opposite the front door. Now we're just waiting for Alan to come back for us.

Episode 3. How to save Eugene, distract the dog, find the tape and escape from the maniac

Unlike previous episodes, in this chapter all items are tied to specific spawn locations. First, we examine the small board in front of the grate and select a master key .

Be careful: there are two traps outside , and another one is in the closet. We follow to the pedestal to the left of the fence. When we get close to the birds, they will fly up and the dog will start barking. Quickly open the box and select the knife .

We return to the cell, watch the scene with the maniac. On the left side of the room there is a window through which you can see a locked first aid kit. We use the knife, open the first aid kit and get the key to the building door.

We open the door with the key and go forward. We turn on the light in the locked room and sit in the cell. Through a hole in the wall you can see the code to the box .

There are wire cutters here that need to be used on the box in the pantry. We are not in a hurry to do this. First, we return to the far door and turn off the light. Then take the broom to the right of the entrance.

When we get rid of the wire and open the right cabinet, two bottles will fall out and break. We use the broom to collect the fragments, and also select the wrench in the closet. We return the broom to its place, turn off the lights and close all the doors.

On the street we find a grate to which you can apply a wrench and pick up a plot item. It will be different for players on different platforms. For example, PC players will find an Anti-Rust Spray , while mobile players will receive a Key . Both of these items need to be applied to the grate, which is located in the utility room.

So we will find the key to the door of the neighboring building. We return all items to their original state and open this door. The alarm will go off, but we will have time to go inside and pick up the key to the blue locker in the cell. Here we will find a wooden ax handle.

We combine the handle with an ax, we go into the building on the left and knock out the old door. In the drawer there is another key that fits the alarm panel. When we knock out the door, we again hide in the cell.

Open the shield and turn off the alarm. We select a chair at the entrance, take it to the cell and unscrew the light bulb . You can also place a chair next to the rack on the street and pick up an audio cassette (optional item). We rise to the attic, use the light bulb and turn on the light. We find a fragile vase and break it with an ax. We get a magnet . We examine the empty space under the stairs to find the key to the drawer in the pantry.

When the maniac leaves, we inspect the locker and read the note. Open all lockers, then close the bottom left and top right . A secret section with a corkscrew will appear on the side .

We use the corkscrew on the barrel in the next room and select the metal handle for the well. We lift the rope in the well, tie a magnet to it and lower it down. This is how we get the last key in this walkthrough. With its help, we open the suitcase in the attic and get a rope .

How to distract your dog and escape from the kidnapper

We return to the street and approach the dog so that it starts barking. We go back into the house and hide under the stairs. When the maniac climbs into the attic, you should leave the building, close the door and block it with a rope.

We go around the dog on the left side and squeeze through to the exit. Just hold down the “forward” button and wait for the hero to get out.

How to get the secret ending in Chapter 3 and save Bella

You need to repeat all the steps described above, and as soon as you get out of the gate, run to the right side and enter the building. On the left, pick up the bolt and use it to block the door. Call the elevator using the console to the left of the door, then open the cage in which another victim is sitting. Next, simply follow the girl to the elevator to get the secret ending.

Episode 4. How to save Adele, find all the keys, a master key and where to use the mop

In the last episode we play as Alan, the guy from the first chapter. You have a choice: escape from the building through the only exit or open the wooden door with a master key and save Adele. If you choose the first option, the hero will be grabbed by a maniac, so you will need to find another way to get through.

It is worth noting that, as in the previous chapters, you need to return all objects to their places , close the doors and turn off the lights . Otherwise, the maniac will literally gas the prisoner in the cell. You can make three mistakes in total - the third time Adele will die.

We use the master key remaining from the first episode and open the door. We jump down (it will no longer be possible to climb, since the ladder is broken) and interact with the shield.

Close the shield and hide behind the door. While the maniac goes to inspect the back room, crawl under the table.

