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Palia: Guide to the Maji Market, the first event in the game


Palia: Guide to the Maji Market, the first event in the game

The first event in the MMO Palia has begun and you have until September 26th to earn and buy new decorations, recipes and delicacies. We tell you what the Maji market has to offer.

What kind of event is this? When you log in for the first time after the latest update, you should have a letter from Kenli in your mailbox asking you to visit the market. You should find a quest marker on your compass that will lead you directly to the market.

Alternatively, just go east from the lake where you find Einar. If you're a bit lazy, you can simply travel to the market from one of the various fast travel points for a small fee.

Even though you can go to the event location at any time, the festivities only take place between 6:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. Then (almost) all the residents of Kilima come to the market and some of them even offer you things to sell.

Solve quests for the Maji Market

First you should talk to Kenyatta because she has a quest for you. She asks you to bring her some food from Reth and then get fireworks from Najuma.

Then shoot off the fireworks (next to the Chapaa enclosure) and the Chapaas will run away. Search keyword: The Chapaas have to be caught again and that is your next task.

There is now an area marked on your map where you have to find the five escaped Chapaas. If you have trouble finding them, we can help you:

  • Next to a chariot with the moon banner
  • Behind Najuma and Hodari's stand
  • Next to Reth's stand by a pile of wood
  • Near the big tree in the middle of the market
  • Near the western jetty

Once you have found all the Chapaas, talk to Kenyatta again and then to Eshe.

She will send you to Deaila because the escaped Chapaas have caused a lot of chaos. Deaila tells you that her ice cream maker broke and she needs replacement parts. You will get this from Reth, so talk to him.

However, he now has a small problem, so give Delaila the spare parts and return to Reth. He is now missing some parts for his deep fryer and asks you to look for them.

Again you are looking for five items, this time they are in the following locations:

  • In the Chapaa enclosure
  • In front of the Chapaa hut
  • Behind the blue tent at the Chapaa Hut
  • To the left of Deliila's stand
  • Next to the big tree in the middle of the market

Once all the parts have been found, give them to Reth and collect your reward. Reth has created new delicacies for the market and is now asking you for your opinion. You will now find Mochi Ice Cream in your inventory. Try it and let Reth know how you liked it afterwards.

Finally it goes back to Eshe. Talk to her and she will tell you (regardless of your dialogue options) that she thinks the market is a disaster. To cheer her up, you now want to bring Eshe something from the market. To do this, return to Reth and he will give you another mochi ice cream. Bring this to Eshe and she won't actually be in such a bad mood anymore. Collect your reward and you have completed the Maji Market quests.

Tips for the Maji market

During the event you will be able to purchase or unlock a whole host of decorations, food and recipes. If you would like to have an overview of the event, open the “P” menu and then switch to the event tab. There you will be shown some of the items that you can get.

However, if you scroll down, you will still see the stamp cards. These are smaller tasks that give you various rewards, from recipes for food and fireworks to decorations.

Tips for the Maji market

Finally, we have a few tips for you on how you can complete the stamp cards quickly:

  • You can also beat the drums during the day and not just during the market. Our recommendation is to do this during the day when there are few or no other people at the market.
  • For the drum card you just have to hit the last drum that starts the fireworks, but sometimes that's not that easy. We had to run back and forth between all the drums several times (there are six in total) because the fireworks didn't go off even after we hit each drum once. If necessary, you have to beat all the drums until it works.
  • During the Chapaa hunt you can earn tickets and exchange them for prizes. Hunting takes place once per market. The big fireworks display starts around midnight and then you have five minutes to catch as many chapaas as possible.
Tips for the Maji market

  • Catch in a group! But you have to do this at the market; groups that already existed before don't seem to count. If you're alone, just ask in the chat. So far we have always found a group this way.
  • It's best to choose a spot and “patrol” it again and again. In our experience, you'll catch more chapaas this way than if you just walk around the entire area. This area is where the Chapaas spawn during the mini-game:
Tips for the Maji market

  • If you want to try all the delicacies of the market, don't just stop by Deaila and Reth, because you can also buy a sweet from Kenyatta
We hope you can use our tips to get your Chapaa tickets as quickly as possible, because there are a lot of things to buy! Don't forget to stop by the other stalls, because you can also buy new things there, sometimes unfortunately at a very high price. Good thing you still have a little time to earn money and Chapaa tickets.

Have fun!