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Starfield: the 5 mistakes not to make during the adventure

 Before taking the plunge into Starfield, there are a few missteps to avoid! Indeed, your adventure can quickly become complex if you have the misfortune to make some mistakes. So, in order to avoid an unfortunate start to the game, we invite you to consult our non-exhaustive list of mistakes not to make.

Starfield: the 5 mistakes not to make during the adventure

Not paying attention to your character creation

The first big mistake you can make on Starfield is to rush your character customization. On the other hand, his appearance does not matter, because you will not see your hero often anyway.

  • If you don't like your appearance, keep in mind that you can always change it by going to an Enhance store! in the city of New Atlantis in Jemison.

Although it is possible to change one's appearance easily, background and personality traits cannot be changed as easily. It would be a shame to have basic skills that don't match your vision of the game and personality traits that will hinder you. So think carefully about your character and how you want to play it. You will have very few opportunities to go back.

  • Indeed, you will be able to remove a line by going to one of the Reliant Medical centers. One of them is in the TAMS district of New Atlantis in Jemison.

Scatter all over the planets

Each planet has its share of quests to offer. So, before setting off on an adventure in all the planets of the galaxy, we invite you to first discover the planets of your level, but above all unoccupied. This way, you won't have a quest log that you'll have trouble getting to the end of.

Starfield does not invite you to jump frantically from planet to planet, quite the contrary: you should take your time on each of them, because both scientifically and socially speaking, all planets have things to offer you.

Discard the aligners

Although this error may seem summary, it is actually important in our opinion, especially if we do not know the usefulness of aligners. We had the misfortune to throw these objects without really knowing what they could be used for.

Aligners are invaluable tools for picking chests and other locked locks. Without this accessory that looks strangely like a torch or a useless miscellaneous object, you deprive yourself of all access to valuable objects. Thus, we strongly advise you not to sell them, or even to throw them in nature.

  • To open doors or locks, it is important to have the “Hacking” skill, otherwise, you will not be able to use the aligners you have in your possession.

These tools are quite rare and you won't necessarily find them in every disused outpost or any other abandoned laboratory. Don't forget that the planets are procedurally generated, so it is possible not to find any for several hours of play!

Not assigning the right companions to the right places

Companions can help you with many aspects. In addition to being able to initiate friendly or romantic relationships, these are useful for your adventure. Just like you, your crew members have skills that touch on a certain area of ​​focus.

Vasco, for example, is great as a co-pilot on your ship, as his Shield System and EM Weapon System skills will come in handy when taking on an opposing fleet. Your fan (if you have chosen the Heroic Adulation trait), on the other hand, will be a perfect mule to relieve you of the weight of your various objects found in exploration.

Clearly, before assigning members of your crew without thinking too much, carefully analyze their skills. Some may be much more useful in combat while others will be experts in piloting ships.

  • Tip: You can assign your crew members from your ship's menu.

Abandon his ship

Then finally, for our last mistake to avoid, we invite you to improve The Frontier shortly after the start of your adventure. To abandon it would be to put a spoke in your wheels. Indeed, you will quickly face waves of pirate attacks when you are in your ship. So, go talk to a technician as soon as possible to upgrade your ship's shield and ballistic weapons.