Look around the room and find the key. He can spawn in several places:

  • In a blue cabinet;
  • In a refrigerator;
  • On the box to the left of the locker;
  • in the microwave;
  • On a box in the back room.
With its help, you can open the door to the next room, which will lead to the maniac's bedroom and bathroom.

On the way, inspect the drawer to the left of the entrance. A plunger and a rag often appear here . Also, the plunger can be behind bars in Adele's cell - check carefully.

With it, we eliminate the blockage in the toilet and pick up the valve . It is needed only in order to get the key to the maniac's bedroom . To do this, use the valve on the pipe in the back room and turn it. Take the valve back! Otherwise, Adele will receive a portion of poisonous gas.

When the maniac appears and goes to inspect the pipe, he will first open the locked box on the rack. In a crouch, go to the box, stand up and take the key , then crouch again and hide under the table. Just do not rush to go to the box - wait until the killer enters the back room.

Open the bedroom and return to the bathroom. Take the mirror shard , then use it on the pillow in the bedroom. This way you will receive a small key - it opens the door to the very first room from which you came.

There is also a locked locker in the maniac's room . The numbers for the password are drawn here (they are of different colors, and you will also have to choose the right angle to find them). Code - "459" . However, in most cases, a lever will spawn inside, which we did not find a use for during this episode.

Well, the last item that can be found in the bedroom is an empty kettle . It sits on a shelf next to the bed. Run to the first room and move the grate in the floor , then use the kettle on the water. Go back and put the kettle on the stove. When it boils, return everything to its place and hide under the table.

Use the boiling water in the refrigerator on the lower tray on the left. So you get a candle . It must first be set on fire at the stove, then used in the utility room, in a box with cobwebs. You will be able to pick up a mop .

The mop, in turn, will come in handy to get the master key . However, you should be prepared first. Return to Adele's locked cage and interact with the cabinet drawer. Now lift the camera up and use the mop to open the grate. A vase with a master key will fall out of it, but since you opened the box, all the fragments will be hidden from the maniac. Just remember to close it and put everything in its place (including the mop), because immediately after the fall, the killer will return.

Now use the cloth on the bathroom sink and fill it with hot water from the kettle. The combination for the digital lock of the safe, which is hidden behind the poster in the central room, will appear on the mirror.

The combination for the safe is unchanged:

  • Long;
  • Long;
  • Short;
  • Long;
  • Short;
  • Short;
  • Long;
  • Short;
  • Short.

Note: If you fill the sink with water and don't empty it, the maniac will notice this too! Be sure to get rid of the "evidence" and put everything in its place.

Follow the room with the heater and remove the poster from the wall. Enter the previously specified combination (you need to interact with the button with long and short presses). Inside you will find filters for a respirator , but you can’t take them now. You will be able to do this only after receiving the mask.

If you have already taken the master key from the drawer in which the vase fell, then go to the first room and open the blue cabinet on the left . Inside the pipe with which you can start the elevator. But first you need to put on the electrical panel 24 volts .

Note: Once the elevator arrives, take the gas mask, lower the elevator handle again and set all switches to 10 volts. Otherwise, the maniac will notice that the heater is turned off and the elevator is up, and will punish Adele.

To turn on 24 volts (2-3-5-6 toggle switches):

  • 5.8
  • 4.3
  • 7.6
  • 6.3

To turn on 10 volts (toggle switches 1-3-4):

  • 2.5
  • 4.3
  • 3.2
Interact with filters from the safe - items are combined automatically. Give the mask to Adele and lure the maniac with any noise. You can simply use the alarm clock on the table or enter the wrong combination on the bars in the girl’s cell.

Having done this, the killer will enter the cell. Interact with the control panel and close the grate . Now go back to the first room and turn on the gas using the handle on the pipe by the door.

Return to the panel again and open the grate. While the kidnapper is unconscious, take the card key from his body. Use it on the door, go upstairs, interact with the four locks and get out.