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 In the SciFi RPG Starfield, you decide who you want to be. The first step is to select your background/background, which provides you with a history and skills. You can find out which ones are worth it at the beginning here on our site.


What does the background bring? In Starfield, the selection determines what life you led before the space adventure. This has a direct impact on the gameplay at launch and the dialogue options available to you:

  • 3 skills through the background
  • Special dialogue options

The initial skills shape the first few hours of the game, but become less and less important over time because you can later activate the skills yourself.

In the medium term, the background story is more important because you get new dialogue options with like-minded NPCs. Think about who you want to be and where you would like to have advantages. If you want to be more of a pirate, you shouldn't choose the “Pilgrim” background. Then you might miss out on cool conversations with criminal colleagues.

Our list looks more at the skills that bring you the greatest added value at the start. If you're more into "role-playing" and want others to react to your character accordingly, then choose a background that fits your story.

Starfield: Launch Background - Diplomat

What skills does "Diplomat" bring?

  • Convince
  • trade
  • well-being
What's the point? A typical starter mix for Bethesda games: "Convince" opens many doors for you, especially at the start, which are only opened for other players through weapon-assisted persuasion. "Trade" ensures that the few credits in your pocket are worth a little more.

Wellbeing brings you higher health, making it a strong overall skill that will help you in any fight

Which alternative is suitable? Industrialist – Also comes with Persuade, but instead of Trade, gives you the Security picking thief skill. In addition, there is a small bonus to research with "research methods".

Starfield: Launch Background – Soldier

What skills does “soldier” bring?

  • fitness
  • ballistics
  • Boostpack training
What's the point? As a soldier, your weapon fits loosely and you specialize in combat on the ground. Fitness improves the efficiency of your oxygen supply and Ballistics increases the damage of ballistic weapons. You can fight longer battles and the higher damage means battles last less long. That gives security.

The whole thing is rounded off with the "Boostpack Training", which allows you to use the Boostpack right from the start and significantly increases your mobility.

Which alternative is suitable? Bounty hunter – if you see yourself more in space combat, then go for the bounty hunter.

Starfield: Launch Background - FILE ERROR

What skills does "FILE ERROR" bring?

  • well-being
  • ballistics
  • Fly
What's the point? You don't want to commit to the background and would rather create your own story? Select FILE ERROR. There is no information about your life and you get a balanced mix of skills with a focus on combat.

But remember: you will lose the additional conversation options that a defined background brings with it. Bethesda-typical though would be to find a specific quest throughout Starfield that investigates the ominous origin of "FILE ERROR".

Which alternative is suitable? Villain – you may be a rascal, but don’t let yourself be categorized as “good” or “evil”. Here too you get a balanced mix of skills, but with “convincing” in your portfolio. There is also a “pistol certificate” and “flying”.

How do you choose your background? Do you focus on role-playing or is gameplay your priority? What background do you use to start with? Leave a comment on the topic.