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Razorleaf Starfield: how to quickly obtain this legendary ship?

 If there's one ship to acquire quickly in Starfield, it's the Razorleaf. By offering optimal configurations to live a good space adventure, this legendary vessel will make a good number of explorers blush. This is why we have put together this guide for you which will allow you to obtain it easily.

How to get the Razorleaf on Starfield?

The Razorleaf is not a ship you can buy on New Atlantis or Neon. The latter can only be obtained by completing a quest: Mantis .

This quest can be obtained by collecting a note on Spacers . We're not talking about the Scarlet Fleet or other Starfield Pirates . Only Spacers can provide you with this famous note which will start the "Mantis" quest. So, do not hesitate to visit Gargarin or Lovell to hope to meet them. If you can't find any, they are usually found in abandoned outposts.

How do you set course for the secret Mantis outpost?

To find the location of the secret outpost, simply consult the note in your inventory . After reading the latter, the object of your quest will then be updated with the possibility of heading towards the place where the quest takes place. Once on the correct planet (Denebola IB of the Denebola moon) and in the outpost, you will just have to follow your quest marker to find the Razorleaf. Note that there is not only this legendary ship to recover .

  • Without reading the note, discovering the outpost may be very complicated. However, if you are unable to find the note, find the location of the outpost below.
How do you set course for the secret Mantis outpost?

Indeed, you can collect the legendary Mantis outfit which brings very good bonuses . The suit grants its wearer better resistance when health is low, a reduction in the weight of weapons, but also a reduction in damage suffered when remaining immobile. The helmet, for its part, reduces the damage of ranged weapons, offers better atmospheric resistance as well as a chance to disarm nearby attackers. Then finally, the bag provides an improvement in O2, resistance to corrosion, as well as a reduction in physical, energy and electromagnetic damage.

Clearly, this base is really ideal for building up a legendary and, above all, complete arsenal. However, it will have to be earned, because the outpost is full of a fairly large number of Spacers and robots. So, bring plenty of ammunition and your best weapons to carry out this perilous mission.