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Nothing is free in Starfield. Whether you stop by a dealer, carry out upgrades or give your face a face lift – you need money, so-called credits, for everything. We'll show you 4 options on how you can earn money quickly and easily.

What are credits? There is an official currency in Starfield - credits. You can use this payment method to shop at various shops and retailers. At the beginning of your journey you start as a poor astronaut and have to earn a fortune for yourself. Many people prefer to resort to exploits or cheats so that they can start with a lot of gravel straight away.

However, if you want to make a fortune through honest work, we will now show you 4 ways how you can do it.

How to earn money quickly in Starfield

1. Build a plutonium farm

What do i have to do? YouTuber "The Starfield Merchant" points out a handy way to quickly get over 154,000 credits per hour and that is by setting up a plutonium farm on the moon "Porrima IV-d" in the Porrima system.

For now, however, you should visit the city “Neon” in the Volii system on Volii-Alpha. There you will find a shop that sells many useful materials for building your base. Buy these, build your farm and then sell your plutonium to the same dealer.

2. Steal ships and sell them

What do i have to do? As you travel across dark space, pirates or other enemy factions may attack you. In this case, you can deactivate the engines of the enemy spaceships, dock with the ship, destroy the remaining crew and call the ship your own.

Now you can land at a spaceport and have your ship registered. Then you go to a ship technician and can sell one of your honestly earned ships to him.

3. Sell contraband

What do i have to do? Have you found strange items with a yellow symbol? Then you're in luck, because what you've found is valuable contraband. You can find these items randomly during your travels in various locations in Starfield. As valuable as they may be, they are still forbidden and can be confiscated by many authorities of various systems.

So if you get hold of contraband, be sure to sell it to the nearest dealer who is interested. You will notice how precious they are.

4. Complete missions for factions

What do i have to do? Once you have reached a place where certain factions appear more dominant, you can accept and complete missions from them. Depending on how much effort these missions require, you will receive more or less credits. Either way, these missions are worth it because you can do them while you're traveling.

This is how you earn credits dishonestly: While Xbox players have to resort to exploits to get a lot of credits at once, PC players have it easier. Console commands are the key here because anyone who makes Starfield unsafe with their PC can treat themselves to any number of credits with a simple command.

To do this, press the (~) button. Now your game will be paused and a window will open. You are warned that using cheats will disable earning achievements. Dismiss the warning and enter the following code:

  • player.additem 0000000f [#]
    • Enter your desired amount of credits in the [#] bracket

Confirm your command and have fun with your huge amount of credits.

What ways have you found to get credits quickly? Please let us know in the comments and feel free to exchange ideas with other readers.